Thursday, November 29, 2007


3 funnies from the bbc
"It would be surprising if he didn't know something of what was going on, but I've got absolutely no evidence that he had. On that basis it would be wrong of me to suggest that he had."
well, you can't say it would be wrong of you to suggest something and then go ahead and suggest it!

and the best for last
"Two thirds of people also sit down at home when they get home from work."
which leaves 1 in 3 people to stand up/crouch/kneel/lie down when they get home, but not sit!

not played a great deal recently.
a few stars tournies and one 6th place for $1.5k in a $50 buy in, and one other cash when finishing 250/18000. lost countless 60/40s, 50/50s and 40/60s whilst winning 1.
lost in 2 other tournies the same night just before the money in pots for 3x avg stack

i quite enjoy the mtts again, and the infrequent playing keeps the interest levels up. been going out too often recently to get some time in to play them. they finish so late even if they start at 8 so need the whole night, and preferably the next day too, free.

Monday, November 19, 2007


tilted like a moron yesterday and blew £300. hadn't run that bad for ages. played some $1/2 for some reason and lost about $350 there

didn't want to play for a while but had 2 freerolls today. lost in an interpoker one with 2 pair vs set when i was playing very laggy early to build a stack and dont really care.
betfair had a $5k freeroll worth winning. first hand i play is against a shortstack (165) at 10/20 with AQ aipf, and hit a queen on the turn. 2 hands later i get AA in the cutoff. folded round to me and i raise to 100 to look like a steal since the big blind is sitting out (although it's only 20 some tard might think im doing it with nothing). i get reraised all in by the blind. instacall and i see his kings the same time as i see the flop come Kq8. oh well.

played some $0.5/1 and made $200 with people unable to fold QQ to a preflop reraiser on a king high board. both times i had ak. also won a pot with kk. again i reraised pf from the button and only the intial raiser called. flop is 2 diamonds and q high. he check raises me all in and since i ly had 20 behind and there was 100 in the pot i couldnt fold and he had aq. amazingly my hand held up and they were the only 3 big pots. lost a bit blind vs blind on a 9j9 flop. me 93, him 98. no high card 9 j or 3 to save me. possibly could have folded the river though.

few things i've been meaning to write about and will when i get a chance (obviously it's for me since no one else reads these words of wisdom)

value bets
emotions at the tables (very bad thing)
[insert here the other things i forgot]

total for month = -£300 including about £100 on satellites as i attempt to win a trip to australia. maybe i should have just stumped up $550 and bought straight into the final?

Friday, November 09, 2007

great parenting

anyways, got my ipd touch from stars today. and what a touch it is! just need to get a decent case for it now.

as for my balance on betfair, it has been yoyoing like a julian thew. 700 at start of month up to 880 then down to 620 after a horror day two days ago. back up to 830 yesterday. now at 770. though i did spend 60 on tournies. got nowhere in the $20k, and played two sats. aussie millions round 2 for $55 where 1st gets seat, second gets $132. i came 3rd of 12. lost two 50/50s to go from chip lead to third when 4 left. then lost to 80/20s to go out finally with kk vs 55.

played cash at same time and started off on a horror show getting no hands against uber donks who left after hitting. then i start to get hands. paid off 3 times by three different players in about 5 mins and was not in the right frame of mind so have logged off for the day.

amazingly won a couple fo quid at cash. so 70 up overall for the month. the other tourney i played was a set to a passport final which i won (only 5 players and 1 seat gtd so that was a nice $50 overlay). got that on sunday. not expecting much but will be a decent experience since i really want win a seat to the aussie mills but may have left it to too late.

still dunno where to play the poekrs after this month. betfair traffic is quite slow. and thats at $0.50/$1. it's only gonna get worse if i move up to $1/2 and $2/5.

Friday, November 02, 2007


since i last posted things been going well on the poker front.

in about 8 days i made £500 on betfair cash games (plus £50 rakeback), then played a $50 $3k guaranteed 65 runner tourney, paying $1k for first and i won that. this was after coming 4th in my local live donkfest. they're doing a monday night league with winner getting a trip (for 1?!) to vegas and entry into a tournament there. came 4th, and now on 16points after 4 weeks, leader on 27. though i missed one week. am gonna really try to win this. not quite sure why it's only a trip for one.

withdrew $1500 from stars (so my account there is level) and i have pokertracker, 3 books, and iPod and a $1200 roll to show for it. no real point in playing there without rakeback though.
withdrew the £500 win from betfair, and now have£800 after another £100 win on the cash games tonight. going to try to qualify for the aussie millions. will play the $50 satellites to try to get into the main $550 dollar qualifier.

also i noticed that on betfair leaderboard i made almost 100,000 points in about a week's play. winner had just under 300,000. so in a month, surely i can win it?

anyway, will play at betfair for one more month, then probably move to william hill since i'll get $250-$350 (up to $550) bonus just for playing there plus rakeback.

not sure what to do with the money i have in stars. i don't really like the massive field mtt's, and there's no point it not making interest for me, so either will take a shot, buying in for $200 at maybe $5/10 table, or just withdrawing the lot.

