Wednesday, July 30, 2008

boring blog

just read through some recent posts and they're boring as hell

forgot i was supposed to write at least one funny per post

today's is something my friend recently said to me on the phone whilst they were watching jeremy kyle on unruly kids.
referring to the mum my friend says "she has post natal depression. and her kid's like 11"

awful month improved in 300 hands today where i hit 3 sets, 1 flopped straight.

roll up to 11.5k

Monday, July 28, 2008

keep on truckin

not much to post about except same old not winning faster

checked out my stats for the year

running at 3 ptbb/100 at 1/2

this includes tilting away 30 buyins.

been playing more 2/4 recently and every time i do my luck just nosedives.

of my last 4 sessions i've been over $1k down on all in ev in one, and 750 down last night.

however, that doesn't excuse bad play and I have to play better. only playing when i want of late, but really need to sit down and concentrate for the first 1/2 hundred hands and not do anything stupid.

also wanna qualify for a live tourney this year, preferably aussie millions thru betfair so gonna deposit, play some 1/2 there and see how the sats go when they become available later in the year.

priority however remains increasing roll on stars to $30k by end of year to be rolled for 5/10

5 months to go. roll currently at 11k

Friday, July 18, 2008

bonus chasing

well last month ended alright, hit platinum in 2 weeks which is good to know i can do that.

this month littlewoods were doing a bonus where you get an iPod for 2000mpps. i figure i can reach that in a week or two but played stars to start with on double vpp week and made about 7kvpp so don't need to play so much this month. as playing well on stars and hourly rate was about $150

switched to littlewoods and playing for the 2000mpp would also give me a £100 bonus, an ipod and rakeback. so i just needed to break even. first 4 sessions gone and i found myself up a few hundred. then it went pair shaped, i started playing omaha and hilo, playing lower stakes holdem and just finished the bonus last night. lost the £500 i put in so after rakeback of around £150-£200 pounds i will have paid around £300 for the ipod. not to mention i could have been winning on stars in the meantime.

that'll be the last time i bonus chase. i should point out i have no confidence in the crypto software and was running horrible in terms of sklansky bucks and all in luck. i took so many runner runners and managed to give out a few as well. in not many hands at all. play is very different there but something really doesn't sit right at that site. still, with all that said, its no excuse. if i can't take responsibility for my results i shouldn't play.

if i want some variety in future i may go back to playing on betfair or mansion, but will just wait and see. still have some monies in mansion, should really take it all out since it's doing nothing in there.

for he remainder of this month i will start playing more and more $2/4. maybe starting with 3 tables of each, but really should step it up if i wanna be playing 2/5 by the end of the year. if i am, i may get some coaching to speed up learning.

about a year ago i felt my cash game improved dramatically and in the last year i feel mentally i've improved a lot.

not sure how next to improve my game. i still try to learn at the tables, and adjust to opponents but beyond that i can't yet see too much more at these levels of cash.

i have in the meantime forgotten how to play tournies especially the middle stages. and you really just need to luckbox your way through a 6000 player tourney to get a huge payday so maybe they are worth the occasional try.

plus i really really wanna go to the aussie open this year so am gonna make a concerted effort win a satellite.
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