Monday, February 26, 2007

on the up but still down

last week has been awesome stuff, over $1k with not more than about 1.5 hours played a day.

still down for the month but only about £250 which hopefully i'll make in the next three days, and due about £150 in rakeback probably, so if i make £100 in the next three days i'll be happy.

had 3 outdraws in my favour in the past week. one all in pre, someone called with QQ in a cash game! insane. (i had AQ and won, yeh baby.) the outdraws i win, don't feel as good as the runner runners i suffer, feel bad, if you know what i mean. Does this mean i'm losing out on something somewhere?

anyways, since i have turned chat off, i get a lot less "emotional" about other players, and don't hate them as much and try to kill them all off for being fishy ****s. i guess that's another positive in my play.

as an aside, the killers are awesome. totally. still, they ain't no bouncing souls.

Friday, February 23, 2007

no longer tilting

one month of tilt is finally over and i've won almost $1k in the last 3 days. which is a lot at $1/2.

3 tabling was the best thing i've done for about 2 months, since i concentrate more. only started it to try to get into a promotion where i needed more mpp's on crypto. top 500 get into the next week's mpp thingymjig and they also said 5 wii's were up for grabs. hammered away for 2 days (well, played about 3 hours) and managed to make it into the top 500 by about 1 point.

then i find out it's the top 5 that get the wii's. so i figure if i play 12-14 hours a day for 7 days ill be in the top 5 next week and win some sunglasses. yeh, that's worth it. it would have been nice if they done something like top 3 get prize, and 2 randomly selected from the rest.

the other thing i was thinking about was definition of 'tight'

when i think i'm playing tight, it means folding to raises from later position with almost connectors (like 6-8) and open raising from ep with Kxs. i think others probably think this is loose, but for the last month i've been playing awful and loose, and calling with pretty much anything in any position. a losing strategy for me anyway. 3 tabling just helps me tighten up and i'm reaping the rewards. i did manage to outdraw 3 people wonderfully in the last three days.
once with the chips already in the pot!

so, in conclusion, tight is right.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

tighter than a tree's stump. FACT

yes. i have been playing tighter.

defining 'tight' is somewhat difficult. raising with K3sooted from utg, isn't probably what most people refer to as tight, but it is for me. at least i've stopped playing actual junk hands. also bean folding a lot more. a couple of folds i should have made.
one was against a flopped straight and also the same person who hit runner runner quads against me.
went from $120 to $250 then lost it all in about 10 hands.
was also losing on the other tables, but made a nice profit eventually. many thanks to the person who rererereraised all in with AK at a cash table. lol. i had aces and this time they held up.

one interesting hand i played.

aces on the button, raise to 4*bb. bb calls. (he/she/it is new to the table.)
flop is 865 of diamonds. i have the ace.
bet half pot, he goes all in for another 70bb! the pot is only 16bb.

im thinking perhaps the 7 of diamonds with a pair?
so i call, don't see how i can fold and he has 88 for top set.
11 outs all miss for me and i lose a chunky pot.

so anyway, playing tight leads to boring blogs because i fold when i should, raise when i should, and i only bluffed about thrice on the river in 2 hours playing 3 tables.

decided to up it to three tables, since whilst there is ridiculous overlap, i can play less stupid hands and it seemed to work to day with a nice profit for the first time in 2007.

last three days have been profitable and hopefully i'm playing properly again.
will push on for the rest of the month, get back to cash, see if i can break even at least, and bla bla bla.
harder now as i am out during the days and out a few evenings a week. have to get up early too (about 8 o cock every day!) so no late night fishing either.

maybe i'll have cheese sandwiches for lunch tomorrow. again.

no i have a linker to this blog maybe ill write more often and more interesting things.

like my dentist appointment coming up. oh no, wait i said more interesting.

my meating of tony blair. yeh. he's taller than me. you wouldn't know it from watching the telly. YOU wouldn't know it because you don't know how tall i am. so you're gonna have to trust me. or not. i don't care. i'm going to get a drink now. a pint of ribena methinks.


Tuesday, February 20, 2007

bean a while

lost £500 on new crypto account since January.

lost £750 on old crypto account since January.

mostly cash. switched to STT's and was tearing them up till today. 4 2nd's in a row yesterday then 5 without a cash today. included 4 3rd's and some ridiculous beats.

but it's ok cos i beat off 2 people good in cash. once i turn raise with flush draw and gutshot. he wont fold top pair and pays me off when flush comes. i didnt have too much left behind at that point. maybe 1/4 of the pot.

next, i reraise a joker lag with AJ. cont bet 1/2 pot which is 2/3rds of his stack on a missed flop. he pushes with 44? and i hit a jack on the turn.

made back some stt losses at cash.

is that what they call a roundabout.

im no longer a bum so i wont be able to play everyday. this is good as i should focus when i do play. but not much time for the mtt's.

havent won a nice one this 2007, havent played many. havent come close to be fair. haven't played many.

might go for some bloglinkage in the coming future, because talking to oneself is boring. i already know what i'm gonna say.

might head back to my local (donkey infested - literally. they're just like little ass's) for some live play as my patience may have returned.
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