Friday, June 27, 2008

turned the corner

finally stopped being on tilt and last couple of weeks results improved greatly

up $3k this month, and playing 5/6 tables at once doesn't let me play as many hands as previously but i'm playing better postflop and tilting less finally.

many fewer mistakes i see when i review my sessions and thinking properly when i'm at the tables. an almost 2 week break helped with this. interesting to find out that in the remaining 2 weeks of this month i should hit platinum on stars for the month.

have been looking at all the supernova stuff and rake equivalent and i'm pretty sure you need to hit at least 300k vpp for it to be equivalent to 30% rakeback. and i seem to get more vpp than anyone else. o no idea where others are getting the figures from.

100k vpp = 350kfpp when already supernova where each 100fpp can be converted to $1500
so that gives $4500
each 10kvpp is equivalent to about $700 rake back at 30% so 100kvpp is $7000

at 200kvpp you get a bonus of $2k so thats 700kfpp to give $10.5k plus $2k giving total effective rake of $12.5k whereas 30% rake is $14k. though this is slightly better than the 27% you get at full tilt.

though its not like you have points leftover to spend like you would a other places with rakeback.

next year when i am supernova my aim will be 200k vpp which i hope will be possible since i aim to be playing 3/6 and 5/10. though more likely to be 2/4 and 3/6

though if i can play 35-40k hands per month i should hit 200vpp even at 1/2.
problem is i may not have enough time next year. will have to wait and see how things pan out.

anyways, have to mostly spend time concentrating on my game rather than any other nonsense!

Sunday, June 08, 2008


i'm always looking for ways to improve but am a bit stuck.

taken a week off, and will take another soon (both involuntary)

my game has improved upon my return back to when i was half decent.

not sure where to go now other than trying to win consistently for the next 6 weeks.

but when thats done and i move up levels with a modicum of brm, then wat?

awful may, but better than both of the last two years losing around $2k, and my all in ev luck being around -$2k so i played level after rake which is pretty bad imo.

the next 2 months i will be away for another week, after which i aim to have 5 fig roll back on stars, and also going for a littlewoods deal which includes a £100 sign up bonus, and iPod touch along with rakeback all for only 2k mpps which i hope to make in 2-3 weeks. also want to keep up platinum status on stars to hit supernova soonish.

yesterday went up $600 then down $500 then finished level. made 5/6 mistakes which i know about and weren't hugely -ev but -ev imo nonetheless.

been working on cutting them out and improving. also not tilting which has been my biggest downfall last 2 months.
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