Monday, October 24, 2011


i appear to be losing at a fantastic rate. i have noticed that i am not making more mistakes, more often. i am either bad or running bad. i try to correct the play bad but i can't seem to fix it.
not wanting to deposit, i think my options remaining are drop down to 100nl for a bit or deposit.
right now my only reason to play is to get supernova to claim the $1500 or $4k bonus. really i want to deposit but seem to have run out of money after withdrawing loads last year. i have literally no idea where it's gone!


in other news, i think everyone should start using the interrobang more often. not only because it makes sense to have a punctuation mark that combines the question mark and exclamation mark (‽ ) but also because its name it awesome. interrobang!

Sunday, October 09, 2011

a new thing i've been working on

i heard that you should never get angry. sometimes you may need to feign anger, but that should only be on the outside. this concept interests me immensely and so i have been trying to not be angry about anything.

being aware of this and trying to catch myself at the onset of the rage building isn't as tough as i imagined. nor is it as tough as preventing the rage from building.
a good marker for me is the effect that other mong drivers have on me. when i don't get angry from middle lane drivers ruining the roads for everyone, i know i'm in a much better mental state. i do wonder if what i'm doing is just bottling it up, or a long term cure...

been trying to play more poker as of this month. so far i've managed about 18 hours and 10k hands which i think is ok. i still want to aim for about 5 hours a day 6 days a week. anyway, als updated the bar on the right hand side, hoping to play better as the month goes on!

Monday, October 03, 2011

current schedule

i'm writing this here more so that i don't forget. every morning i plan to do
30 mins exercise inc all or some of yoga/weights/running
30 mins language study, including this (allegedly) great new program i found called anki
30 mins poker study, hh review and mental game work

once those are complete, i will play 3x 60 min sessions (rising by 10 mins per week to hit 2x90min and 1x60 min sessions), spread during the rest of the day

also need to do other bits and bobs during the day including some other academic learning and pr work etc. i should aim for 60 mins of each of those, in the afternoon.

all that should still give me plenty of free time in evenings and afternoons to watch tv like house and anything else that i find worth watching.

due to the boring nature of this post, in an attempt to spice it up, i will post a picture of glasses which were very cool when i was younger.

Saturday, October 01, 2011

this is it

the time has come. my schedule is comparatively clear and will remain so until the end of the year. i am now committing to giving one last shot to make a boatload of money from the poker. i've always thought that unless i can make 6 figures per year it's probably not worth it.
to give myself the best chance i will be having a decent schedule. this means study of at least 30 mins per day. working out of at least 30 mins per day and playing in a non tired state of mind which will mean mornings, afternoons and evenings. with the americans kicked of the internet, i assume more of the action will be centered around times acceptable to my circadian rhythm.
hopefully you'll start seeing some weekly improvements to the target box on the right hand side of this blog!

finally, i lasted 10 days. i think that's ok. i found that i neither turned super intelligent (george) or super retarded (elaine). maybe everything on tv isn't real....
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