Monday, October 22, 2007


played this afternoon and was 90 points shy of the 34k fpp point target and made about $300 at the same time.

this evening i made the points i needed but was having a mare at the tables playing like a tard. losing 99 to ak for $150 didn't help. but then i refocused and started winning some back. stuck for $250 at one point i made it back to between 50 and 25 down before a lovely run of cards including aa vs kk all in preflop amongst other outdraws by me (money went in when i was ahead though) saw me finish with a profit in the second session of $350! made $400 in about 5 mins. after 90 mins of leakage.

so roll is at $2750 and the iPod has been ordered. 4-6 week wait but what a touch!

now i just need to decide about where to carry on playing. need 6 seater tables and soft games but with rakeback. might leave a couple of hundred in stars for some tourneys (maybe even try some say's to big sunday tournaments.

want to avoid crypto. not sure where to go. though the hills bonus's are pretty sweet. may deposit £200 and try it out for a bit....

Sunday, October 21, 2007

900 points to go

till i can order the iPod 'what a touch' touch

plus good 2 hour session. up then down then up then level then up. bit swingy and lost one massive 5050 early when i've got one over and the flush draw (thought i would have two overs) with my ajcc vs qq on a low board with 2 clubs. that was a $300 pot. obviously he folds for a token round before running away.

made one hero call with j10 on a jack high board after being reraised pre. guy bets flop (all diamons J72) checks the 2 turn, bets the 3 river. i call and he shows kqss

made one immense fold. lp raises to $4, button makes it 12 and since everyone is over $120 i call from the sb with 88 as does initial raiser. flop comes A83. i check and it's checked round. turn is a k and again it's checked round. i did want to check raise the flop but maybe should have lead.
river is a J so Q10 is the nuts. good luck to anyone with that!

i value bet/blocker bet the river with a $20 bet and cutoff folds, button shoves all in for another 71 dollar. i think and think for about 2mins before folding. can't see him having anything other than kk. 2 diamons on flop means aaa of ak leads flop or at least the turn, not sure why kkk doesn't bet turn though.
i figure he has me beat 75% of time here at least and calling $70 into a $150 dollar pot isn't worth it.

roll $2130
900 points to go

Friday, October 19, 2007

i got called all in by 6 high no draw on the turn

and he had 6 outs!

first session i played about 500 hands and won about $300 easy

next session i start leaking left right and centre and am yoyo-ing between 200-600 down for about 1150 hands.

last few hands i get to stack some people. aces 4 times, three times i got the blinds and 4th time i stack the bb in a sb bb confrontation.

as for the 6 high hand here it is!
there'd been some history between me and villain since i'm raising his blind a bit

Seat 1: donk1 ($116.80 in chips)
Seat 2: donk2 ($115.30 in chips)
Seat 3: donk3 ($136.55 in chips)
Seat 4: Me ($69.10 in chips)
Seat 5: donk5 ($77.55 in chips)
Seat 6: Villain ($112.35 in chips)
donk5: posts small blind $0.50
Villain: posts big blind $1

*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to Hero [Ac Th]
donk1: folds
donk2: folds
donk3 runs from the table
donk3: folds
Me: raises $3 to $4
donk5: folds
newdonk joins the table at seat #2
Villain: raises $8 to $12
Me: calls $8

*** FLOP *** [8s Jc 2s]
Villain: checks - HAS NOTHING
Me: checks

*** TURN *** [8s Jc 2s] [2c]
Villain: checks
Me: bets $19
Villain: raises $30 to $49
Me: raises $8.10 to $57.10 and is all-in - i'm going with my read
Villain: takes forever before he finally decides he has to call $8.10

*** RIVER *** [8s Jc 2s 2c] [Qc]

*** SHOW DOWN ***
Villain: shows [6h 4s] (a pair of Deuces)
Me: proudly shows [Ac Th] (a pair of Deuces - Ace kicker)

lovely stuff

2 hands later he doesn't fold 108 on a board of [Th 6h Ad Qs Ks] after i bet flop and check raise turn. i have AJ

so somehow after 1250 hands i made $30 in session 2
1 massive suckout towards the end. aggro player reraises me pre. i have AhQs.
low flop goes check check.
turn puts 3 spades out. i bet $15 and he shoves. overpair i think, but i have 15 outs. so its 2-1 and the pot is giving me 2-1. so i call. hit a spade. he shows jj. then berates me. tells me i had20% equity. i say more like 10%.

loads of points today at least.

roll up to $1830
points 1.4k to go

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


lost a hundred today so down to $1535
gained a thousand points. 3k points to go.

was $200 up today after 200 hands then finished session 1 $100 down.
second 500 hands was about 200 down after 200 hands but finished level.
one terribly played hand by me where i 3 bet and then called the shove with a double belly buster on an AQ10 board. think i should have folded to the shove. it was a lag player from a button raise but that's no excuse. was playing 130bbs and the time and the shove was for about 80-90.

3000 points to go........

on a side note, for those of you that use facebook, i finally worked out the points of groups.
95% are for whining about something or other
4% are intended for humour
1% are funny.

(oh and bye bye mclaren - steve, not the F1 team)


lots of them around.
i won $100 earlier in the day to take me to $1550

then played later in the day and started up a little, but lost my concentration, surfing internet, playing like a tool, and found myself $250 down in the session

hit a few hands that got paid off, and flopped one nut flush against a very aggro sb/button player, yet this time he doesn't put another penny in the pot!?

some people were calling me with king high! it's happened quite a lot recently. a few days ago i raised the river with 3rd pair on an AJ742 rainbow board and got called all in by K10! my image must be truly awful. i can't complain though.

ended up about $100 so roll is at $1600 which is a slow and steady climb for a few weeks.
points are now at 30k. so 4k more till i can get an iPod touch (and what a touch!)
and going to try to make 500 points per day so i can order it by the month's end.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

if only i'd thought of it first

no more mtts or stts for now since i'm losing around $500 over the two.

account was down to $1k up to $1.4k now. some good hands, some bad. flopped 2 flushes and lost both, once to a set, with all money in on turn, river pairs board. 2nd hand to a higher flush (i had 109 with the j out) perhaps i could have folded.

finally got a couple of nice hands for me...99 hitting a set against aces, and my aces beating kings.

played well, then bad, then well again, and hopefully it will be a decent month!

up to 28,000 fpps and gonna try to hit 34000 within 10 days for the iPod touch, which is apparently better than the classic, even though it's only 16Gb compared to 160Gb.

