Friday, November 23, 2012

target acquired

house hunting is, to me, like shopping. after i've been into 2 shops/houses, i'm fed up and no longer care. my primary aim becomes to leave the shopping area immediately, with or without my desired goods/house.

the thought of shopping is even worse.
this explains my poor attempts to find a housing situation better than my current one.
also, it's cheaper to live with someone else. much cheaper. but most people are dicks and not worth the discount.

along with the friday round up (which for this week is simply, read mine and tell your friends), purely for my benefit, i will list my current weight status:

putting on weight goal.
total time available 10 weeks.
end of week 1
current weight 74.7 kg
target weight 80 kg

muscles status - sore arms chest and shoulders. (this is good!)
mind status - hungry (also good)

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

cheating on this blog

i started doing some writing elsewhere!

i've never been a fan of writing. but i have decided to write a book with a friend. just a coffee table book. he has many good ideas and has written books before. it doesn't seem particularly expensive to get it published for just a few copies that we would begin with. and i reckon it would be pretty cool to have that on my ceevee.

coming up with lots of ideas is pretty tough though. especially when you have a day job. although the day job can be great material for writing.

take for example today. i've been doing some work on modelling. (mathematical modelling!)
it has two key elements. in brief, one of these elements is to limit the number of customers to see the effects that this will have.
today, my new boss (who replaced my awesome previous boss) was talking to me about what i do in a failed bid to understand what i do.

i explained the two key aspects including the one above. i explain how it takes time to run, mostly because of this one part of it. she then asks, can you just not limit the customers?


the whole essences of what i'm doing is to limit the customers and see the effect it has on many other things.

how is this person my boss i hear you ask?
i ask that same question every day. (not to her. yet.)

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


my toastmaster career ended pretty quickly. after one visit to the club, and one misplaced axe maniac joke, i started playing football again on the same nights so i never went back. i noticed everyone gave speeches which followed the same guidelines. unable to come up with material, and before i didn't know i wasn't going back, i wrote a speech in the hope i'd have a chance to talk to them from the pulpit.
since i'll never say it there, i'll say it here.
These are the exact words i planned to say (apart from the ones in brackets)

My speech
(reading from sheet)
Greeting everyone.
Thanking ringmaster. Thanking toastmasters. Thanking fellow guests.
Repeating title of my speech
Pausing for thought
Opening sentence. Seemingly unrelated to title. But you know I'll get there in the end.
Telling a funny joke.
Pausing till the laughter dies down. Still waiting.
Expanding on opening sentence. Taking a direction that is unexpected.
Pausing to make eye contact with audience.
Leading this thought into a joke, observational humour based on something you do which you don't realise is weird, but everyone does it without realising everyone else does it too.
Looking up from page to make eye contact.
Pausing as I see the green light comes on. Pretending not to panic when I see how much more I have to get through.
Scanning page as I look for key point to mention. Mentioning key point.
Pausing for dramatic effect
Key point has tied together opening sentence with title.
A rhetorical question about where my idea leads.
One final pause before thanking everyone.
(turning over to paper to reveal a blank sheet)

Friday, November 09, 2012

a new low

yesterday i applied for a job. looking for jobs in scandanavia because of women (although i know finalndia is not really scandanavia, and is my choice of prime location, it's not really big enough to have jobs as far as i can tell), i applied for a job i can do at ericsson.
to set the scene, this job had been open for about 2 weeks, and not apparently closing for another few days.
well, in record time, they didn't just reject me, oh no, a mere 12 hours and 41 minutes after i applied, i got an email in response to say there's no longer a job opening.

Thursday, November 08, 2012

these are a few of my favourite things

watching 4od through chrome. no adverts!


smell of freshly cut grass


a few russian and most finnish women.

speaking of finlandia, after raikkonen won the grand prix on sunday, i thought i'd listen to what he has to say. famous for not saying much, during his live interview he said a swear word. i think it was shit. (the word he said, not the interview). not to be outdone, vettel then come on stage and said the word fuck.

larry david.


and that concludes, this week's 'my favourite things'
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