Monday, February 26, 2007

on the up but still down

last week has been awesome stuff, over $1k with not more than about 1.5 hours played a day.

still down for the month but only about £250 which hopefully i'll make in the next three days, and due about £150 in rakeback probably, so if i make £100 in the next three days i'll be happy.

had 3 outdraws in my favour in the past week. one all in pre, someone called with QQ in a cash game! insane. (i had AQ and won, yeh baby.) the outdraws i win, don't feel as good as the runner runners i suffer, feel bad, if you know what i mean. Does this mean i'm losing out on something somewhere?

anyways, since i have turned chat off, i get a lot less "emotional" about other players, and don't hate them as much and try to kill them all off for being fishy ****s. i guess that's another positive in my play.

as an aside, the killers are awesome. totally. still, they ain't no bouncing souls.

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