Sunday, September 30, 2007


realised how badly i was playing. was down to $250, from $1700, and now back up to $850.
bad month overall. did at least $150 playing tournies. can't cash in any atm.

on to more fun things. like fergie at man u objecting to grant because he doesn't have the qualifications. coming from fergie who doesn't have them. did the same to southgate too. what a tard.

and i'm gonna get a 160gb iPod from pokerstars when i hit 27000 points which should be sometime this month. don't think it's worth playing there without rakeback. might have to switch to crypto again. i do hate them there, but will probably go with william hill since i'm never playing on interpoker again. unless it's a decent freeroll. currently on 23,800 points. made about 6-7000 this month so hopefully get it ordered in a couple of weeks. helps me playing patient sometimes when im playing for points. let's hope it works and i can build my account to $3k this month. that's the tartget but i'd settle for $2k and little to no tilting.

there were some other funny things but i forgot them. gonna start writing them down when they happen so i stop forgetting the comedy gold that escapes my mind.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

sick everything

down to $750.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

good day bad day

up and down and up and down 1700 to 1400 to 1700 to 1400

no tilting but sometimes not playing my a game, and can't seem to catch a break.

Monday, September 17, 2007

ups and downs

got up to $1500 and as soon as i did i took some beats went on tilt and down to $1050. carried on playing and logged off with account at $1100ish.
played a bit more in the last few days and account now stands at $1650. no tilt recently, and feel my game is quite good now and i can almost concentrate fully on 3 tables at once.

so just to write my goals down i will be playing this level till i get to at least $4.5k. then i will withdraw my $1.5k of deposits, leaving me with $3k.

all i then have to decide is when to up the level i play at according to either:

start $4,000 - next level at $8,000 - drop down $2,800

start $8,000 - next level at $16,000 - drop down $5,600

start $12,000 - next level at $20,000 - drop down $8,400

start $20,000 - next level at $40,000 - drop down $14,000

or more conservatively

start $6,000 - next level at $12,000 - drop down $4,000

start $12,000 - next level at $18,000 - drop down $8,000

start $18,000 - next level at $30,000 - drop down $12,000

start $30,000 - next level at $60,000 - drop down $20,000

Friday, September 07, 2007


not once, but twice for $300 each time, so total deposits are $1500!

ran average this week however, and playing so much better, and account now stands at $1250
last two days have played in the morning on stars, and at 9 o clock bst, it's drunken american time on stars. which is nice. easy game to beat, much easier than my usual time of playing, in fact, it's a bit like the weekends on stars.

my favourite hand of the last couple of days was someone betting every street in position against me and when i check raised river with 2 pair, he called all in with queen high! i don't think you can use pot odds as an excuse for that.

if i get time in the evenings i'm gonna try some of the mtt's for a big score, but atm no time in evenings to play for 5-6 hours.....but for $10-$50 you can get a payout of over $5k with fields of 600. thats not half bad. forgotten i actually enjoy tourney's when in the mindset for it. shame there's no rakeback or the cash games would be appealing.
until you hit supernova status you don't really get anything back. 30,000 points for a digital camera with £150 is hardly appealing. i'd rather have rakeback.
still waiting for a sklansky book i ordered on there 5 and a half weeks ago. not sure why i ordered it. i read it in a library once, and found 2 bits of advice that were useful. it's the tourney for advanced players book. something to read since i've read harringtons and caro's books that i last got.
did play live yesterday and in tourney and cash blew £150 winning a total of about 5 hands in 3 hours. got aces once and that was it. even if i would have played every hand i think i would have managed to split one pot, and lose all the rest. don't quite yet understand how i can keep losing live yet find it relatively easy online. i think there is a lot more fold equity online even at low stakes!

gonna start trying to get very fit also. going to do running, cycling and weights regularly, see if i can do a charity bike ride, and become good at tennis.

on a side note, i was stuck on a sudoku recently, and couldn't find a single number that would definitely fit. so i tried a combination and kept going with no inconsistencies. later on, again had to make a choice, and in fact, once more before i finished, i had to 'guess'. by the time the third 'guess' came along i realised there was more than one solution for the puzzle. I never realised that would be acceptable and always assumed there would be a unique solution per puzzle. not sure why i presumed that would be the case, but i do think it devalues it somehow if there is more than one unique solution per puzzle.

anyways, thats enough nonsense for one day.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


looks like might have to deposit again.

unreal hands today. down a little, up a little, then get outdrawn and coolered for pots totalling about $800. AT $0.5/$1!!! HOW CAN I LOSE SO MANY MASSIVE POTS AT THIS LEVEL.

