Monday, October 22, 2007


played this afternoon and was 90 points shy of the 34k fpp point target and made about $300 at the same time.

this evening i made the points i needed but was having a mare at the tables playing like a tard. losing 99 to ak for $150 didn't help. but then i refocused and started winning some back. stuck for $250 at one point i made it back to between 50 and 25 down before a lovely run of cards including aa vs kk all in preflop amongst other outdraws by me (money went in when i was ahead though) saw me finish with a profit in the second session of $350! made $400 in about 5 mins. after 90 mins of leakage.

so roll is at $2750 and the iPod has been ordered. 4-6 week wait but what a touch!

now i just need to decide about where to carry on playing. need 6 seater tables and soft games but with rakeback. might leave a couple of hundred in stars for some tourneys (maybe even try some say's to big sunday tournaments.

want to avoid crypto. not sure where to go. though the hills bonus's are pretty sweet. may deposit £200 and try it out for a bit....

Sunday, October 21, 2007

900 points to go

till i can order the iPod 'what a touch' touch

plus good 2 hour session. up then down then up then level then up. bit swingy and lost one massive 5050 early when i've got one over and the flush draw (thought i would have two overs) with my ajcc vs qq on a low board with 2 clubs. that was a $300 pot. obviously he folds for a token round before running away.

made one hero call with j10 on a jack high board after being reraised pre. guy bets flop (all diamons J72) checks the 2 turn, bets the 3 river. i call and he shows kqss

made one immense fold. lp raises to $4, button makes it 12 and since everyone is over $120 i call from the sb with 88 as does initial raiser. flop comes A83. i check and it's checked round. turn is a k and again it's checked round. i did want to check raise the flop but maybe should have lead.
river is a J so Q10 is the nuts. good luck to anyone with that!

i value bet/blocker bet the river with a $20 bet and cutoff folds, button shoves all in for another 71 dollar. i think and think for about 2mins before folding. can't see him having anything other than kk. 2 diamons on flop means aaa of ak leads flop or at least the turn, not sure why kkk doesn't bet turn though.
i figure he has me beat 75% of time here at least and calling $70 into a $150 dollar pot isn't worth it.

roll $2130
900 points to go

Friday, October 19, 2007

i got called all in by 6 high no draw on the turn

and he had 6 outs!

first session i played about 500 hands and won about $300 easy

next session i start leaking left right and centre and am yoyo-ing between 200-600 down for about 1150 hands.

last few hands i get to stack some people. aces 4 times, three times i got the blinds and 4th time i stack the bb in a sb bb confrontation.

as for the 6 high hand here it is!
there'd been some history between me and villain since i'm raising his blind a bit

Seat 1: donk1 ($116.80 in chips)
Seat 2: donk2 ($115.30 in chips)
Seat 3: donk3 ($136.55 in chips)
Seat 4: Me ($69.10 in chips)
Seat 5: donk5 ($77.55 in chips)
Seat 6: Villain ($112.35 in chips)
donk5: posts small blind $0.50
Villain: posts big blind $1

*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to Hero [Ac Th]
donk1: folds
donk2: folds
donk3 runs from the table
donk3: folds
Me: raises $3 to $4
donk5: folds
newdonk joins the table at seat #2
Villain: raises $8 to $12
Me: calls $8

*** FLOP *** [8s Jc 2s]
Villain: checks - HAS NOTHING
Me: checks

*** TURN *** [8s Jc 2s] [2c]
Villain: checks
Me: bets $19
Villain: raises $30 to $49
Me: raises $8.10 to $57.10 and is all-in - i'm going with my read
Villain: takes forever before he finally decides he has to call $8.10

*** RIVER *** [8s Jc 2s 2c] [Qc]

*** SHOW DOWN ***
Villain: shows [6h 4s] (a pair of Deuces)
Me: proudly shows [Ac Th] (a pair of Deuces - Ace kicker)

lovely stuff

2 hands later he doesn't fold 108 on a board of [Th 6h Ad Qs Ks] after i bet flop and check raise turn. i have AJ

so somehow after 1250 hands i made $30 in session 2
1 massive suckout towards the end. aggro player reraises me pre. i have AhQs.
low flop goes check check.
turn puts 3 spades out. i bet $15 and he shoves. overpair i think, but i have 15 outs. so its 2-1 and the pot is giving me 2-1. so i call. hit a spade. he shows jj. then berates me. tells me i had20% equity. i say more like 10%.

loads of points today at least.

roll up to $1830
points 1.4k to go

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


lost a hundred today so down to $1535
gained a thousand points. 3k points to go.

was $200 up today after 200 hands then finished session 1 $100 down.
second 500 hands was about 200 down after 200 hands but finished level.
one terribly played hand by me where i 3 bet and then called the shove with a double belly buster on an AQ10 board. think i should have folded to the shove. it was a lag player from a button raise but that's no excuse. was playing 130bbs and the time and the shove was for about 80-90.

3000 points to go........

on a side note, for those of you that use facebook, i finally worked out the points of groups.
95% are for whining about something or other
4% are intended for humour
1% are funny.

(oh and bye bye mclaren - steve, not the F1 team)


lots of them around.
i won $100 earlier in the day to take me to $1550

then played later in the day and started up a little, but lost my concentration, surfing internet, playing like a tool, and found myself $250 down in the session

hit a few hands that got paid off, and flopped one nut flush against a very aggro sb/button player, yet this time he doesn't put another penny in the pot!?

some people were calling me with king high! it's happened quite a lot recently. a few days ago i raised the river with 3rd pair on an AJ742 rainbow board and got called all in by K10! my image must be truly awful. i can't complain though.

ended up about $100 so roll is at $1600 which is a slow and steady climb for a few weeks.
points are now at 30k. so 4k more till i can get an iPod touch (and what a touch!)
and going to try to make 500 points per day so i can order it by the month's end.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

if only i'd thought of it first

no more mtts or stts for now since i'm losing around $500 over the two.

account was down to $1k up to $1.4k now. some good hands, some bad. flopped 2 flushes and lost both, once to a set, with all money in on turn, river pairs board. 2nd hand to a higher flush (i had 109 with the j out) perhaps i could have folded.

finally got a couple of nice hands for me...99 hitting a set against aces, and my aces beating kings.

played well, then bad, then well again, and hopefully it will be a decent month!

up to 28,000 fpps and gonna try to hit 34000 within 10 days for the iPod touch, which is apparently better than the classic, even though it's only 16Gb compared to 160Gb.
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