Sunday, September 30, 2007


realised how badly i was playing. was down to $250, from $1700, and now back up to $850.
bad month overall. did at least $150 playing tournies. can't cash in any atm.

on to more fun things. like fergie at man u objecting to grant because he doesn't have the qualifications. coming from fergie who doesn't have them. did the same to southgate too. what a tard.

and i'm gonna get a 160gb iPod from pokerstars when i hit 27000 points which should be sometime this month. don't think it's worth playing there without rakeback. might have to switch to crypto again. i do hate them there, but will probably go with william hill since i'm never playing on interpoker again. unless it's a decent freeroll. currently on 23,800 points. made about 6-7000 this month so hopefully get it ordered in a couple of weeks. helps me playing patient sometimes when im playing for points. let's hope it works and i can build my account to $3k this month. that's the tartget but i'd settle for $2k and little to no tilting.

there were some other funny things but i forgot them. gonna start writing them down when they happen so i stop forgetting the comedy gold that escapes my mind.

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