KK vs QQ and 88. obviously 88 wins
222 vs 555 to the same guy. that was over $300

just now 666, my only other set for two days and i get turned by a straight draw. $250

the rest are all just standard 2 nuts into the nuts.

tilted off a little at the end so decided to stop. $240 --> $60

mights deposit another $100 to bring total deposits to $1k.

may have to open a littlewoods account to get rakeback for all this is not currently worth it without rakeback. i must have raked close to $2k the last 2 months on stars and that would be worth $600 on any other network.

Monday, August 20, 2007

repeat to fade

play poor

play poor

play poor

play poor

repeat to fade.

that was going to be my last post as i couldn't break the cycle.
today i broke it. stick it in with the worst of it. i still got done by 4 outers too often, but hit to massive 2 outers in the biggest pots i played, and ended up for the day. wooo

running total = -$500
if i got rakeback from stars, this months would be approx £500. hmmm, time to find a new site perhaps?
i may get gold star status at the end of the month, but it's only when you reach supernova rather than platinum status that you get any cashback. and its not quite comparable to rakeback imo.
full tilt is only 27% but that's better than 0%

first things first, see if i can get level by the end of the month

(my have to play some mtts if i can get the time)

Sunday, August 12, 2007

bad to badder

come back after a week off

first day win $80
last night and this morning every bad beat under the sun is reserved for the big pots.
i only win one, and that's when i put the chips in behind.
runner runner flushes, gutshots. all my sets get beaten, my aces get beaten, all AFTER the money goes in. three pots over $200 and the same <5% story.

only just started to tilt so quit playing for a bit.

went down to $0.25/$0.5, first hand hit quads. thanks dealer for taking the piss.

account now on $300. dunno what level to come back at.

at least there's football on the telly now to distract me for 6 hours.

Friday, August 03, 2007

on the up

played a few days in a row and hit the dizzy heights of $580 before dropping down to $430.

played for 3 hours yesterday and only broke even. made a few fpps.

played today for an hour and hit some monsters to leave my account on $1003.

gonna keep grinding away 3 tables at a time, and hope to hit $2k by the end of the month. (away for one week this month)

hopefully in 2 months will hit the $6k and start playing $1/2.

discipline is the main aim here. is quite bad to have no rakeback. 100k points is a plasma tv, but i think rakeback is worth more than that.

standard is quite poor, even some of the regulars i've begun to notice aren't much good at this level (what do i expect!), though can't find anywhere else to play at the moment.

don't like crypto anymore (would have to open a new account, prob with littlewoods, if i'm going to play there), mansion only has 10 seaters and i definitely don't have the patience for them.
betfair rinses my cpu (95% usage!).
party also has no rakeback, but with the added handicap of no amrikans.

so if i want rakeback and americans it looks like it will have to be 27% at full tilt....

Friday, July 27, 2007


two hands before i leave the tables i get 55 on a j53 flop. opponent has jj.
qq on button, only sitting with about 40bb at this point, nice low flop, big blind has aa.

costs me about $150.

account has $230, total deposits has been $480 (+ a $50 bonus i got at some point)

currently down $300

got the 2000fpps though, and a few more will get me silver status. WOWWEE.

still not hating the game as much as earlier.
playing live sometimes helps.

played last night at my local donkfest and got done QQ vs K10 when the flop started 3Q

then a J, then a i fill up? no chance.

manage to get back up to 2k in chips, was at 3k+ before the qq hand which cost me 2.5k, and get all in AQs vs A2s, and even with 2 of my suit on the flop i manage to lose that for 5k in chips.

played some cash though, and my biggest win just by playing tight, winning just under double the tourney entry fee so not all bad.

on another note, i may have invented something new, which i might be able to patent and become reeeeeeeeech.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

finally in profit

according to sharkscope, im back in the black for stt's
about $130 up in about 16 games, cannae complain.
worked out i need to play about 20 games a day at this level to reach the next point making status, but i can't seem to play more than about 7/8. only playing when in the mood and doing better, though faltering at cash atm, so gonna stick to stt's and play some mtt's when i can get time...
once i get to 2000 fpps gonna get a book too..

currently on about $150 and 1650fpps...

Thursday, July 12, 2007

what a poor run....

having turned $27 into $270 on stars, it's all gone downhill
yesterday played 5 sixpaks cashing in none bubbling in three.
today played 4, 1 win, 1 second.
lost $80 at cash to make sure it was a losing session. bluffed far too frequently
playing some more 6paks now. 1st 2 going out with aces....2nd two still playing. playing patient but unconfident. so unconfident i'm making up words.
down to 3 in one of the comes my bubble?
AQs loses to Q8s to put me in third from chip lead. standardly hits the flush after i hit the ace.

99 and board comes full of overcards and i get check raised all in. ffs.

heads up now massively behind.

out in 6th in the other 6pak...missed every fucking hand
after being 8k-1k down now 5-4 up
AA vs Q4 all in on a Qhigh board, and for t'first time today aces hold up.

time to eat some brownies and maybe another 3/4 games before bed.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

winning session?

back to playing and enjoying it

had a gamble on party with my free money, put all my $69 on a $1/2 table, got up to $145 in about 10 mins with $150 my aim, before running trips into an underfull.

back on stars, turned my $23 from the start of the month into $220 playing at $0.25/$0.5 with one early session at $0.5/$1

plan is to play $0.25/0.5 till i get to $1k which i plan to hit by the end of the month.
also plan to hit 2k fpp to get a slansky book

then step up to $0.5/$1 and play that for a month with goal to reach $3k.

once i get there i'll move on to
$1/2 and see how it goes....

