Thursday, March 22, 2007

feeling less sick

winning a $1k pot on sunday helped.

almost back to level on my accounts for the year.

gonna hit ukbetting hard for the rest of the month and try to win about £50 a day to bring me back to level for the year hopefully withdrawing a small amount at the end of the month.

won the £20 £1.5k guaranteed outdrawing everyone on the way, sickest was just before the bubble i flat call a 3*bb raise in the big blind with A10 and push on a two club KQx flop. i had no clubs. nor did my opponent who took an age to call with top set.
jack on the river and that'll learn him/her to slowroll

some nice outdraws on the ft, only once had my life on the line when i reraised a serial rasier with JJ, he called with A5, with 5 people left. from then on in i was chip leader all the way and beat 99 with Ax rivering a flush.

lost loads whilst playing this tourny on the cash games, my last hand being AK rivered by AQ on an Ace high flop for $200. also lost a $200 pot with QQ vs AK all in pre. loose call by me after he rereraised my reraise when i knew he didn't have aces or kings.

ah well, swings and roundabouts.

Thursday, March 15, 2007


thats how i feel

$1100 pot to a six outer.

Sunday, March 11, 2007


ye, so lost loads on wednesday, so decided to take a little break. and last night i did my best to match the loses.

couple of 2 outers, 3 outers and a 30% shot hitting on me (70% fav in for a >$400 pot) and i start to play a bit poorly too. won a little back after being well over $1k down.

play a little this morning, and tighten up. only 1 real hand of note where theres a utg raise to 4bb, reraise to 20bb and i push with aces. i know its obvious, but know the foe wont fold his kings.
my hand holds up thankfully, and i win a couple of hundred bucks this morning.

will play a bit later on, also got two freefolls this evenin. one result will be welcome.

also, i almost forgot how hot kirsten dunst is.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

balls away

and it all goes pair shaped in the space of 30mins.

shoot myself in the foot with monster beaten by slightly better monster. running into even more monsters. people not folding any sort of pair or draw....the best part of $800 bucks is mine no more.

still, tomorrow is another day, Thursday to be precise.

i also need to grow some balls and speak foreign to a foreigner i half know.

off to bed, dont want to play any more (for now.)


in a tournament. and im tired. and i have 32 * the big blind.

patience may lead to falling asleep.


cash bean good this month.

ventured briefly to $2/5 which contained a gigantic retard. took his money left $350 up. in about half hour. won 3 hands. 2 monster pots.

also got rakeback. $300. nice.

very drunk weekend. head still hurts. could also be dentists fault.


flopped top set. someone flops straight. no house. lost half chips. bed calling?

Thursday, March 01, 2007


holee molee.

after being over $2k down on the 20th, after rakeback comes through i will be about $20 down in February.

but then i won $150 today, long may this run continue.
also won my biggest pot for a while...$500 at $1/2. with aces. in the big blind. in a blind on blind battle.
the big blind is unbelievably profitable for me.

this time, he limps, i raise to $6, he reraises to $24, i make it $60. he's playing $250, i have him covered. flop is 853, he checks, i bet $80, he goes all in for another ~$120. so many hands i am beating so i call. he shows 66.
ty and goodnight.
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