Monday, April 02, 2007

romario. comedy genius

been a while since i last posted.

deposited £200 twice in one evening into uk betting, and went from £430 to £1430 before losing a few hundred in the last couple of evenings. some two outers, and some bad play, but i have over £1100 in there, and some rakeback to come.
mostly courtesy of a £1.5kgtd tourney win (£20 fee).
also gonna withdraw most of my interpoker account, and leave about $1k in there just to play enough hands for a $100 bonus, and entry into a $10k monthly free roll.

so money now coming out after depositing some, back to winning ways, except for the last couple of days.

the one thing i notice is when i am less angry, less hate filled for my opponents i play better. i often used to hate everyone else at the table. now i try not to care about them, and it seems to be working better.

i also played live a couple of times at my local donkfest. i think there is one other good player out of about 30, though he is easier to trap than a one legged rabbit. 2nd place after only once being all in (and called) for all my chips and that was heads up A2 vs 102. win that and i would have a 110k to 20k lead. though i did start heads up with about a 70k to 50k lead, and lost K5 to A4. flopped a nut flush draw, and gutshot straight. he had 2 pair. not unhappy with 2nd. also came 7th the week before when i got £20 back having paid £60 to start. never understood those deals, but it worked ok for me in the end.

as for the title of the post, i have realised, if i count all junior games, friendlies, competitive matches, school games, computer games (PC, PS1 and 2) and dreams, I have scored 25,382goals.
so eat that Romario.
and yeah,
i counted it myself too.

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