Saturday, June 30, 2007


someone once told me about a king who didn't like one of the people in his kingdom, thusly, he decided to set him an impossible task.

he calls him to office, (though they probably didn't have offices when this was set) and says,
"i want you to inscribe on my ring a sentence that makes me happy when i'm sad, and sad when i'm happy. you have one month, else i hall punish you and your people"

so the wise old man, (i think i forgot to say he was wise, well, he is), trots off.

a month later he returns with the ring, duly inscribed. the king ready to lambast whatever is written, calls his advisors round and reads out loud
"this, too, will pass" (doesn't sound so good in translation)

the king thinks about it, nods, and lets the man go.

what does this have to do with poker?

well, after about a month of not taking it seriously, and barely playing, dropping about £100 in the process, i have decided to return with some ground rules.

no playing unless i want to. not just because i am bored. PATIENCE is going to be my main aim.

no tilting. thinking about the long run, is the best way to avoid tilt.
whenever things are going bad, just think, this moment, too, like every other moment ever to have been, will pass. and voila (pardon my french), no more tilt.

gonna hit some mtt's and $1/2 6 seater cash on pokerstars with $100 i still have in there. though there is the problem of no rakeback. gonna get to 2000 FPPs and get a book.

betfair sill won't run properly for me, eating my processor like there's no tomorrow.
interpoker suck balls.
mansion - i hate 10 seaters, will try to win some hu stts
party - no rakeback. still have about $30 in there worth doing something with

maybe open a new account somewhere...will have to some research...

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