Tuesday, April 19, 2016

warming up cold callers

i received a call t'other day from one of those numbers which looked like it might not be real. As i was just chilling at home I thought I would answer it.
as usual, i didn't say anything, but waited to see if a robot started talking. (I'm sure i've posted about the robots winning before but cannot find said post). a man then started talking, very unsure of himself due to my silence. 1-0 to me.
It was clearly a cold call. i then remembered the wise words of my friend who had one of these 'people' calling him where he just started asking them as many questions as possible about their life trying to get them to quit their job and doing something useful with their lives. That's a bit morbid for me so i decided to see if i could get the guy to hang up on me.
i just ignored everything he asked and started asking him questions. where did they get my number, what company gave it to them, do they have any other info other than a phone number, why won't he answer my questions, where is he based, why does he keep asking questions before i'm finished asking my questions, what's his name, how long has he been at work today, do any conversations last this long etc
after about 9 minutes i got so bored i asked him "i'm really bored now, aren't you?" to which he laughed out loud. happy with my days work, i said "so you're a human after all, capable of emotion. I don't really care what you have to say any more, and i'm sure vice versa is true, so we shall go our separate ways and i hope to never speak to you again".

i hung up. 1-1

Saturday, April 16, 2016


lots of people describe introversion in different ways. a common one is 'giving energy to others' while being an extrovert is 'taking energy from others'. That description never made sense to me. what is this 'energy'??

A couple of weeks ago I read Quiet by Susan Cain and she defined it in a way i had never before heard. When you're sensitive/reactive to your environment, you notice more and have to process a lot more information. This is what introverts brains do. This finally makes sense to me.
This is why it's so tiring to be surrounded by other people. After reading this, I notice how much I notice. In a club, or at work, the constant noise from many sources, the many visual distractions, all add up and are tiring to deal with. As are new scenarios where my brain has to process loads of new information.

This is neither good nor bad. It is what it is. And what it is, is that I understand how i work, and I can make sure I get the best out of myself. It also makes me realise what I want in a lady. And why for the most part i am attracted to the crazies - in my (very limited) experience, women who are more sensitive to life *tend* to be more spiritual and unscientific. And I like people who are sensitive, kind thoughtful etc. Just not living on another planet thank you please. And I know they exist, I've met a couple of perfect ones. It is just a shame I am so imperfect.

I remember as a kid being constantly told that I was too sensitive. As usual, people confuse sensitivity, kindness, folding etc with weakness. Weakness is to be avoided imo, not the other traits.
While I may be sensitive, i'm not an idiot. Well, I am semi retarded, and a slow thinker, but i try to not be an idiot. And so if I think someone has taken the piss, I'll cut them off without a second thought. I have no time for dickheads and psychos.

Sunday, April 10, 2016


channelling my inner Larry David I seem to have recently become more intimate with toilets. As described in my last post I got a new job. In my previous job, I would cycle to work and change in the disabled toilet as it was the only room large enough to be able to do so.
And how did I obtain a new job? Well, I left work early one day to go to an interview, carrying in my bad a suit. But not early enough to get changed in the spacious disabled toilet, instead running for a train. I got on the train only to find the toilet was bang out of order. There was a second toilet on the train, the size of a toy train, with a broken cupboard exposing the electrics, and urine all over the floor. I even started trying to get changed before giving up to avoid soaking my soaks in someone else's piss.

I arrived at Waterloo station looking for the station toilets. They charge 30p which I would have happily paid if I could be sure there were showers to change in. And if I had any change on my which I don't. They should really accept bank cards and/or oyster.

So I took the tube to my interview, exiting the station with a good 10 minutes to spare. And dressed super unsmartly. I found a local coffee shop and asked if I could use their toilet as i had a job interview. I think the lady took pity on my, even though I didn't really look like a homeless man, and let me use their excellent one room facility. And then I got the job.

I was told it was a one hour interview, which of course lasted two hours, preventing me from having the telephone job interview which I had set up for afterwards. Luckily they cancelled it about 20 minutes before it was due to start and never called back.
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