Sunday, December 30, 2012

i need to quit my job.

i have too many other things to do

1) write 500 words a day for a new book idea. this is brilliant. if i can get 15,000 words done in a month i'll be very happy

2) learn to program objective c. writing an app at the moment. a very simple one so hoping for it to be finished in a week or two. again, need to spend an hour a day on this (minimum) as i need to learn new stuff and then also make the app.

3) exercise. this one can be done while at work. taking an hour out my day to go to the gym is probably my favourite hour of the day.

4) reading. i like to read. i go in and out of phases. 30 minutes before bed is nice. i should find a good book. recommendations? i haven't read many of anything. except chuck pahalniuk. i read most of his books already. even things like a confederacy of dunces needs to be told to me. (although that one i read thanks to yakshi)

5) sitcom writing. that's tough. i need lots of funny ideas for that which take time. still, i need to allocate some time for that too.

6) patent. i almost have a patent. i need to build a prototype, make it official and licence it. in the next few months.

7) i think those 6 are enough. and working takes out my entire day till 6pm. and gives me only 7 hours per day to achieve everything. and i have to waste some of those 7 hours eating and drinking and cleaning my self. every day! why isn't there something that can clean and feed me in my sleep?

Friday, December 28, 2012

an absence of stars

stars sent me an email to say because i haven't played there this year they'll steal my fppees. i'm pretty sure i played there in Jan and Feb. i think i need to earn one vpp to keep my fpppees. i wonder if spending some fppees on a tournament will suffice?

party also sent me an email to say they're going to steal the $5 bonus they put in my account because i haven't played there for 180 days. seems a bit mean to offer it to me, tell me i can't cash out less than $30 or so, and then steal it back if i don't play. maybe mean is the wrong word, it's more like they're trying to prey on weak minded people and get them sucked back into the claws of gamblor.

i'll probably try and play a wee bit on both in the next few days.

in other news, no jim for a while meant no weighing. to my surprise and delight i had put on a couple of kilos since my last weighting so up to 77kg now. 3 to go till target acquired. it should be noted that said target should be reached in muscle as opposed to fat! and i think my waist is increasing again. i need to channel my thoughts into making my other muscles get bigger instead!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012


i think i've said before that this is one of my favourite songs. mostly because it has an unhappy ending. something most songs lack.
sadly, now is an appropriate time for me to post it.

Monday, December 17, 2012

i am ashamed

i only recently saw the star wars trilogy.

turns out it was a bit rubbish. maybe i've been spoiled by more recent movies with proper special effects.
that said, it has a great story, and some interesting concepts.

also, it's influence has spread into culture everywhere. sadly that kinda ruined it for me since i knew all the twists in the movie...

anyways, i saw this and it made me laugh

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

tour the france

wiggins win. it was quite amazing. and soon he will reach the pinnacle of british sporting achievement by winning sports personality of the year. unfortunately, abbreviated to spoty.

my sideburn tribute has been going well since the summer, however a hair cut is due. why is it not called a hairs cut?

in other cycling news, mark cavendish is pretty much the greatest sprinter of all time. i think his level of underratedness is criminal although is probably more appreciated outside of the united kingdom.

i have written here for a while. i have two writing projects now. one sitcom, one sci fi book/tv series. the book/tv series premise is awesome. building characters now. writing with a friend and i think when i've done one chapter i'll stick it here for feedback. though that probably won't be for quite some time.

it is late and i still have much work to do. luckily i went shopping so have some food for company.

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

every now and then...

...i remind myself of just how much i hate myself.

yesterday i continually made excuses to not approach a lady on a plane because she was too hot.

i am now considering phoning easyjet to make up a story of how i found something belonging to her and asking them to ask her to get in touch with me (since data protection probably prevents them giving me her details.) i know her first name and seat number which should be enough for them. being male, i am unable to understand the difference between romance and stalking. it's probably not a fine line, and yet i am unsure upon which side of the line this proposal lands. (advice in comments appreciated thanks.)

in other news i may have finally found a flat where i can live alone. hurrah to no housemates.

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