Wednesday, October 10, 2007

if only i'd thought of it first

no more mtts or stts for now since i'm losing around $500 over the two.

account was down to $1k up to $1.4k now. some good hands, some bad. flopped 2 flushes and lost both, once to a set, with all money in on turn, river pairs board. 2nd hand to a higher flush (i had 109 with the j out) perhaps i could have folded.

finally got a couple of nice hands for me...99 hitting a set against aces, and my aces beating kings.

played well, then bad, then well again, and hopefully it will be a decent month!

up to 28,000 fpps and gonna try to hit 34000 within 10 days for the iPod touch, which is apparently better than the classic, even though it's only 16Gb compared to 160Gb.

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