Monday, December 08, 2014

scary movie

My lack of writing continues unabated. It would be impressive if it wasn't so depressing. Last night i decided to just chill and watch the american football instead of doing even a wee bit of writing.

This was after watching a scary movie. I have decided that I do not like scary movies and am not afraid to admit so. Luckily, I find that the tension remains high and the movie remains scary right up until the point that they visually introduce the scary monster. At that point it becomes laughably bad. I refer to all horror movies that involve monsters.
Yesterday's offering of "The babadook" was no exception. The tension was mounting, scariness levels were approaching 'I may have difficulty in getting to sleep tonight', and then they show the monster and instantly my entire body relaxes.
I think the real scary movies which can lead to nightmares are based on true stories, like The Dallas Buyers Club.

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

l a z y

every day for the past few months has been a struggle to get up in the morning. i have, what i would call, a heavy heart. it weighs me down, and i imagine it appears from the outside to be laziness.
This has not helped me with doing things during the day or the evening. Last week I think I bummed around for about 36 hours on Thursday. Couldn't even be bothered to head down to the vic to play some pokers. Tuesdays is seemingly a better tournament with more people for about the same price. Of course, the standard is the same because the people are the same. And I'm pretty sure a chimp from the zoo randomly hitting fold/call/raise would have a better roi than most of them. which makes it embarrassing that in 3 trips there i haven't cashed once.

in the meantime, I have spent two weeks thinking about my story, and needing to write better. I have a few more plans (e.g. better character falws, and decisions that they need to make with the consequences) and a few more chapters mapped out and so now I have started writing again. I will try to write 1.5k words a day, 5 days a week for a couple of weeks and then take stock again. This will include editing the first part, which will comprise about 70-80% of the book. No idea yet how the story will end, but i'll see what part I is like before I worry about that...

That is the plan, anyway. the new plan. The deadline of the old plan has been sent on a one way mission to investigate the surface of the sun. Part 1 was very much not finished in November. New plan is more realistic with a mid decemeber end for part I and 35k words.

current word total: 21.7k

Thursday, November 27, 2014


less words this week, mostly due to an existential crisis. I think i burned myself out writing about 20,000 words. I have a decent plan to finish. Part I to be finished in November. About 30k words. Part II to be finished 10 days into December. 10k words.

Existential Crisis

I forgot to mention that this week's focus is humility. This is looking for the good in others as this will help remind me that everyone is better than me at some things. I thought I was good at this. I started thinking that this trait should lead to an appreciation of other people. Of course, I am well aware of how much I dislike most other people on this planet. I then realised that the two thoughts are mutually exclusive.

Apparently, these inconsistencies iron themselves out by the time you reach 50 something...

total word count: 20.6k

Monday, November 24, 2014

it's only words

and i have only managed 1000 words today. very slack of me recently. at least today i was actually working (after getting up at noon). I don't think i'll be done in November at this rate. I'm hoping one day this week I just bash out 5000 top top quality words. Don't hold your breath though.

total count: 19.9k
current status: it's 3:24am. I am tired.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

post office

i constantly miss letters that the post office deliver. It's like they wait for me to be out and then send the post man/woman/child round to deliver. and they don't seem to like trying to leave the packages with the neighbours. This means that i have to go to the post office depot to pick up my packages.
i did however notice an oddity when I tried to present my ID.
If you show your passport, which contains your name, picture, and no address, that is ok (this is you. address unknown)
If you show a utility bill, which shows your name, no picture and address, that is also ok (correct address, human unknown)
If you show a driving licence, with the wrong address because you didn't change it since you just moved, this has the correct name and picture, but wrong address. This is unacceptable to the post office. They say that it is not me, and I cannot pick up the package.

I would however argue that the drivers licence is more stringent as a test for who you are then the utility bill. It is on the same level as a passport. In fact, you need a passport to make your drivers licence. It has your name and recent picture on it. Like a passport.

These days, I do all my bills online. I have a 2 month old council tax bill from when I first moved in - payments for this are also all now done online. I will not receive any more bills by post for as long as i live here, and as utility bills have to be recent i will only be able to use my passport to pick up future letters. This seems like overkill. If I'm in Europe, I don't even need a passport to go across borders, but the post office need me to show it to get a letter.

word count: 19k
plan: almost completed. been through all i have written. last few pieces of plot to be put together tomorrow.
then 1 day off.
from sunday: 2k per day for last 8 days of month for 35k total words.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

this week's focus

this is quite a self explanatory one. i don't think there's nothing wrong with dressing down. looking casual is fine. obviously if you have an example to set, such as the US president, you probably should wear shirts for interviews rather than polo neck t shirts, but maybe that's just my thinking.

being clean, on the other hand, is not something up for debate. this includes clothes as well as at home. hopefully, i do not have much of a problem with this. I think i am a bit lazy with cleaning some things like my fridge, so it's a good excuse to do something small each day this week.

word count: 18.9k
after about 1 hour of work I ended up cutting more than i added. I've noticed it's tougher to have a time goal than a word count goal. Happily, I have but one more day of time goal and editing before I get back to writing.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

kindness is magic

i think the saddest thing about society is that people constantly judge others. they seek to put down other people for anything and everything that they do differently. i guess most of it comes back to making themselves feel better. it is a shame they use other people for their yardsticks, rather than concentrating on doing the best that they can do. if others aren't hurting you (or anyone else), then there is no reason to even be concerned with what other people are doing. just be happy for them. there is an infinite amount of happiness to go around. and life is too short to be wasted on hating other people.

word count: 19k
on target to go through everything i have done so far, and reorganise it to make it easier for me to write, and complete a sensible plan. This semi break is totally not in the spirit of writing a book in november, but i have to do it this way to make sure i can complete it, and not have a complete piece of shit. just a semi piece. who knows, if all goes well this week, then i might be able to do 2k words a day next week and get close to 40k words. if i work a bit hard the next couple of days i could even start writing again properly from friday!
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