Saturday, June 30, 2007


someone once told me about a king who didn't like one of the people in his kingdom, thusly, he decided to set him an impossible task.

he calls him to office, (though they probably didn't have offices when this was set) and says,
"i want you to inscribe on my ring a sentence that makes me happy when i'm sad, and sad when i'm happy. you have one month, else i hall punish you and your people"

so the wise old man, (i think i forgot to say he was wise, well, he is), trots off.

a month later he returns with the ring, duly inscribed. the king ready to lambast whatever is written, calls his advisors round and reads out loud
"this, too, will pass" (doesn't sound so good in translation)

the king thinks about it, nods, and lets the man go.

what does this have to do with poker?

well, after about a month of not taking it seriously, and barely playing, dropping about £100 in the process, i have decided to return with some ground rules.

no playing unless i want to. not just because i am bored. PATIENCE is going to be my main aim.

no tilting. thinking about the long run, is the best way to avoid tilt.
whenever things are going bad, just think, this moment, too, like every other moment ever to have been, will pass. and voila (pardon my french), no more tilt.

gonna hit some mtt's and $1/2 6 seater cash on pokerstars with $100 i still have in there. though there is the problem of no rakeback. gonna get to 2000 FPPs and get a book.

betfair sill won't run properly for me, eating my processor like there's no tomorrow.
interpoker suck balls.
mansion - i hate 10 seaters, will try to win some hu stts
party - no rakeback. still have about $30 in there worth doing something with

maybe open a new account somewhere...will have to some research...

Monday, June 25, 2007

been a month

been ok live, some funny tournaments i been playing in.

been losing pretty evenly on all sites in the past month.

only done a small deposit, left with about $30 in each of party/stars/mansion

pretty bored with poker, losing patience and therefore losing.

i think the two things that you need mots for poker is patience and patience. once this is mastered, learn to play in position = winning player.

so pretty annoyed with poker atm.
playing live is still a laugh, and the last time i went to a double chance i was playing looser than pari's hilton's inhibitions and more aggressive than a giant panda watching some porn

1st hand i get all in on the turn with 98s on a 764 board with the 7 and 6 of my suit, of course i miss my 18 outs twice, and villains 99 takes the pot.
few hands later i double up, then lose a few chips, then double up with perficly timed bullets. i was back to my starting stack of 2.5k and raise in ep to 300 (3bb), ad donkey on bb reraises to 2k with AK. THANKS.

later on, after being in complete control, raise utg with A10, and only the bb calls. 10 high flop, i bet, SHE raises, i push, she calls with AQ. turn is a Q. left me with about 1k, and im out next hand. but it was fun!

need to find a way to make online poker fun. i guess that just involves winning, gonna hit some mtt's. but need to play at least £20 ones. that requires more money in my account than i care to deposit....hmmm......

think ill take a holiday

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

no new plan

the money that i lost. the many thousands. only money anyway isn't it?

still got $80 in party, $100 in mansion, $300ish in stars and $150 in betfair.

gonna play stt's to rebuild....can't be bothered right now tho to be honest.

gonna play live once or twice a week when i can be bothered. played live on sunday in a fo.

lost a few chips early, then played perfect poker. till i messed up. 4 limpers inc small blind on a 6handed table and i have KQ in bb. raise to 1000 (100/200 at the time). 1 caller. got 1450 left behind. king high flop and i check because he had bet every time it was checked round to him the entire night (MASSIVE MISTAKE). he checks.
turn ACE. the one card i dont want to see. so i check. oh no, i bet 1k. (YOU MORON) he pushes i call, he has Ace rag. ty, and gn.

played cash 5/6 handed and didnt get one hand and spunked my money. waste of time.

no urge to play atm. gona get aroun £150 rb this month into uk betting account. will rebuild from that. hopefully will want to play by june.


Tuesday, May 15, 2007


everything was perfic till the 4th of may. or thereabouts.

since then, lost about £3k. stopping for now.

playing any old game between $1/2 to $5/10. can't hit a thing, can't win a race, can't avoid being runner runnered let alone 2/3/4/5/6 outers.


Tuesday, April 24, 2007

sing when you're winning

i have a case of can't be bothered to post while winning.
this, also will pass however.
having run terribly (and played terribly) since start of year, i deposited £200 into a crypto account on 21/03.
lost that and deposited another £200.
won the £20 tourney, and haven't looked back.
built up a nice amount, withdrew £1k, which was the total sum of deposits on this account (only opened in Jan) and now on £2.5k - which means over £3k in a month, virtually all at cash games.
been going up limits slowly, £1/2 seems easily beatable, and played two sessions and £2/5. also appears beatable.
infact, i played $5/10 and bought in for $200. lost that rebought another $200 and cashed out with $1.8k.
played £2/5 twice. once bought in for £300 and left with double that. other time bought for £200 thrice, and left with a £5 profit.
so all seems good. similar to last year when playing on party. get the same number of beats, but no tilt, and grind my way slowly upwards.
had 2 consecutive losing days at the start of the month, but didn't try to win it all back in one go. maybe i'm slowly learning something.
not so much time to play at the moment. next aim is to win a satellite to a big tourney (not the wsop). will let you know how that goes. (not that anyone reads this)

tried the mansion 100k for the third time and KJ called a reraise for 1/3 of stack preflop vs my AK, and obviously beat me. what i found funny was they said " i fold if you push preflop". HA. im blinds 75/150. i have over 6k, they have about 5k, why the heck would i push pre after they raise to 450? i want all their chips when i have them dominated.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

ace high

won the biggest pot i've ever won without a pair tonight.
been away for a week so had a week off.
didn't particularly miss it. no burning desire to rush back into things. also partly due to last big win, i always feel a bit nervous coming back into things that karma will take away all my profits. i don't believe in karma.
yesterday was first time played in a while and made a little, mostly at $1/2
today a lot more interesting.

played about an hour at $1/2 on crypto and made about $300.

played mansion, played AWFULLY, and lost about $300. after being $700 down so not too bad.

came back to crypto and decided to play a tournament, out 7th hand, first hand i played with KK in sb. run into aces. someone overcalled an all in reraise, followed by a call, with AJ. somehow he didn't win.

played some $1/2 and finished about $25 down.
did win the biggest pot i've ever won with Ace high.

