Wednesday, December 27, 2006


thats right, today i only played stt's and mpp qualifier for the $100kmpp tourney this saturday.

made just over $200 from £10 stt's! i won 4/6 and also played and lost a $10 one.

as long as i keep patient, and get one or two pieces of luck at the right time these are going swimmingly. manage to accumulate a nice stack with no bother much of the time, and can only hope this continues. didn't play today, but managed to qualify for the big one this weekend. thats 3 freerolls im reg'd for, and hopefully will get a result in one of them.

on a bad note i watched casino royale expecting big things thanks to the critics. good performance by the blond one, but a lame film overall imfo.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006


got a quickie tonight

also played an hour of poker
$100 up on $1/2

also played £1/2...was down about £70 thanks to someone hitting a gutshot on the river after calling two pot sized bets (flop and turn?!). i check called his small all in on the river. figured there was a high enough chance i had him outkicked or he'd missed his flush. that annoyed me a little....but i got him back. 44 otb and i call after one limper, sb completes and my friend in the bb checks.
flop is J43 rainbow. my friend bets out, i call, all others fold.
turn is a Q, he bets £12, i raise to £36 and he calls. has just under £100 behind, i have him covered. river is a 3, he moves in. im only losing to 33, JJ and QQ but doubt he has anywhere near that strength and call almost instantaneously. he shows K3 and i thank him silently.

made about $300 and all seems to be going well at the moment.

merry festivus if i haven't already said so, going out on wed and thurs night's so will try to play a bit more tomorrow and also qualify for the $100k mpp crypto tourney.....updates to come.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

auto post blinds

much has been said of this magical button. unchecking it prior to departure enables you to receive a lovely starting hand which will get outdrawn. this is well known in the online poker world.

so when playing my last round of poker last night i unchecked this button. MISTAKE NUMBER 1.

final hand, UTG, dealt AA. i elect to play this, raising preflop. MISTAKE NUMBER 2.

i know whats coming. 1 caller from the sb and a flop 662, two hearts.
he checks, i bet, he calls.
turn, 4 of hearts. i have two red aces. i bet 10 big blinds. he calls.
river, black 8. HMMMMMM.

he checks to me.......what to do?

well, value bet obviously (?!), another 10bb's. He INSTA CALLS with 55.


now. the next dilemma. i had planned to leave, but netiquette would disapprove of this instant scampering so i hung around for 1 more orbit. then got bored and left.

today, played for an hour, only £1/2, bought in for £80 at each and had to rebuy in both but left about $400 up. 1 nice outdraw against the table strongman. i have A6clubs, he has 57clubs.

flop is 89A two clubs. he bets, i call.
turn is a red 6. he bets £25, i min raise leaving £50 behind, and he calls. (well i wouldnt have raised if i could see his cards!)
river is another 6. Bee-autiful. he checks, im all in, he calls. nice. decided to play few hands after that.

got bored, played two heads up games on betfair, lost the important one. logging out now to shower because i smell.

last 7 days ~$1500 profit. right on target.

running along nicely

not much to say except things going well...

played 2 sessions, first for 45 mins and made about $150.

went out, came back, played a little more. down about $180 at one point but recovered nicely to finish about $300 up in 75mins. only played 3 tables, starting on two $1/2 tables, closing one of the boring ones $50 down, and opening up a £1/2 table, which was much more profitable.

not many interesting hands of note, except one. the first table i loaded i played like a maniac at the start dropping $150 and rebuying for the same amount. dude on my left didn't like my style and starting complaining. i gave better than i got, and on my button raised(again) with Q10.
flop is 568, turn 7, river 9. he min bet (or maybe 2bbs) on turn, i called. he bet $10 on river with maybe $60 behind. i went all in, he thought for an age before calling with 22.


i think he left before i could say thanks.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

crazy days

just when i think ive beaten tilt it rears its ugly head.

started 2 tables, one on $1/2 and one at £1/2.

