Tuesday, April 24, 2007

sing when you're winning

i have a case of can't be bothered to post while winning.
this, also will pass however.
having run terribly (and played terribly) since start of year, i deposited £200 into a crypto account on 21/03.
lost that and deposited another £200.
won the £20 tourney, and haven't looked back.
built up a nice amount, withdrew £1k, which was the total sum of deposits on this account (only opened in Jan) and now on £2.5k - which means over £3k in a month, virtually all at cash games.
been going up limits slowly, £1/2 seems easily beatable, and played two sessions and £2/5. also appears beatable.
infact, i played $5/10 and bought in for $200. lost that rebought another $200 and cashed out with $1.8k.
played £2/5 twice. once bought in for £300 and left with double that. other time bought for £200 thrice, and left with a £5 profit.
so all seems good. similar to last year when playing on party. get the same number of beats, but no tilt, and grind my way slowly upwards.
had 2 consecutive losing days at the start of the month, but didn't try to win it all back in one go. maybe i'm slowly learning something.
not so much time to play at the moment. next aim is to win a satellite to a big tourney (not the wsop). will let you know how that goes. (not that anyone reads this)

tried the mansion 100k for the third time and KJ called a reraise for 1/3 of stack preflop vs my AK, and obviously beat me. what i found funny was they said " i fold if you push preflop". HA. im blinds 75/150. i have over 6k, they have about 5k, why the heck would i push pre after they raise to 450? i want all their chips when i have them dominated.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

ace high

won the biggest pot i've ever won without a pair tonight.
been away for a week so had a week off.
didn't particularly miss it. no burning desire to rush back into things. also partly due to last big win, i always feel a bit nervous coming back into things that karma will take away all my profits. i don't believe in karma.
yesterday was first time played in a while and made a little, mostly at $1/2
today a lot more interesting.

played about an hour at $1/2 on crypto and made about $300.

played mansion, played AWFULLY, and lost about $300. after being $700 down so not too bad.

came back to crypto and decided to play a tournament, out 7th hand, first hand i played with KK in sb. run into aces. someone overcalled an all in reraise, followed by a call, with AJ. somehow he didn't win.

played some $1/2 and finished about $25 down.
did win the biggest pot i've ever won with Ace high.

Seat 1: mikael551 ($163 in chips)
Seat 2: LOSER ($177.25 in chips)
Seat 3: jaharenst ($193.50 in chips)
Seat 4: ME ($103.50 in chips)
Seat 5: Litus ($33.57 in chips)
Seat 6: J_archer ($257 in chips)
mikael551: posts small blind $1
LOSER: posts big blind $2
----- HOLE CARDS -----
dealt to ME [2h Ah]
jaharenst: folds
ME: raises to $8
Litus: folds
J_archer: calls $8
mikael551: folds
LOESR: calls $6
----- FLOP ----- [7s Jc 5c]
LOSER: checks
ME: bets $14
J_archer: folds
LOSER: calls $14

i've cont bet with nothing. he's called with...

----- TURN ----- [7s Jc 5c][8s]
LOSER: checks
ME: bets $26
Geo251212: calls $26

i've had a second shot at it, he's called with....

----- RIVER ----- [7s Jc 5c 8s][Qd]
LOSER: checks
ME: checks
----- SHOW DOWN -----
LOSER: shows [6d Ts] (High Card Queen)
ME: shows [2h Ah] (High Card Ace)
Me collected $102 from Main pot

HA. what was his call on the flop about?
at least on the turn he had a draw!
i laughed. but still lost on that table.

----- SUMMARY -----
Total pot $105 Main pot $102 Rake $3
Board [7s Jc 5c 8s Qd]
Seat 2: Geo251212 (big blind) showed [6d Ts] and lost with High Card Queen
Seat 4: ME showed [2h Ah] and won ($102) with High Card Ace

was also playing a $2/5 game at the same time. only played the table for half hour. bought in for $300. left 30 mins later with $700. not quite a hit and run, was beginning to feel tired. had one big hand. turned the A flush vs K flush.
made one great call with flopped 2nd pair (ended up being 4th pr) against the guy i had jsut doubled up off. he only had ace high. he bet small on the flop. same size bet on turn, and doubled it on river which was a king. if he has AK wp, thought he might have Ax, or overpair to the 8 high flop. about 5050 imo, he had AJ and that was a nice pot.

br goes up, need to play mansion $100k, but haven't been around for a while during the week to dos. will have to wait and see how things go.

thats enough for now, though there are a few things i've been contemplating i can't be bothered to carry on typing.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


winning a little every day since the 2nd, and tonight decided to buy in for £100 at £2/5 and see how high i could get (a la bluescouse!)

third hand, tp into aces, and cleaned out.
rebought another hundred, up and down a little till i pick up aces, and raise to 4*bb. K103 flop and i'm checked raised all in by the sb with KJ. aces hold and im back to level.

next big pot, one limper, i'm on bb with K7s and check.

flop is A97 two of my suit. sb min bets, i rasie limper folds sb calls. (i have him covered ha!)
turn is an 8. he checks, i bet half his stack, he all in's, i call. he has 98. loose flop call by him imo, river makes me a flush. nice.

few hands later i button raise (again) to 3*bb, bb reraises to 13.5 bb, i move all in, he folds.
up to £400 now.

don't play a hand for a while, then get K3s in bb. raised to 4*bb i call. they are sooted.
flop is KQx to spades. i check call a 3/4pot bet.
turn is Aspades. ultimate scare card. check check.
river is a small non spade. check check.
he had 99. tyvm

decide to leave when the bb mes to me, uncheck the autopost button, and disastrously pick up KK utg+1.
raise to 4*bb, sb calls.
flop is 10c4d3d
he cheks, i bet half pot he raises, i push. he has Jd10d for tp and flush draw.
me kings hold up and i'm up to £900.
was gonna take £300 to £5/10 when i got to £400 but banked my profit and went to watch some telly.

was playing some £1/2 at the same time and finished £10 up.

Monday, April 02, 2007

romario. comedy genius

been a while since i last posted.

deposited £200 twice in one evening into uk betting, and went from £430 to £1430 before losing a few hundred in the last couple of evenings. some two outers, and some bad play, but i have over £1100 in there, and some rakeback to come.
mostly courtesy of a £1.5kgtd tourney win (£20 fee).
also gonna withdraw most of my interpoker account, and leave about $1k in there just to play enough hands for a $100 bonus, and entry into a $10k monthly free roll.

so money now coming out after depositing some, back to winning ways, except for the last couple of days.

the one thing i notice is when i am less angry, less hate filled for my opponents i play better. i often used to hate everyone else at the table. now i try not to care about them, and it seems to be working better.

i also played live a couple of times at my local donkfest. i think there is one other good player out of about 30, though he is easier to trap than a one legged rabbit. 2nd place after only once being all in (and called) for all my chips and that was heads up A2 vs 102. win that and i would have a 110k to 20k lead. though i did start heads up with about a 70k to 50k lead, and lost K5 to A4. flopped a nut flush draw, and gutshot straight. he had 2 pair. not unhappy with 2nd. also came 7th the week before when i got £20 back having paid £60 to start. never understood those deals, but it worked ok for me in the end.

as for the title of the post, i have realised, if i count all junior games, friendlies, competitive matches, school games, computer games (PC, PS1 and 2) and dreams, I have scored 25,382goals.
so eat that Romario.
and yeah,
i counted it myself too.
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