Friday, June 30, 2006

15 minutes of fun

could only play 15mins before going out and had good day, winning back losses.

caught a guy twice for all his chips. i had position on him, and he was rubbish.

i have A4 and raise in the CO, he rerasies to 7*bb, I call.
flop 432. He checks, I bet, he raises, I go all in he calls. With KJ. no help for him and ive taken most his chips. few hands later, I have A3s and limp. sb min raises (never understood that bet from the small blind). 3 players, flop is 323. sb betes 1bb, madman calls, I call. turn is a K, bringing 2 diamonds. sb bets 1bb, madman raises to 4, i reraise to 7, sb folds, madman rrr to 20 I push he calls with K7, 2 diamonds. not rivered and thats all his chips.

been playing a lot more patient of late, not trying to win all my losses back in one go and it's slowly paying off. long may this state
of mind continue............

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

not rivered

only played for an hour.

one hand of note, i'd been playing nice and tight agg (40% flops seen and that felt tight!)

reraises were being respected. i was in sb, utg min raises, folded round to me with 1010. i figure call and see a flop, bb folds...

flop 862 rainbow. i check, he bets $5.04 into a $5 pot so i take him for nothing and reraise to $13.

He thinks, or more likely pauses before reraising all in for another $40. I think and figure im far enough ahead. Turn jack, river 7 and the money flies to me. I check to see he had KQo. monsta

Monday, June 26, 2006

outplaying loose aggresive mormons

Seat 2: let_be_rock ( $59.20 )
Seat 3: joshua__7 ( $143.80 ) loose aggressive annoying dude
Seat 4: shifty608 ( $72.20 )
Seat 6: jaheim17 ( $76.30 )
Seat 5: me ( $103.15 )
Seat 1: cop112 ( $99.90 )
me posts small blind [$0.50].
jaheim17 posts big blind [$1].
** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to me [ 9s Jh ]
cop112 folds.
let_be_rock folds.
joshua__7 raises [$3].
shifty608 folds.
me calls [$2.50].
jaheim17 folds.

** Dealing Flop ** [ 4s, 2s, 4d ]
me checks.
joshua__7 bets [$6].
me calls [$6]. raise looks too obvious i felt

** Dealing Turn ** [ Kd ]
me checks.
joshua__7 bets [$9].
me raises [$23].

joshua__7: eat sht fish
joshua__7: you have A,4 im sure of it
shifty608: fold
joshua__7: im gonna lay my QQ
joshua__7 folds.

i dont for a second believe he had QQ but that annoyed him a lot.
unfortunately the world cup kicked off and i had to watch holland lose, but the referree gave a show and a half.

this followed an earlier hand that i spent ages thinking about on the river.....

Seat 1: me ( $107.09 )
Seat 6: dirigo111 ( $98.50 )
Seat 3: Captain54173 ( $99.05 )
Seat 4: ANDREWBEL ( $27.93 )
Seat 5: Great__Ape ( $134.85 )
Seat 2: fruktmusli ( $100 )
dirigo111 posts small blind [$0.50].
me posts big blind [$1].
** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to me [ 9c 7c ]
Great__Ape folds.
dirigo111 calls [$0.50].
me checks.
blind on blind. my favourite
** Dealing Flop ** [ Th, 4d, 8c ]
dirigo111 checks.
me bets [$1].
dirigo111 calls [$1]. - check call, doesnt have much. maybe a pair

** Dealing Turn ** [ 9d ]
dirigo111 checks.
me bets [$2].
dirigo111 raises [$4].
me calls [$2]. now he raises?? straight draw...9? i had been playing loose agg and at the time I put him on a pair of 8s or 4s thinking he had the best hand

** Dealing River ** [ Qh ] - that surely didnt help him
dirigo111 bets [$6]. - bets half the pot....doesnt tell me much, but i didnt think he had a ten

me calls [$6].
dirigo111 shows [ Ad, 8h] a pair of eights.
me shows [ 9c, 7c ] a pair of nines.

small pot but i liked me thinking. been playin better last few days, more position, aggression and patience.....just gotta keep it going. hit by two three outers today but didnt tilt and won it all back and just to keep it going. might even play live rebuy tomorrow.

Sunday, June 25, 2006


2 and a half hours of play and nothing of interest occured.

Won $70 which was nice.

Played a mtt satellite to the $1,000,000 party tourney which happens tonite. Might try one of these a week. 60 players, top 2 get a seat.

Managedto get to final table. Decent start nicking a few pots, was above average then became completely card dead with no oppurtunities for nothing. Stole a pot then some blinds as they increased. Got to final table.

Finally got a hand, JJ in pos. Guy about 3rd in chips (24000) limps for 800, im playing about 4500.
round to me. i push, small blind playing 8000 calls (!), as does 1st villian.

flop 10910. sb thinks and pushes his remaining 4K, limper folds.

guess the hand he called half his stack pre and pushed post flop?

turn 2 river 8....if you havent guessed by now i pity you.

and im out in 10th

(he had QJo. monsta!)

poor standard, reckon i can win one, then just need to beat 5000 odd (as in wierd) players for a nice payday. Maybe ill try to get some sponsorship so i can enter the tourney a couple of times. see how i do.....

Thursday, June 22, 2006

losing = no fun

deposited a few times a lost a few times.
playing bad and getting outdrawn. 4 5 and 6 outers all together and im trying to win all my losses back in one night.

had a few days off, played for half our today and up $150. and lost one big pot after guy called me on the river with his pocket pair of fives. after he called on every street. weirdo.

aim is not to tilt EVER again which will lead to me being level for this month.

so the theory goes.

not that anyone reads but ill post after each session, and will start including interesting hands.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

playing sheet

$100 t0 $1100 by the end of the month is the new plan.

position and patience.

$0.5/$1 limit. nothing more, nothing less.

Saturday, June 10, 2006


Thats all im currently missing. Well, im actually missing lots of things but patience is my number one target for this month.
Having considered giving this up (poker, not my blog) (my blog is indestructable) i may become reinvigorated.

I may have to buy poker tracker to analyse my data properly. I did the old free 1000 hand import a while ago and its quite handy. KQ is pants, KQs in position is a monster. In fact, anything in position is a monster.

I may play live again, head screwed on. £10 rebuy on Mondays with people so bad it makes me want to play every hand. Whereas I should wait and only play AA. They wouldn't even notice and pay me off each and every time. Except when I play i keep getting screwed.

When i try patience i drown in rivers, when I try to build a stack I get caught by someone with third pair.
Maybe my first buy in ill play like a loony, all in on every flop when i have the lead. Then uber tight.

Hm, we'll see.

Also may return to craptologic for now improved 30% rakeback. Doesn't help when you lose all the money in your account bluffing.

Must have bluffed off about 2K in the past month. It still pains me to think about it. Thats a nice holiday. Maybe i'll just find some nice beach photos and phtoshop myself in.

hasta leugo cabrons

Monday, June 05, 2006



when will i learn,
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