none of my big hands get called, and every bluff being called.

was down about £100, got it up to about £30 down and then one hand of madness trying to get someone to lay down top pair when i knew he had it and would call.

that was £150 gone just like that.

so, stuck for over £200, and the only logical thing to do is open up two $2/5 tables.

well, not logical but is what i did. buy in for $200 on both. one table i have nothing the entire night, and end on $275. missed one spot to bluff which would have won $75, but i really wasn't feeling it at the tables by now.

the other table, however, is where all the action was mostly thanks to a retard to my right. and finally some nice cards. won the first two hands and then get dealt KK in the bb. raise
from utg, artard calls so i reraise up to $60. 9 high flop with 2 clubs, i check, the caller moves in, indicating flush draw, i call. he has flush draw with top pair. turn also brings a straight draw. river misses. thank fork for that.

build up to about $775, and greedy me is still down for the day so won't leave. lose a bit, down to about $675 at the point that i get the monster that is 62of clubs. so naturally after a few limps i raise my button. artard only calls.

flop is A105. i bet, he calls. well, last time in this sopt i checked the turn, and no one had an ace, so this time i bet the 4 that falls on the turn. he calls again. great i think. surely a draw of some sort? second pair maybe?hmm, river is a 3 making my straight. that was a nice card. HE BETS INTO ME?! about $105 into a $200 pot. well, how much can i get? he's got about $400 back. i raise to $320, and he calls instantly with 34. nh i thought. i got out of jail there, but i dont see how he can call on the flop or the river? thankfully, he didn't share my perpective.

that pretty much put me level, well, what i thought was level. left both tables, checked my account and found i was $125 up for the day.


so today, went to gutshot for the 2pm fo.

first hand JJ, raise to 150 (starting stack 1500, 20 min clock, blinds at 25-25), one caller.

flop is KcQhJh. nice and dangerous. checked to me, i bet 300 and he moves in! well, i couldn't fold and he turns over Kh10h, for top pair, with the royal draw! turn 5, river 5 and he misses, and i double up first hand. had 4 pocket pairs in the first half hour, twice hitting sets, but didnt get much the second time, did as best i could i think. work up to a 5k stack, then run j10 in aces on a 10 high flop leaving me down at about 2500. tighten up, dont play much, and it's down to two tables from 5 with me on about 3k, and blinds just up to 250-500. well, stealing time i think. im in the bb, one limper, i push(with 52o), they fold. steal twice more with half decent hands....then get KK in the same orbit, utg+1. raise, bb thinks a while, almost folds, then moves all in i call. his QJ gets not much help and im up to about 9k and can play.

a few more go out, i steal occasionally and we're onto final table. blinds 500-1000. ive got just under 10k, which puts me about 4th/5th. not much happens on ft, till my bb, 2 limpers, sb completes, ive got J5clubs. 3 clubs on the flop would be nice. 3 come. if only it always worked like that. i check, all follow. turn is 4s, i bet 2k, raised to 6k, i push, and get called by the naked ace. noclub on river and im up to 20k. lots of stealing followed, with some nicely timed preflop folds. i take out a few, outdraw, get outdrawn, and when it's down to four, i take them out one at a time in about 5hands, for a profit of about £270.

lovely stuff.

can't be bothered to play now, but cleared my bonus and pokerstars finally, and just gonna chill for the rest of the evenin.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

$200 per day

this will only include cash games.

my mtt skills have been impatient of late and ill be cutting down the amount i play and concentrate more when i play them

i won a freeroll on sunday which was well needed but mtt's wont count for these totals

today +$154

this month im on +$2500 approx but this includes all tourneys ive paid for, and any winnings, of which there have not been much, as ive taken out the freeroll win from that figure which has been my only decent cash for a while. ive also taken out the $450 rakeback from last month.

