Tuesday, March 25, 2008


even though i'm playing 4 tables at once i find myself checking whether i'm currently up or down for the session. i used to do this all the time playing 3 tables, and i've realised it's a bad thing to be doing since it affects my decisions.

i've caught myself doing this recently, as i've been trying to stop and just concentrate on making the right decisions.

and whilst there's been lots of ups and downs and obvious bad tilty decisions these last few weeks i've finally broken $2k for the month and hoping to hit $3k (short of the $5k min i had hoped for from this month)

also look likely to hit 10k vpps on stars and platinum status. should reach it at about 16k hands.

so basically i need to play more hands every month.

at the moment i sometimes find myself stopping concentrating after 1-2hours and i've been disciplined to stop. only rarely have i been able to play more than 4+hours a day. and i might start having to if i'm gonna make some inroads into the 500,000 vpps i want. and my current rate it'll take about 4 years!!

Monday, March 17, 2008

me plan

i finish studying in two years and by that time i want to have made enough to purchase a house
seeing as how i can't get much of a mortgage, i reckon i'm gonna need about $200k

currently, i can play maybe 20k hands per month and running ok $5-8k should be a realistic
over 24 months (assuming $6.5kpm) this comes to $156k. that would be pretty sweet.

this is at $1/2 and i'd be hoping to move up to $2/4, $3/6 and $5/10 as my roll allows.

this month i've hit 10k hands, though have played terrible for part of the month when i first started 4-tabling. somewhy i played looser!? anyways, back on track last few days, and about $1k up, so a bit of catch up to do to hit 5k in the next 10k hands.

as an aside, i think that poker is like driving. getting annoyed at the idiots that surround you and stooping to their level is a bad idea. do it in poker and you'll lose monies. do it on the road and you can lose a lot more.

a 2nd aside, i read a few forums, and there is soo much nonsense on there, with the occasional eye opening bit of info. i think there are only 2 real good bits of advice that i've ever read. and lots of bad things, which explains how even regular players can consistently make bad plays. at 1/2 people are happy to get 200big blinds in preflop with KK. obviously you are up against aces!
also people quote pokerstove as the reason you should call aipf with AK against a 4bet. unless you are weighting the range you are up against, it will look like you should call, but AA and KK are the majority of that range so it's definitely a -ev play!

i say this, but i am actually rather pleased people play and think so badly about the game. gives me a chance to win since i'm not particularly good!

and since tilt is defo my biggest leak, the moral of the story is practice less road rage, and less table rage.

and one last thing before i forget, wanna hit 500kVPP on stars within these 2 years, to get a decent amount of rakeback + stuff from their fpp store. 500kvpp is roughly where rake and presents from stars almost equals rake. though i do need to work out the vpp to rake ratio and higher stakes. only prob is there's no direct correlation.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008


not the tilt you notice but the subtle play marginal situations badly all the time tilt

gone from $1100 up to $1100 down so far this month.

thats pretty shocking.
coincides with increasing from 3 to 4 tables. might have to drop down to three till i can get a screen with no overlap. oddly enough my vpip and pfr % have both gone up as i increased number of tables played. i thought i would play tighter with more tables.

need to concentrate next session i play, by not playing rubbish cards at the start. be patient. wait for good hands and situations. gonna buy in with 60% of full amount to make sure i don't chase with sooted connectors etc.

i wanna play 4 tables so it will be easy to hit supernova and by the end of april would be able to get either a 24"monitor or something ps3. though its the low end ps3 and is less points.

i still don't like playing on stars with no rakeback but lost £1k in hills over the course of 2 months, and since i'd won $1.5k on stars in the same amount of time i figured even with rakeback i'd make more on stars.

i think i just need to play better.

i have decided some yearly aims too.
but the end of next year i wanna hit £100k to afford a house.

play $1/2 and $2/4 this year and reach $50-60k.
next year $3/6, $5/10 and make $100k.

all using good brm.

here goes.....

(oh yeah, january was -$500 in cash, +$2k in tournies
february was +$4k
march -$1.1k so far...)
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