Monday, January 08, 2007

throwing money away

with average hands must stop
post flop play must improve
period, as the amrikans would say.

Thursday, January 04, 2007


play more when winning, play less when losing

no more targets

down £125, so stopped.

went out, came on later, two $1/2 table.
about level on one, after many ups and downs,

then get 33 in late pos, bb raises to $12, one ep limp/caller, so i call for value.

flop is 532, two clubs. nice i think. ep bets pot, gets called, so i raise it to 3* his bet, he moves in (AA/KK/QQ obviously) then the other guy calls. He was a bit of a nutter, made bad calls but not a bad player. still, i can't fold, first guy shows KK, next shows 22 and it's set over set for me(!) and no K or 2 and i win a $600 pot. nice

made some bad calls, earlier and later so left a little to late dropping about £50 in bad calls.

end up in profit for the day which was ok. bank up to about £530. looking to get over £1k by end of next week.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007


played ok most days last year except saturday.

wasn't feelin in the mood and had three freerolls inc the $100kmpp on crypto. played the two cheaper ones and did rubbish. decided to concentrate for the big one, down from 1400 to about 300 when my aces get done. all in on flop against top pair who outdraws me. ah well. more serious was cash. played badly, as well as the odd outdraw and dropped loads. lost a $400 getting runner runner flushed but should have played it stronger. was down almost $1k, but got back to about $530 down which was ok really. month ends and think im gonna withdraw everything out of inter and move to a uk account where i can withdraw to debit card.
the small difference from reloads and rake % isn't really worth my while waiting for them to send me cheques at an ABYSMAL exchange rate.
no more dollar accounts for me.

started my uk betting account. gonna avoid targets.....leads to chasing, and stopping whilst playing my best. Am gonna keep good records, and attempt to average over £100 per day 6 days a week...

have done ok out my inter account, about £6k in 3 months which is great, thanks especailly to two multi wins that totalled about £2.5. so only £1k per month from cash, which is ok part time. £12k per year tax free from a hobby is nothing to sniff at.

building my roll at uk now from £200 up to £450 in a couple of days....

HNY all.....will continue with updates...might put in some hands in future, and funny things that have nothing to do with poker.
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