Monday, August 17, 2015

love your body, my girlfriend says to me, entirely innocently. I already do, way too often.
she's not the one for me so i need to break up with her but i'm not good at doing that.

i think i've explained the escalator game on here before. you know, going up an escalator, you 'choose' a lady (or man) based solely on looks to be your other half. then you wait to see if you made the best choice, or if someone better comes along. What happens if you've picked no one by the top? Some say you get thrust upon the final person, others say you die alone.

This is a metaphor for choosing someone in real life. This is difficult to play in such a manner, because you should really assume you've never seen another person when you start playing the game, so there is no frame of reference.
The maths solved this conundrum by telling you how to play. Of the first third, you pick the best, then choose the next person to appear better than that.
What makes this good to compare to real life is you don't really know where the third lies, due to arrival rates.

Anyway, I digress. Though I have forgotten what any of my points were.

In other news, I'm going to quit my job. Tomorrow, I will try to get the program I have written to replace me working. I think it requires some IT guys to open up connections to SQL server, and then I can happily leave. Spending 12 hours a day working so you can take 20 days holiday a year is not the life for me.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

i cant believe it's been so long

i can.

anyway, i started cycling last year. england is not good for cycling. mental drivers, no hills, terrible weather. The problem is that it can be quite expensive.
however, i have decided that i will be going to europe next year and cycling the alps. all of them. well, not all of them, but i will do as many as possible.
i will begin creating a list, and also i should start working. i can work till about june next year, and then go to the alps for a month or so. this sounds like the best plan i have ever had. I should spend a week or two working in a bike shop for free to learn how to fix all the things i need to, and then i'll be set to go.
i don't know much about cycling famous roads, but the list will include the stelvio, in east italy, perhpas cervinhio in central italy, verbier and some surroundings in swissland, sestriere in west italy, montervnier, alp d'huez, mont ventoux and col d'eze in france. i think i will start in east italy, near venice, and finish in monaco. possibly in the order listed above. this is a good motivation to work!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Estate Agents

Estate Agents are like a good pair of sunglasses. When you find one, hold on to it and never let it go. I had one and let them go. (They're still there, I just have the misfortune of not using them at the moment.)

Of course, sunglasses have a higher IQ than most estate agents, so the metaphor ends almost as soon as it has begun. I spent quite a while trying to fix my flat after some people smashed my front door in (not a euphemism), the latest in my series of bewildering agency calls went something like this:

The door fixing company came to survey the damage and make a quote. They spent a week making a quote. A WEEK! I chased them a few times, and each time I did they said they would mark it as urgent. I don't think they know what it means to mark something, or what urgent means. I imagine their online record of my case just has the word urgent written by lots of different people in many places, sometimes repeatedly in the same place, and no one really knows what that means. Or they all know that it means nothing. Like adding the sticker 'fragile' to luggage.
Finally, after more than a week, they were ready! Well, inasmuch as they then had to await authorisation to do the work. That comes from either the landlord or the building management people.
I called the estate agency asking them to get the authorisation from whoever it needs to come from, to the door fixing people, straight away so that it can get done.
A day later I called the estate agent to see what was happening, as a door that works would be nice.
She said, she's been chasing people. I asked who, she said the door fixing company! I said, I was calling them last week (when she was on holiday), and their part is done and they need authorisation to continue. She told me she had received an email this very morning from them saying they have submitted a quote and are awaiting authorisation. I didn't say anything as sometimes there are no words. She continued by saying she will chase up people to get authorisation. I asked who she would be chasing, she said the door fixing company! I got confused so stopped talking.

The next day I received a call saying she now knows that she needs to call the management agency who run the flats and will call them.

As for what happened after the 'fixed' the door, i shall leave my story of crime to another day...

Friday, May 29, 2015


one of my favourite things about poker is how it shows most people have no empathy whatsoever. I say favourite, but it's really quite a sad realisation.

case in point:
someone posted something about religion on facebook. cue, many posts, and there always seems to be one person saying something like, "religion teaches people what to think, not how to think"
My favourite comment was "religion deals in absolutes", i'm trying to not reply, "unlike people who talk negatively about religion".
and then there's atheists who think that by proclaiming they're atheists makes their arguments more logical. like football fans who support awful teams, believing that this makes their opinions about football more important than fans who support premier league sides.

How self centred do you have to be to believe you know about all religions, and more importantly, what people take from them? and then to generalise about all of them, complaining about how they are the ones dealing in absolutes?

Poker players, especially when they start playing, always think about what they would do in their opponents shoes instead of what their opponent would do in their opponent's shoes. Even as you improve, you assume other people know some of the new things that you've just learnt! It sadly seems like human nature is to assume that everyone else does or should think like you.
i don't know how most people think this way, how they can be so sure about what they 'know'.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Not making terrible decisions, but an actual rash.

yesterday after returning home from a chum's house, the knuckles on my left hand were rather dry. so i washed them and put some vaseline on the skin. Not long later I noticed that the knuckles were going really red. And then the thumb knuckle (is it still a knuckle? it seems different to the others) also started to turn red.
I thought i'd check the symptoms on the interent, and that was no help whatsoever.
so once again i ventured onto uk's webMd. as before, when i mention the word rash, EVERY SINGLE QUESTION for about 40 minutes is another question asking about a symptom of meningitis. and after answering no to all of them, the recommendation is go get help. as it was past midnight, i thought i'd call 111, the non emergency version of 999.
i spoke to a guy who asked me all sorts of inappropriate questions like have you ever had AIDS.
eventually he told me he was going, and someone else would call me.
as it was now past 1am, my phone went in to do not disturb mode so while watching 30 rock to stay awake, i missed a couple of calls. 3rd time lucky and i answered to a women who was a trained medic (nurse) who then asked me a similar set of questions. after this she said bye, and a doctor will call me back.
i managed to answer the first time to someone who really didn't sound like a doctor. at this point, i was so tired and unimpressed by my knuckles that i figured just going to bed was the best option and if i died then at least i wouldn't have to deal with anything in the morning. the redness had gone down a bit, so i told the lady on the phone that and she just let me go.

i woke up as usual today before my alarm at about 730, in a state of unbearable tiredness so i just stayed in bed for about 2 hours. after lunch i had a siesta, and then early evening i had another. i have been tired today. went out to do some exercise tonight, and then have to be awake tomorrow for a day full of actual work and leaving the house.

Friday, April 17, 2015

being open!

this has not gone well. I realised that i don't like being open with people i don't like. Perhaps I need to change this and just be open with everyone including those i dislike....

Monday, April 13, 2015

more things i've learned while cycling

Gastroenteritis is very painful.
I've had hangovers where i whispered into the phone that "i just want to die" to make it end.
High interval training is probably worse. Just 4 minutes is excruciating - 20 second cycling super fast, 10 seconds slow, repeat and repeat and ..... After 2 minutes of that everything in my body is already telling me to stop, and when 4 minutes is up I collapse onto the floor where i lie in the foetal position for about 15 minutes to recover. This may not be so painful however, it is definitely mentally very tough to keep going when you could so easily stop.
And yet all of those pale into insignificance compared to the heartache (and perhaps depression?) of the past few months. The easy way to keep cycling is to remind myself that the pain of the intervals is so short and weak compared to the torture that my brain has put me through recently. (Although maybe it's the torture that i've been putting my brain through?)

And then the training doesn't seem so bad after all.

In other news, I have discovered that LinkedIn can be better for tracking people down (read: stalking) than Facebook. Of course, you have to be careful not to be signed in, otherwise they see you watching them and then you might end up talking to them, and i've just had an idea.
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