i think ive only played about 18 days max this month so its about $140 per day so not great but it's a decent start. $200 per day is £3k per month which is a sweet target.
i should really keep proper excel records since the interpoker statement is so awfully constructed.

played only about 45mins of cash tonight. couldnt be bothered to carry on but a nice profit for what i played.

might play live on thursday afternoon in london town. this should be a nice break from the online world. i always find it's good to change things up a little to clear the head.

saying that i played on stars, almost cleared my $50 bonus dropping $45 on omaha hilo. the standard is abysmal. seeing 2 players go all in on river and the nut hi and lo are nowhere in sight. laughable but only 1 or 2 hands in this session. played some fl holdem to try to clear bonus quickly. i think it's quite a skillful game, and something i need to spend some time on to master. i did win about $5 there. nice.

no interesting hands to report on. nothing really worth thinking about imo. hopefully have some excitement tomorrow.

think im gonna start playing stt's during the day as they are beatable, whilst cash games in the day are painful. sixpaks at £10/$10 are weak, and im doing alright in them now. sharkscope seems to think so. my other 2 scope accounts are -ve! so at least ive learnt something in 2 years.
in fact, it's only in the last 2/3 months i actually feel that im a half decent player and feel very comfortable at my cash game level. itry to test the waters at higher levels - he who dares.
currently at $1/2 and £1/2 and im not particularly scared of any of the players....more scared of losing. takes a while to adjust to each level, but it is only time.

also aim in the next few months to try to qualify for an ept. more for the holiday i need. well, i don't need one, but i want one.

no reason for the style changes, except to try out the shortcuts. not as much fun as i would have hoped.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

it's been a while

after blowing $4k in my party account i'd had enough so i started playing less for a few months. Went back to betfair, where my new rakeback account turned out to be a losing account.

sometimes i only like to count money withdrawn as winnings and i didnt withdraw for a long time.

so i opened an interpoker account, and i dont like them. turns out you can't withdraw to debit card (anything more than you put in) contrary to their website. they also charge $1 for a withdrawl. no-one else does that. but they have a $100 monthly bonus plus a slightly higher rakeback deal(32%) then any £crypto accounts. I might ask ukbetting to match the rate, if they say yes, bob's my uncle.

no longer play on party since all the yanks left it's DEAD.

opened a pokerstars account to get pokertracker. really should play a little more and get my $50 bonus too.

pokertracker is good except mine ain't working great atm and may need to reinstall.

Onto poker, well, with my inter account i was playing mostly $0.5/1 to try and build a roll.

then came the awf with 3 added tourney's daily, and 2 FTs in the first week, coming 1st and 3rd boosted my roll nicely.

have moved up to $1/2, and with some ups and downs have managed a bit of $2/5 and £1/2.
the nutters that play in £s are useless gamblers and it's very profitable.
i also find i concentrate more at higher limits.

finally managed a withdrawl and think im gonna buy a new car. i have decided to buy some stuff with some of my winnings. my first poker account paid for laptop, tv and chair. moving up in the world.

my aim now is to concentrate on cash and step things up. i only feel i need to play between 1-4 hours per day depending on mood and concentration levels and i believe i can make greater than $200 per day. This would be blinding and will have December and January free to try this out.

Will post every few days how its going.

from tomorrow.

the byes for now.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

bit better

playing better, concentrating, patient yada yada, back to the good old 60bb ph profit for last couple of days.

less bluffs, more folds = more money.
no need for any fancy dan stuff.

no interesting hands. 'cept for one nice river bluff i made. i like when i concentrate and read people correctly.

think i need a holiday soon. prevent institutionalisation. although, if you become certifiable, you aren't liable for any debts! thank you CAB.