Seat 1: mikael551 ($163 in chips)
Seat 2: LOSER ($177.25 in chips)
Seat 3: jaharenst ($193.50 in chips)
Seat 4: ME ($103.50 in chips)
Seat 5: Litus ($33.57 in chips)
Seat 6: J_archer ($257 in chips)
mikael551: posts small blind $1
LOSER: posts big blind $2
----- HOLE CARDS -----
dealt to ME [2h Ah]
jaharenst: folds
ME: raises to $8
Litus: folds
J_archer: calls $8
mikael551: folds
LOESR: calls $6
----- FLOP ----- [7s Jc 5c]
LOSER: checks
ME: bets $14
J_archer: folds
LOSER: calls $14

i've cont bet with nothing. he's called with...

----- TURN ----- [7s Jc 5c][8s]
LOSER: checks
ME: bets $26
Geo251212: calls $26

i've had a second shot at it, he's called with....

----- RIVER ----- [7s Jc 5c 8s][Qd]
LOSER: checks
ME: checks
----- SHOW DOWN -----
LOSER: shows [6d Ts] (High Card Queen)
ME: shows [2h Ah] (High Card Ace)
Me collected $102 from Main pot

HA. what was his call on the flop about?
at least on the turn he had a draw!
i laughed. but still lost on that table.

----- SUMMARY -----
Total pot $105 Main pot $102 Rake $3
Board [7s Jc 5c 8s Qd]
Seat 2: Geo251212 (big blind) showed [6d Ts] and lost with High Card Queen
Seat 4: ME showed [2h Ah] and won ($102) with High Card Ace

was also playing a $2/5 game at the same time. only played the table for half hour. bought in for $300. left 30 mins later with $700. not quite a hit and run, was beginning to feel tired. had one big hand. turned the A flush vs K flush.
made one great call with flopped 2nd pair (ended up being 4th pr) against the guy i had jsut doubled up off. he only had ace high. he bet small on the flop. same size bet on turn, and doubled it on river which was a king. if he has AK wp, thought he might have Ax, or overpair to the 8 high flop. about 5050 imo, he had AJ and that was a nice pot.

br goes up, need to play mansion $100k, but haven't been around for a while during the week to dos. will have to wait and see how things go.

thats enough for now, though there are a few things i've been contemplating i can't be bothered to carry on typing.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


winning a little every day since the 2nd, and tonight decided to buy in for £100 at £2/5 and see how high i could get (a la bluescouse!)

third hand, tp into aces, and cleaned out.
rebought another hundred, up and down a little till i pick up aces, and raise to 4*bb. K103 flop and i'm checked raised all in by the sb with KJ. aces hold and im back to level.

next big pot, one limper, i'm on bb with K7s and check.

flop is A97 two of my suit. sb min bets, i rasie limper folds sb calls. (i have him covered ha!)
turn is an 8. he checks, i bet half his stack, he all in's, i call. he has 98. loose flop call by him imo, river makes me a flush. nice.

few hands later i button raise (again) to 3*bb, bb reraises to 13.5 bb, i move all in, he folds.
up to £400 now.

don't play a hand for a while, then get K3s in bb. raised to 4*bb i call. they are sooted.
flop is KQx to spades. i check call a 3/4pot bet.
turn is Aspades. ultimate scare card. check check.
river is a small non spade. check check.
he had 99. tyvm

decide to leave when the bb mes to me, uncheck the autopost button, and disastrously pick up KK utg+1.
raise to 4*bb, sb calls.
flop is 10c4d3d
he cheks, i bet half pot he raises, i push. he has Jd10d for tp and flush draw.
me kings hold up and i'm up to £900.
was gonna take £300 to £5/10 when i got to £400 but banked my profit and went to watch some telly.

was playing some £1/2 at the same time and finished £10 up.

Monday, April 02, 2007

romario. comedy genius

been a while since i last posted.

deposited £200 twice in one evening into uk betting, and went from £430 to £1430 before losing a few hundred in the last couple of evenings. some two outers, and some bad play, but i have over £1100 in there, and some rakeback to come.
mostly courtesy of a £1.5kgtd tourney win (£20 fee).
also gonna withdraw most of my interpoker account, and leave about $1k in there just to play enough hands for a $100 bonus, and entry into a $10k monthly free roll.

so money now coming out after depositing some, back to winning ways, except for the last couple of days.

the one thing i notice is when i am less angry, less hate filled for my opponents i play better. i often used to hate everyone else at the table. now i try not to care about them, and it seems to be working better.

