Thursday, November 29, 2007


3 funnies from the bbc
"It would be surprising if he didn't know something of what was going on, but I've got absolutely no evidence that he had. On that basis it would be wrong of me to suggest that he had."
well, you can't say it would be wrong of you to suggest something and then go ahead and suggest it!

and the best for last
"Two thirds of people also sit down at home when they get home from work."
which leaves 1 in 3 people to stand up/crouch/kneel/lie down when they get home, but not sit!

not played a great deal recently.
a few stars tournies and one 6th place for $1.5k in a $50 buy in, and one other cash when finishing 250/18000. lost countless 60/40s, 50/50s and 40/60s whilst winning 1.
lost in 2 other tournies the same night just before the money in pots for 3x avg stack

i quite enjoy the mtts again, and the infrequent playing keeps the interest levels up. been going out too often recently to get some time in to play them. they finish so late even if they start at 8 so need the whole night, and preferably the next day too, free.

Monday, November 19, 2007


tilted like a moron yesterday and blew £300. hadn't run that bad for ages. played some $1/2 for some reason and lost about $350 there

didn't want to play for a while but had 2 freerolls today. lost in an interpoker one with 2 pair vs set when i was playing very laggy early to build a stack and dont really care.
betfair had a $5k freeroll worth winning. first hand i play is against a shortstack (165) at 10/20 with AQ aipf, and hit a queen on the turn. 2 hands later i get AA in the cutoff. folded round to me and i raise to 100 to look like a steal since the big blind is sitting out (although it's only 20 some tard might think im doing it with nothing). i get reraised all in by the blind. instacall and i see his kings the same time as i see the flop come Kq8. oh well.

played some $0.5/1 and made $200 with people unable to fold QQ to a preflop reraiser on a king high board. both times i had ak. also won a pot with kk. again i reraised pf from the button and only the intial raiser called. flop is 2 diamonds and q high. he check raises me all in and since i ly had 20 behind and there was 100 in the pot i couldnt fold and he had aq. amazingly my hand held up and they were the only 3 big pots. lost a bit blind vs blind on a 9j9 flop. me 93, him 98. no high card 9 j or 3 to save me. possibly could have folded the river though.

few things i've been meaning to write about and will when i get a chance (obviously it's for me since no one else reads these words of wisdom)

value bets
emotions at the tables (very bad thing)
[insert here the other things i forgot]

total for month = -£300 including about £100 on satellites as i attempt to win a trip to australia. maybe i should have just stumped up $550 and bought straight into the final?

Friday, November 09, 2007

great parenting

anyways, got my ipd touch from stars today. and what a touch it is! just need to get a decent case for it now.

as for my balance on betfair, it has been yoyoing like a julian thew. 700 at start of month up to 880 then down to 620 after a horror day two days ago. back up to 830 yesterday. now at 770. though i did spend 60 on tournies. got nowhere in the $20k, and played two sats. aussie millions round 2 for $55 where 1st gets seat, second gets $132. i came 3rd of 12. lost two 50/50s to go from chip lead to third when 4 left. then lost to 80/20s to go out finally with kk vs 55.

played cash at same time and started off on a horror show getting no hands against uber donks who left after hitting. then i start to get hands. paid off 3 times by three different players in about 5 mins and was not in the right frame of mind so have logged off for the day.

amazingly won a couple fo quid at cash. so 70 up overall for the month. the other tourney i played was a set to a passport final which i won (only 5 players and 1 seat gtd so that was a nice $50 overlay). got that on sunday. not expecting much but will be a decent experience since i really want win a seat to the aussie mills but may have left it to too late.

still dunno where to play the poekrs after this month. betfair traffic is quite slow. and thats at $0.50/$1. it's only gonna get worse if i move up to $1/2 and $2/5.

Friday, November 02, 2007


since i last posted things been going well on the poker front.

in about 8 days i made £500 on betfair cash games (plus £50 rakeback), then played a $50 $3k guaranteed 65 runner tourney, paying $1k for first and i won that. this was after coming 4th in my local live donkfest. they're doing a monday night league with winner getting a trip (for 1?!) to vegas and entry into a tournament there. came 4th, and now on 16points after 4 weeks, leader on 27. though i missed one week. am gonna really try to win this. not quite sure why it's only a trip for one.

withdrew $1500 from stars (so my account there is level) and i have pokertracker, 3 books, and iPod and a $1200 roll to show for it. no real point in playing there without rakeback though.
withdrew the £500 win from betfair, and now have£800 after another £100 win on the cash games tonight. going to try to qualify for the aussie millions. will play the $50 satellites to try to get into the main $550 dollar qualifier.

also i noticed that on betfair leaderboard i made almost 100,000 points in about a week's play. winner had just under 300,000. so in a month, surely i can win it?

anyway, will play at betfair for one more month, then probably move to william hill since i'll get $250-$350 (up to $550) bonus just for playing there plus rakeback.

not sure what to do with the money i have in stars. i don't really like the massive field mtt's, and there's no point it not making interest for me, so either will take a shot, buying in for $200 at maybe $5/10 table, or just withdrawing the lot.
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