Monday, July 10, 2006

world cup final

commentators who say stupid things are aplenty. ron atkinson was a legend and 'motty' is trying to join him.

today there were some gems.

for example, "i don't think we should have extra time and just go straight to penalties".
yeh. good one.

and when he was talking about the last italy france meeting that the frogs won with a golden goal, he says " the italians looked so scared of penalties, they'd rather let in a golden goal"
yeh. right.

what a bunch of mormons. i dread to think what old pleaty had been saying on itv

Sunday, July 09, 2006

why oh why... i make it hard for myself?

spend 30 mins losing $250 then spend the next two hours winning it back.

up a little for the day.
world cup later so may take a break now.

beginning to re-find (that should be a word if it isn't already, or maybe people just use rediscover?) my patience, although it takes a wacking big loss to do so.

still down far too much for the month. am gonna aim fo $50 a day.
have to be mentally satisfied with a small win to be able to play properly.
considering name change to "patience", or "my only aim is to break even"

Friday, July 07, 2006


thinking of quitting.

running into big hand after big hand.

and i still rack disiprine. concentrated a bit better today but made a couple of bluffs with impeccably bad timing - both times opponent hit two rubbish pair.

better than a runner runner flish when i had trips yesterday for 130 big blinds. that was fun.

won about 40 bb today. played 4 days this month and 3 losing days. got a bonus coming if i play about 100000 hands in the next 10 days. am gonna try to play solid. may go back to crapto on betfair thanks to rake back, but more for mutli's. This is where i have been most succesful in the past although i need to be in the mood.

game gets boring after a while which leads to poor concentration and bad plays. must stop the rot. winning month would be nice. will see how weekend goes................

Friday, June 30, 2006

15 minutes of fun

could only play 15mins before going out and had good day, winning back losses.

caught a guy twice for all his chips. i had position on him, and he was rubbish.

i have A4 and raise in the CO, he rerasies to 7*bb, I call.
flop 432. He checks, I bet, he raises, I go all in he calls. With KJ. no help for him and ive taken most his chips. few hands later, I have A3s and limp. sb min raises (never understood that bet from the small blind). 3 players, flop is 323. sb betes 1bb, madman calls, I call. turn is a K, bringing 2 diamonds. sb bets 1bb, madman raises to 4, i reraise to 7, sb folds, madman rrr to 20 I push he calls with K7, 2 diamonds. not rivered and thats all his chips.

been playing a lot more patient of late, not trying to win all my losses back in one go and it's slowly paying off. long may this state
of mind continue............

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

not rivered

only played for an hour.

one hand of note, i'd been playing nice and tight agg (40% flops seen and that felt tight!)

reraises were being respected. i was in sb, utg min raises, folded round to me with 1010. i figure call and see a flop, bb folds...

flop 862 rainbow. i check, he bets $5.04 into a $5 pot so i take him for nothing and reraise to $13.

He thinks, or more likely pauses before reraising all in for another $40. I think and figure im far enough ahead. Turn jack, river 7 and the money flies to me. I check to see he had KQo. monsta

Monday, June 26, 2006

outplaying loose aggresive mormons

Seat 2: let_be_rock ( $59.20 )
Seat 3: joshua__7 ( $143.80 ) loose aggressive annoying dude
Seat 4: shifty608 ( $72.20 )
Seat 6: jaheim17 ( $76.30 )
Seat 5: me ( $103.15 )
Seat 1: cop112 ( $99.90 )
me posts small blind [$0.50].
jaheim17 posts big blind [$1].
** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to me [ 9s Jh ]
cop112 folds.
let_be_rock folds.
joshua__7 raises [$3].
shifty608 folds.
me calls [$2.50].
jaheim17 folds.

** Dealing Flop ** [ 4s, 2s, 4d ]
me checks.
joshua__7 bets [$6].
me calls [$6]. raise looks too obvious i felt

** Dealing Turn ** [ Kd ]
me checks.
joshua__7 bets [$9].
me raises [$23].

joshua__7: eat sht fish
joshua__7: you have A,4 im sure of it
shifty608: fold
joshua__7: im gonna lay my QQ
joshua__7 folds.

i dont for a second believe he had QQ but that annoyed him a lot.
unfortunately the world cup kicked off and i had to watch holland lose, but the referree gave a show and a half.

this followed an earlier hand that i spent ages thinking about on the river.....