i also played live a couple of times at my local donkfest. i think there is one other good player out of about 30, though he is easier to trap than a one legged rabbit. 2nd place after only once being all in (and called) for all my chips and that was heads up A2 vs 102. win that and i would have a 110k to 20k lead. though i did start heads up with about a 70k to 50k lead, and lost K5 to A4. flopped a nut flush draw, and gutshot straight. he had 2 pair. not unhappy with 2nd. also came 7th the week before when i got £20 back having paid £60 to start. never understood those deals, but it worked ok for me in the end.

as for the title of the post, i have realised, if i count all junior games, friendlies, competitive matches, school games, computer games (PC, PS1 and 2) and dreams, I have scored 25,382goals.
so eat that Romario.
and yeah,
i counted it myself too.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

feeling less sick

winning a $1k pot on sunday helped.

almost back to level on my accounts for the year.

gonna hit ukbetting hard for the rest of the month and try to win about £50 a day to bring me back to level for the year hopefully withdrawing a small amount at the end of the month.

won the £20 £1.5k guaranteed outdrawing everyone on the way, sickest was just before the bubble i flat call a 3*bb raise in the big blind with A10 and push on a two club KQx flop. i had no clubs. nor did my opponent who took an age to call with top set.
jack on the river and that'll learn him/her to slowroll

some nice outdraws on the ft, only once had my life on the line when i reraised a serial rasier with JJ, he called with A5, with 5 people left. from then on in i was chip leader all the way and beat 99 with Ax rivering a flush.

lost loads whilst playing this tourny on the cash games, my last hand being AK rivered by AQ on an Ace high flop for $200. also lost a $200 pot with QQ vs AK all in pre. loose call by me after he rereraised my reraise when i knew he didn't have aces or kings.

ah well, swings and roundabouts.

Thursday, March 15, 2007


thats how i feel

$1100 pot to a six outer.

Sunday, March 11, 2007


ye, so lost loads on wednesday, so decided to take a little break. and last night i did my best to match the loses.

couple of 2 outers, 3 outers and a 30% shot hitting on me (70% fav in for a >$400 pot) and i start to play a bit poorly too. won a little back after being well over $1k down.

play a little this morning, and tighten up. only 1 real hand of note where theres a utg raise to 4bb, reraise to 20bb and i push with aces. i know its obvious, but know the foe wont fold his kings.
my hand holds up thankfully, and i win a couple of hundred bucks this morning.

will play a bit later on, also got two freefolls this evenin. one result will be welcome.

also, i almost forgot how hot kirsten dunst is.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

balls away

and it all goes pair shaped in the space of 30mins.

shoot myself in the foot with monster beaten by slightly better monster. running into even more monsters. people not folding any sort of pair or draw....the best part of $800 bucks is mine no more.

still, tomorrow is another day, Thursday to be precise.

i also need to grow some balls and speak foreign to a foreigner i half know.

off to bed, dont want to play any more (for now.)


in a tournament. and im tired. and i have 32 * the big blind.

patience may lead to falling asleep.


cash bean good this month.

ventured briefly to $2/5 which contained a gigantic retard. took his money left $350 up. in about half hour. won 3 hands. 2 monster pots.

also got rakeback. $300. nice.

very drunk weekend. head still hurts. could also be dentists fault.


flopped top set. someone flops straight. no house. lost half chips. bed calling?

Thursday, March 01, 2007


holee molee.

after being over $2k down on the 20th, after rakeback comes through i will be about $20 down in February.

but then i won $150 today, long may this run continue.
also won my biggest pot for a while...$500 at $1/2. with aces. in the big blind. in a blind on blind battle.
the big blind is unbelievably profitable for me.

this time, he limps, i raise to $6, he reraises to $24, i make it $60. he's playing $250, i have him covered. flop is 853, he checks, i bet $80, he goes all in for another ~$120. so many hands i am beating so i call. he shows 66.
ty and goodnight.

Monday, February 26, 2007

on the up but still down

last week has been awesome stuff, over $1k with not more than about 1.5 hours played a day.

still down for the month but only about £250 which hopefully i'll make in the next three days, and due about £150 in rakeback probably, so if i make £100 in the next three days i'll be happy.

had 3 outdraws in my favour in the past week. one all in pre, someone called with QQ in a cash game! insane. (i had AQ and won, yeh baby.) the outdraws i win, don't feel as good as the runner runners i suffer, feel bad, if you know what i mean. Does this mean i'm losing out on something somewhere?

anyways, since i have turned chat off, i get a lot less "emotional" about other players, and don't hate them as much and try to kill them all off for being fishy ****s. i guess that's another positive in my play.

as an aside, the killers are awesome. totally. still, they ain't no bouncing souls.

Friday, February 23, 2007

no longer tilting

one month of tilt is finally over and i've won almost $1k in the last 3 days. which is a lot at $1/2.

3 tabling was the best thing i've done for about 2 months, since i concentrate more. only started it to try to get into a promotion where i needed more mpp's on crypto. top 500 get into the next week's mpp thingymjig and they also said 5 wii's were up for grabs. hammered away for 2 days (well, played about 3 hours) and managed to make it into the top 500 by about 1 point.

then i find out it's the top 5 that get the wii's. so i figure if i play 12-14 hours a day for 7 days ill be in the top 5 next week and win some sunglasses. yeh, that's worth it. it would have been nice if they done something like top 3 get prize, and 2 randomly selected from the rest.

the other thing i was thinking about was definition of 'tight'

when i think i'm playing tight, it means folding to raises from later position with almost connectors (like 6-8) and open raising from ep with Kxs. i think others probably think this is loose, but for the last month i've been playing awful and loose, and calling with pretty much anything in any position. a losing strategy for me anyway. 3 tabling just helps me tighten up and i'm reaping the rewards. i did manage to outdraw 3 people wonderfully in the last three days.
once with the chips already in the pot!

