Tuesday, May 22, 2007

no new plan

the money that i lost. the many thousands. only money anyway isn't it?

still got $80 in party, $100 in mansion, $300ish in stars and $150 in betfair.

gonna play stt's to rebuild....can't be bothered right now tho to be honest.

gonna play live once or twice a week when i can be bothered. played live on sunday in a fo.

lost a few chips early, then played perfect poker. till i messed up. 4 limpers inc small blind on a 6handed table and i have KQ in bb. raise to 1000 (100/200 at the time). 1 caller. got 1450 left behind. king high flop and i check because he had bet every time it was checked round to him the entire night (MASSIVE MISTAKE). he checks.
turn ACE. the one card i dont want to see. so i check. oh no, i bet 1k. (YOU MORON) he pushes i call, he has Ace rag. ty, and gn.

played cash 5/6 handed and didnt get one hand and spunked my money. waste of time.

no urge to play atm. gona get aroun £150 rb this month into uk betting account. will rebuild from that. hopefully will want to play by june.


Tuesday, May 15, 2007


everything was perfic till the 4th of may. or thereabouts.

since then, lost about £3k. stopping for now.

playing any old game between $1/2 to $5/10. can't hit a thing, can't win a race, can't avoid being runner runnered let alone 2/3/4/5/6 outers.

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