Wednesday, December 24, 2008


i went and bought a graphics card anyways, and it hasn't helped at all. It does allow me to multitable on befair with no lag, but it wont run a hud at the same time.

i think young br0000se is right and a new computer will be my new year present to myself.

i also got a funny call yesterday. from a man in a thick indian accent pretending to be from 3. this is the first time i've had a problem understanding english in a thick indian accent but from what i made out he called me, and then wanted to check my security details so he knew who he was talking to. i pointed out that he has called me and i would like to run some security checks on him first. sadly, he didn't understand my point and after about 2 mins of going back and forth he said something like "this is going nowhere" so i hung up. i laugh in the global hidden face of 3!

in other events i went to helsinki for a couple of days, and can confirm that finnish women are a very hot cross between eastern european's and scandinavians and importantly, they are friendly like the scandi's. thus, even though i didnt see the sun in three days, it was highly enjoyable.

pokernews, after playing like a tard, i'll be happy if i get back into profit this month! i think i've cured the lose 4/5buyins when sitting down disease which i've had all month, and i must say it makes things easier. lost a sick huge pot with the 2nd nut flush against table idiot's nutflush and made a couple of other bad mistakes yesterday, and still turned a 3 buy in profit! wooo

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

computer troubles

my computer cannot cope with doing one thing at once.

skype call, CPU =100%
online radio, CPU = 100%
HUD when playing poker = computer freezes

having opened up my computer i can confirm that it is in fact quite rubbish, and i can't update anything like graphics card.

i now need to buy my own parts, inc new motherboard, hoping it fits into the current shell, as i want to keep the hard disk, and probably some of the ram. also the fan is good cos it's quiet.

sadly i don't know how to do this and shall be guessing as i go.

in my last challenge i wanted to increase weight by something like 10kg in 6 weeks. predictably i weigh 10kg more. until i put down both my cats, at which point i return back to my standard weight.

Sunday, December 14, 2008


when i watch it alone, i don't laugh so much as when i watch it with others. when in public (ie watching it live) there is an amount of nervous laughter. but also when watching it with others not live, i find i laugh more than usual. i think this is because you have to prove to others that you get the jokes even when it's not funny.

as wimmen in life have been getting under my brain recently, inspiring my previous post, i do not want to think aboot them any more. so back to poker. where i sometimes play better when more depressed as it is almost impossible to tilt. less than 1k fpps till i'm supernova. but i still don't think it's as good as rakeback. though playing with the americans makes table selection easier.

this year i have fallen well below the expectations i set myself. about $16k short. oops. mostly cos i tilt rather than play bad. although tilt makes me play bad obv. so the last few sentences are somewhat redundant nonsense.

Friday, December 12, 2008

i read this.

I never saw a wild thing sorry for itself. A bird will fall frozen dead from a bough without ever having felt sorry for itself

Monday, December 01, 2008


if i played well i'd be a millionaire by now

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