so, in conclusion, tight is right.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

tighter than a tree's stump. FACT

yes. i have been playing tighter.

defining 'tight' is somewhat difficult. raising with K3sooted from utg, isn't probably what most people refer to as tight, but it is for me. at least i've stopped playing actual junk hands. also bean folding a lot more. a couple of folds i should have made.
one was against a flopped straight and also the same person who hit runner runner quads against me.
went from $120 to $250 then lost it all in about 10 hands.
was also losing on the other tables, but made a nice profit eventually. many thanks to the person who rererereraised all in with AK at a cash table. lol. i had aces and this time they held up.

one interesting hand i played.

aces on the button, raise to 4*bb. bb calls. (he/she/it is new to the table.)
flop is 865 of diamonds. i have the ace.
bet half pot, he goes all in for another 70bb! the pot is only 16bb.

im thinking perhaps the 7 of diamonds with a pair?
so i call, don't see how i can fold and he has 88 for top set.
11 outs all miss for me and i lose a chunky pot.

so anyway, playing tight leads to boring blogs because i fold when i should, raise when i should, and i only bluffed about thrice on the river in 2 hours playing 3 tables.

decided to up it to three tables, since whilst there is ridiculous overlap, i can play less stupid hands and it seemed to work to day with a nice profit for the first time in 2007.

last three days have been profitable and hopefully i'm playing properly again.
will push on for the rest of the month, get back to cash, see if i can break even at least, and bla bla bla.
harder now as i am out during the days and out a few evenings a week. have to get up early too (about 8 o cock every day!) so no late night fishing either.

maybe i'll have cheese sandwiches for lunch tomorrow. again.

no i have a linker to this blog maybe ill write more often and more interesting things.

like my dentist appointment coming up. oh no, wait i said more interesting.

my meating of tony blair. yeh. he's taller than me. you wouldn't know it from watching the telly. YOU wouldn't know it because you don't know how tall i am. so you're gonna have to trust me. or not. i don't care. i'm going to get a drink now. a pint of ribena methinks.


Tuesday, February 20, 2007

bean a while

lost £500 on new crypto account since January.

lost £750 on old crypto account since January.

mostly cash. switched to STT's and was tearing them up till today. 4 2nd's in a row yesterday then 5 without a cash today. included 4 3rd's and some ridiculous beats.

but it's ok cos i beat off 2 people good in cash. once i turn raise with flush draw and gutshot. he wont fold top pair and pays me off when flush comes. i didnt have too much left behind at that point. maybe 1/4 of the pot.

next, i reraise a joker lag with AJ. cont bet 1/2 pot which is 2/3rds of his stack on a missed flop. he pushes with 44? and i hit a jack on the turn.

made back some stt losses at cash.

is that what they call a roundabout.

im no longer a bum so i wont be able to play everyday. this is good as i should focus when i do play. but not much time for the mtt's.

havent won a nice one this 2007, havent played many. havent come close to be fair. haven't played many.

might go for some bloglinkage in the coming future, because talking to oneself is boring. i already know what i'm gonna say.

might head back to my local (donkey infested - literally. they're just like little ass's) for some live play as my patience may have returned.

Monday, January 08, 2007

throwing money away

with average hands must stop
post flop play must improve
period, as the amrikans would say.

Thursday, January 04, 2007


play more when winning, play less when losing

no more targets

down £125, so stopped.

went out, came on later, two $1/2 table.
about level on one, after many ups and downs,

then get 33 in late pos, bb raises to $12, one ep limp/caller, so i call for value.

flop is 532, two clubs. nice i think. ep bets pot, gets called, so i raise it to 3* his bet, he moves in (AA/KK/QQ obviously) then the other guy calls. He was a bit of a nutter, made bad calls but not a bad player. still, i can't fold, first guy shows KK, next shows 22 and it's set over set for me(!) and no K or 2 and i win a $600 pot. nice

made some bad calls, earlier and later so left a little to late dropping about £50 in bad calls.

end up in profit for the day which was ok. bank up to about £530. looking to get over £1k by end of next week.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007


played ok most days last year except saturday.

wasn't feelin in the mood and had three freerolls inc the $100kmpp on crypto. played the two cheaper ones and did rubbish. decided to concentrate for the big one, down from 1400 to about 300 when my aces get done. all in on flop against top pair who outdraws me. ah well. more serious was cash. played badly, as well as the odd outdraw and dropped loads. lost a $400 getting runner runner flushed but should have played it stronger. was down almost $1k, but got back to about $530 down which was ok really. month ends and think im gonna withdraw everything out of inter and move to a uk account where i can withdraw to debit card.
the small difference from reloads and rake % isn't really worth my while waiting for them to send me cheques at an ABYSMAL exchange rate.
no more dollar accounts for me.

started my uk betting account. gonna avoid targets.....leads to chasing, and stopping whilst playing my best. Am gonna keep good records, and attempt to average over £100 per day 6 days a week...

have done ok out my inter account, about £6k in 3 months which is great, thanks especailly to two multi wins that totalled about £2.5. so only £1k per month from cash, which is ok part time. £12k per year tax free from a hobby is nothing to sniff at.

building my roll at uk now from £200 up to £450 in a couple of days....

HNY all.....will continue with updates...might put in some hands in future, and funny things that have nothing to do with poker.
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