Wednesday, October 17, 2007


lots of them around.
i won $100 earlier in the day to take me to $1550

then played later in the day and started up a little, but lost my concentration, surfing internet, playing like a tool, and found myself $250 down in the session

hit a few hands that got paid off, and flopped one nut flush against a very aggro sb/button player, yet this time he doesn't put another penny in the pot!?

some people were calling me with king high! it's happened quite a lot recently. a few days ago i raised the river with 3rd pair on an AJ742 rainbow board and got called all in by K10! my image must be truly awful. i can't complain though.

ended up about $100 so roll is at $1600 which is a slow and steady climb for a few weeks.
points are now at 30k. so 4k more till i can get an iPod touch (and what a touch!)
and going to try to make 500 points per day so i can order it by the month's end.

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