Friday, September 07, 2007


not once, but twice for $300 each time, so total deposits are $1500!

ran average this week however, and playing so much better, and account now stands at $1250
last two days have played in the morning on stars, and at 9 o clock bst, it's drunken american time on stars. which is nice. easy game to beat, much easier than my usual time of playing, in fact, it's a bit like the weekends on stars.

my favourite hand of the last couple of days was someone betting every street in position against me and when i check raised river with 2 pair, he called all in with queen high! i don't think you can use pot odds as an excuse for that.

if i get time in the evenings i'm gonna try some of the mtt's for a big score, but atm no time in evenings to play for 5-6 hours.....but for $10-$50 you can get a payout of over $5k with fields of 600. thats not half bad. forgotten i actually enjoy tourney's when in the mindset for it. shame there's no rakeback or the cash games would be appealing.
until you hit supernova status you don't really get anything back. 30,000 points for a digital camera with £150 is hardly appealing. i'd rather have rakeback.
still waiting for a sklansky book i ordered on there 5 and a half weeks ago. not sure why i ordered it. i read it in a library once, and found 2 bits of advice that were useful. it's the tourney for advanced players book. something to read since i've read harringtons and caro's books that i last got.
did play live yesterday and in tourney and cash blew £150 winning a total of about 5 hands in 3 hours. got aces once and that was it. even if i would have played every hand i think i would have managed to split one pot, and lose all the rest. don't quite yet understand how i can keep losing live yet find it relatively easy online. i think there is a lot more fold equity online even at low stakes!

gonna start trying to get very fit also. going to do running, cycling and weights regularly, see if i can do a charity bike ride, and become good at tennis.

on a side note, i was stuck on a sudoku recently, and couldn't find a single number that would definitely fit. so i tried a combination and kept going with no inconsistencies. later on, again had to make a choice, and in fact, once more before i finished, i had to 'guess'. by the time the third 'guess' came along i realised there was more than one solution for the puzzle. I never realised that would be acceptable and always assumed there would be a unique solution per puzzle. not sure why i presumed that would be the case, but i do think it devalues it somehow if there is more than one unique solution per puzzle.

anyways, thats enough nonsense for one day.

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