Wednesday, April 11, 2007


winning a little every day since the 2nd, and tonight decided to buy in for £100 at £2/5 and see how high i could get (a la bluescouse!)

third hand, tp into aces, and cleaned out.
rebought another hundred, up and down a little till i pick up aces, and raise to 4*bb. K103 flop and i'm checked raised all in by the sb with KJ. aces hold and im back to level.

next big pot, one limper, i'm on bb with K7s and check.

flop is A97 two of my suit. sb min bets, i rasie limper folds sb calls. (i have him covered ha!)
turn is an 8. he checks, i bet half his stack, he all in's, i call. he has 98. loose flop call by him imo, river makes me a flush. nice.

few hands later i button raise (again) to 3*bb, bb reraises to 13.5 bb, i move all in, he folds.
up to £400 now.

don't play a hand for a while, then get K3s in bb. raised to 4*bb i call. they are sooted.
flop is KQx to spades. i check call a 3/4pot bet.
turn is Aspades. ultimate scare card. check check.
river is a small non spade. check check.
he had 99. tyvm

decide to leave when the bb mes to me, uncheck the autopost button, and disastrously pick up KK utg+1.
raise to 4*bb, sb calls.
flop is 10c4d3d
he cheks, i bet half pot he raises, i push. he has Jd10d for tp and flush draw.
me kings hold up and i'm up to £900.
was gonna take £300 to £5/10 when i got to £400 but banked my profit and went to watch some telly.

was playing some £1/2 at the same time and finished £10 up.

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