Wednesday, August 22, 2007


looks like might have to deposit again.

unreal hands today. down a little, up a little, then get outdrawn and coolered for pots totalling about $800. AT $0.5/$1!!! HOW CAN I LOSE SO MANY MASSIVE POTS AT THIS LEVEL.

KK vs QQ and 88. obviously 88 wins
222 vs 555 to the same guy. that was over $300

just now 666, my only other set for two days and i get turned by a straight draw. $250

the rest are all just standard 2 nuts into the nuts.

tilted off a little at the end so decided to stop. $240 --> $60

mights deposit another $100 to bring total deposits to $1k.

may have to open a littlewoods account to get rakeback for all this is not currently worth it without rakeback. i must have raked close to $2k the last 2 months on stars and that would be worth $600 on any other network.

Monday, August 20, 2007

repeat to fade

play poor

play poor

play poor

play poor

repeat to fade.

that was going to be my last post as i couldn't break the cycle.
today i broke it. stick it in with the worst of it. i still got done by 4 outers too often, but hit to massive 2 outers in the biggest pots i played, and ended up for the day. wooo

running total = -$500
if i got rakeback from stars, this months would be approx £500. hmmm, time to find a new site perhaps?
i may get gold star status at the end of the month, but it's only when you reach supernova rather than platinum status that you get any cashback. and its not quite comparable to rakeback imo.
full tilt is only 27% but that's better than 0%

first things first, see if i can get level by the end of the month

(my have to play some mtts if i can get the time)

Sunday, August 12, 2007

bad to badder

come back after a week off

first day win $80
last night and this morning every bad beat under the sun is reserved for the big pots.
i only win one, and that's when i put the chips in behind.
runner runner flushes, gutshots. all my sets get beaten, my aces get beaten, all AFTER the money goes in. three pots over $200 and the same <5% story.

only just started to tilt so quit playing for a bit.

went down to $0.25/$0.5, first hand hit quads. thanks dealer for taking the piss.

account now on $300. dunno what level to come back at.

at least there's football on the telly now to distract me for 6 hours.

Friday, August 03, 2007

on the up

played a few days in a row and hit the dizzy heights of $580 before dropping down to $430.

played for 3 hours yesterday and only broke even. made a few fpps.

played today for an hour and hit some monsters to leave my account on $1003.

gonna keep grinding away 3 tables at a time, and hope to hit $2k by the end of the month. (away for one week this month)

hopefully in 2 months will hit the $6k and start playing $1/2.

discipline is the main aim here. is quite bad to have no rakeback. 100k points is a plasma tv, but i think rakeback is worth more than that.

standard is quite poor, even some of the regulars i've begun to notice aren't much good at this level (what do i expect!), though can't find anywhere else to play at the moment.

don't like crypto anymore (would have to open a new account, prob with littlewoods, if i'm going to play there), mansion only has 10 seaters and i definitely don't have the patience for them.
betfair rinses my cpu (95% usage!).
party also has no rakeback, but with the added handicap of no amrikans.

so if i want rakeback and americans it looks like it will have to be 27% at full tilt....
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