Wednesday, May 28, 2008


again for this month hit platinum. on my way to supernova, although i worked out the rakebkc rate is pretty poor. only when you hit 400k vpps for the year do you get a decent 30% or so. this might change if i move up levels as i may get more points for less rake since the pots will in general be bigger but will really have to just play lots of hands at higher levels to see.

earlier than before now that i'm 4 tabling, and playing some $2/4.
playing so badly i'm gonna leave off the $2/4 for now, even though it's just as easy as $1/2, and the only person who beats me is myself.
in fact, there's only one person i avoid at the tables since they always seem to have a hand against me, and they're a decent player from what i can make out.
which is another thing stars players are quite bad at. table selection. i sit on a table that ends up having for other multitabling tight abc players, and then a 5th joins! i know i'm not great but its still a stupid time and place to sit down.

alas, it's turned into my worst month since last may. in fact, every may has seen me lose for the past 3 years.

£2k each of the last two years so the current month loss of $2k is half as bad.

according to poker ev, my equity over the last 3 days play is about $2k.

so essentially i'm playing rubbish this month and also being unlucky. whilst the luck will even out i have to start playing better.

my mentality really really needs to improve. i just need to concentrate especially on not making basic mistakes. this is what is costing me lots., last session i lost $500 and straight away i could name 3 spots where i made bad calls costing over $500 in total. and every time i knew i was beat.

i read a blog on limit poker where each call is either a bigbet or 1/2big bet post flop, and if you can save one big bet per hour, your win rate will rocket. so i should really concentrate on saving 125 of them on three bad calls.

wish me luck!

Friday, May 16, 2008

may so far

pretty disgusting swings going on, due to good/bad play syndrome rather than variance

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


i must be breakeven over the last 40k hands or so and it's so depressing

so many +$1k and -$1k days and its so tiresome when the beats all come in one go

last few days pokerev says i'm owed about $30,000 or sumthin

Monday, May 05, 2008


still playing terribly

ended last month down $700 which was pretty awful

started this month playing well. that lasted two days

gone from $750up to $750 down and barely played any hands this month. all starting with my 3rd session of the month where i get aa on the bb and lose to a button stealer who actually had a pair of 4's and hit a set. thanks. downhill all the way since then. also lost with aa to 99 where 9 wouldnt fold at all in a multiway pot only to spike a 9 on the turn. thanks again.

need to change my mentality of trying to win lots all at once, and just play slightly tighter, not assume everyone else is always bluffing and calm down just cos i don't get any decent hand hands for a bit.

need to play with no distractions also if i'm gonna take it seriously.

may take $3k out my account and then another 3 at the end of the month.

if i start playing well i'll also be taking shots at 2/4. maybe that'll work as an incentive.

gonna buy a 22" screen and comp to be able to play 3/4 tables without overlap. getting that next week so need to win some monies please
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