Monday, October 22, 2007


played this afternoon and was 90 points shy of the 34k fpp point target and made about $300 at the same time.

this evening i made the points i needed but was having a mare at the tables playing like a tard. losing 99 to ak for $150 didn't help. but then i refocused and started winning some back. stuck for $250 at one point i made it back to between 50 and 25 down before a lovely run of cards including aa vs kk all in preflop amongst other outdraws by me (money went in when i was ahead though) saw me finish with a profit in the second session of $350! made $400 in about 5 mins. after 90 mins of leakage.

so roll is at $2750 and the iPod has been ordered. 4-6 week wait but what a touch!

now i just need to decide about where to carry on playing. need 6 seater tables and soft games but with rakeback. might leave a couple of hundred in stars for some tourneys (maybe even try some say's to big sunday tournaments.

want to avoid crypto. not sure where to go. though the hills bonus's are pretty sweet. may deposit £200 and try it out for a bit....

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