Friday, July 27, 2007


two hands before i leave the tables i get 55 on a j53 flop. opponent has jj.
qq on button, only sitting with about 40bb at this point, nice low flop, big blind has aa.

costs me about $150.

account has $230, total deposits has been $480 (+ a $50 bonus i got at some point)

currently down $300

got the 2000fpps though, and a few more will get me silver status. WOWWEE.

still not hating the game as much as earlier.
playing live sometimes helps.

played last night at my local donkfest and got done QQ vs K10 when the flop started 3Q

then a J, then a i fill up? no chance.

manage to get back up to 2k in chips, was at 3k+ before the qq hand which cost me 2.5k, and get all in AQs vs A2s, and even with 2 of my suit on the flop i manage to lose that for 5k in chips.

played some cash though, and my biggest win just by playing tight, winning just under double the tourney entry fee so not all bad.

on another note, i may have invented something new, which i might be able to patent and become reeeeeeeeech.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

finally in profit

according to sharkscope, im back in the black for stt's
about $130 up in about 16 games, cannae complain.
worked out i need to play about 20 games a day at this level to reach the next point making status, but i can't seem to play more than about 7/8. only playing when in the mood and doing better, though faltering at cash atm, so gonna stick to stt's and play some mtt's when i can get time...
once i get to 2000 fpps gonna get a book too..

currently on about $150 and 1650fpps...

Thursday, July 12, 2007

what a poor run....

having turned $27 into $270 on stars, it's all gone downhill
yesterday played 5 sixpaks cashing in none bubbling in three.
today played 4, 1 win, 1 second.
lost $80 at cash to make sure it was a losing session. bluffed far too frequently
playing some more 6paks now. 1st 2 going out with aces....2nd two still playing. playing patient but unconfident. so unconfident i'm making up words.
down to 3 in one of the comes my bubble?
AQs loses to Q8s to put me in third from chip lead. standardly hits the flush after i hit the ace.

99 and board comes full of overcards and i get check raised all in. ffs.

heads up now massively behind.

out in 6th in the other 6pak...missed every fucking hand
after being 8k-1k down now 5-4 up
AA vs Q4 all in on a Qhigh board, and for t'first time today aces hold up.

time to eat some brownies and maybe another 3/4 games before bed.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

winning session?

back to playing and enjoying it

had a gamble on party with my free money, put all my $69 on a $1/2 table, got up to $145 in about 10 mins with $150 my aim, before running trips into an underfull.

back on stars, turned my $23 from the start of the month into $220 playing at $0.25/$0.5 with one early session at $0.5/$1

plan is to play $0.25/0.5 till i get to $1k which i plan to hit by the end of the month.
also plan to hit 2k fpp to get a slansky book

then step up to $0.5/$1 and play that for a month with goal to reach $3k.

once i get there i'll move on to
$1/2 and see how it goes....
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