Friday, September 28, 2012

friday round up including cool science

todays friday round up is a role reversal where you tell me a blog that is a) regularly updated and b) good to read.

in other news, some cool science facts:

1) everyone sees their own rainbows.
the angle that the light makes through the rain drops to your eyes is unique for each person. the only time you'll share a rainbow is when seeing a picture.

2) coastlines
coastlines are of indeterminate length. well, you can determine them, but the length depends on the tool used to measure them. the bigger the 'ruler' the shorter the coastline.
eg imagine using a one kilometre ruler. you wouldn't be able to get into many ins and outs.
now using a one metre ruler there's loads more ins and outs you can use.
and so on.
coastlines can be compared if you use the same ruler size for different countries although that won't be a perfect comparison as each coastline will have different amounts of ins and outs (that's definitely the technical term, yeah).

and with those two thoughts, i run off into the sunset to find a new job now that my boss has quit. and isn't the perfect human being i thought he was. until we meet again.

Monday, September 24, 2012

are you mugging me off?

as per usual, on my way home after a drunken night out i fell asleep on the nightbus. well, only a little bit and i did well enough to be awake at my stop.
i live a ten minute walk from the bus stop.
i had one ear phone in as i like music. i was walking home in what i can only describe as a happy style. at one point i did a full circle and noticed two people in the distance.
about 15 seconds later i heard footsteps and one guy appeared on my right, saying
"mate, have you got the time?"
(translation for non londoners: "mate, i'm about to mug you")

this has happened since school, i thought.
"no", i replied.
well, i didn't. and even i if did, i have no time for people like him.

no sooner had i responded when his mate grabbed me from behind and appeared to be trying to take my jacket off by lifting it over my head. a strange attack.

i wasn't really sure what to do. part of me (the drunken part) didn't want to kick him in the nuts in case i antagonised them, as they weren't doing a great job so far.
another part of me (also a drunken part) wanted to hit him as hard as i could.

i shouted help a few times to see if that would scare them into quitting but it didn't. then his mate decided to join in and kicked me in the arse. that was much more confusing than it was painful.

i decided to just start shoving this guy attacking me from behind. i also decided to shout "fuck off, i haven't got anything on me"
this combination of actions seemed to do the trick as he let go and quizzically repeated "you haven't got anything on you?"

i took this opportunity to run away.

(in hindsight, it happily appears i was attacked by the worst muggers ever.)

a few minutes later i was home, drunk on alcohol and high on adrenalin.

the worst part is that i woke up the next morning after less than 5 hours sleep. damn my work afflicted body clock!

Friday, September 21, 2012

i found a new thing that scares me

wall climbing. i think other people call it rock climbing but it's in doors and on a wall. many things scare me about this experience. it's far away. i'm surrounded by people. some of them watch me fail in my attempts to climb walls.

it's a place where the walls aren't high so you don't need ropes. and thus the thing that scares me most is falling off. i imagine falling badly. hitting the wall many times on my way down and landing on my face. it hasn't happened yet, but there's always a point near the top of the wall where i know i wouldn't land safely if i fell and i have to do a reach of faith for the next little grip for my fingers to hold on to.
my wall balance is also quite poor so i don't have much confidence yet, even though i am yet to fall.

todays friday blog round up will remind you to read my blog. and remind me to write my blog. sometimes i read old stuff i write and i do a laugh. that makes me happy.

i would also like to describe a superpower i have, one which many of the population share. it's the ability to predict rain accurately within the next 5 minutes. i can just feel a drop in pressure. an old colleague had it following an injury (real superhero backstory for him) where the pressure drop lead to pain in his previously injured joints, at which point he knew that meant rain. happily i can do this without the pain.
so just now i brought the washing in as i felt an imminent onset of rain. i am happy to report it's now raining.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

it's getting cold

winter is heading this way. summer was fleeting, and while the sun may be shining, it is deceptive in its projection of the warmth of the outdoors.

While hiding from the outdoors, today, I will attempt to see how many press ups then sit ups then press ups then sit ups (etc) I can do till collapse.

If necessary, I will limit situps to as many as I can do 2 minutes since i think i can do more of them.

Here goes:

Pressups - 17
situps - 50
Pressups - 6
situps - 30
Pressups - 4
situps - 20
Pressups - n/a
situps -

clearly, 2 minutes was optimistic for a limit.

and now, lunchtime. with added creatine.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

friday round up

the more astute of you will have noticed it's not friday. well, fuck you. my blog, my rules.

the past week has seen future queen kate get her tits out in public and complain when someone took a pic. i like that the comparison in fuss kicked up between that incident and the one over harry galvanting around in private completely naked with pics taken - when no one cared in the slightest.

mid september is already upon us and the days are getting shorter and colder. i need to quit my job before winter is in. i don't want to get up and go outside in the very cold. plus it would necessitate buying a suit coat and shopping is one thing i always try to avoid.

that said, i did buy some protein shakes this past week. that and creatine should help me out gain the last 5kg i require to achieve my weight goal. i was then thinking of learning some martial arts. however, it has come to my attention that the person that wins a fight is not the biggest person, the strongest, nor even the best technical fighter. (i'm talking about real fights here, not competition fighting). the winner is the greater nutcase. the person who literally doesn't care what happens to themselves.

this trait is very noticeable with smaller people and i believe gives rise to the well known phenomenon of 'little man syndrome.'

as for a blog round up, well yorksha pudding seems to be blogging a bit more so go check it out. i like the writings. sadly, i don't think i'll ever find anything as good as yakshi and it seems unfair to give him the weekly award every week.

oh, and with curb starting again soon, here's one of my favourite scenes from it

Thursday, September 13, 2012

act now darling, urges osborne

a misplaced comma and that would have been the headline.

i imagine that this would have been the reply:
"that was an unhelpful intervention, osborne. and don't call me darling."

Friday, September 07, 2012

i can't believe it's been a week since i posted.

on occasional Fridays over the past few weeks i've been telling long forgotten bloggers to pull their fingers out. firstly, rubbish has started posting again. rubbish by name, not rubbish by postings.

amazingly, the austrian vunderkid jethro also did a posting!

and finally just this week alex (that hot swiss one) decided to do some posting again.

while i may have been slow to get them posting, and perhaps i can't take all teh credit for it, i seem to have done quite well.

i have lots of draft posts that i haven't got round to posting. i really should start doing that more regularly.

today i found out one of my coworkers is on 3* the salary of me! i think 2 of me could do what he does. especially if one of me was highly motivated. maybe i should ask for a pay rise.
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