Seat 1: me ( $107.09 )
Seat 6: dirigo111 ( $98.50 )
Seat 3: Captain54173 ( $99.05 )
Seat 4: ANDREWBEL ( $27.93 )
Seat 5: Great__Ape ( $134.85 )
Seat 2: fruktmusli ( $100 )
dirigo111 posts small blind [$0.50].
me posts big blind [$1].
** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to me [ 9c 7c ]
Great__Ape folds.
dirigo111 calls [$0.50].
me checks.
blind on blind. my favourite
** Dealing Flop ** [ Th, 4d, 8c ]
dirigo111 checks.
me bets [$1].
dirigo111 calls [$1]. - check call, doesnt have much. maybe a pair

** Dealing Turn ** [ 9d ]
dirigo111 checks.
me bets [$2].
dirigo111 raises [$4].
me calls [$2]. now he raises?? straight draw...9? i had been playing loose agg and at the time I put him on a pair of 8s or 4s thinking he had the best hand

** Dealing River ** [ Qh ] - that surely didnt help him
dirigo111 bets [$6]. - bets half the pot....doesnt tell me much, but i didnt think he had a ten

me calls [$6].
dirigo111 shows [ Ad, 8h] a pair of eights.
me shows [ 9c, 7c ] a pair of nines.

small pot but i liked me thinking. been playin better last few days, more position, aggression and patience.....just gotta keep it going. hit by two three outers today but didnt tilt and won it all back and just to keep it going. might even play live rebuy tomorrow.

Sunday, June 25, 2006


2 and a half hours of play and nothing of interest occured.

Won $70 which was nice.

Played a mtt satellite to the $1,000,000 party tourney which happens tonite. Might try one of these a week. 60 players, top 2 get a seat.

Managedto get to final table. Decent start nicking a few pots, was above average then became completely card dead with no oppurtunities for nothing. Stole a pot then some blinds as they increased. Got to final table.

Finally got a hand, JJ in pos. Guy about 3rd in chips (24000) limps for 800, im playing about 4500.
round to me. i push, small blind playing 8000 calls (!), as does 1st villian.

flop 10910. sb thinks and pushes his remaining 4K, limper folds.

guess the hand he called half his stack pre and pushed post flop?

turn 2 river 8....if you havent guessed by now i pity you.

and im out in 10th

(he had QJo. monsta!)

poor standard, reckon i can win one, then just need to beat 5000 odd (as in wierd) players for a nice payday. Maybe ill try to get some sponsorship so i can enter the tourney a couple of times. see how i do.....

Thursday, June 22, 2006

losing = no fun

deposited a few times a lost a few times.
playing bad and getting outdrawn. 4 5 and 6 outers all together and im trying to win all my losses back in one night.

had a few days off, played for half our today and up $150. and lost one big pot after guy called me on the river with his pocket pair of fives. after he called on every street. weirdo.

aim is not to tilt EVER again which will lead to me being level for this month.

so the theory goes.

not that anyone reads but ill post after each session, and will start including interesting hands.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

playing sheet

$100 t0 $1100 by the end of the month is the new plan.

position and patience.

$0.5/$1 limit. nothing more, nothing less.

Saturday, June 10, 2006


Thats all im currently missing. Well, im actually missing lots of things but patience is my number one target for this month.
Having considered giving this up (poker, not my blog) (my blog is indestructable) i may become reinvigorated.

I may have to buy poker tracker to analyse my data properly. I did the old free 1000 hand import a while ago and its quite handy. KQ is pants, KQs in position is a monster. In fact, anything in position is a monster.

I may play live again, head screwed on. £10 rebuy on Mondays with people so bad it makes me want to play every hand. Whereas I should wait and only play AA. They wouldn't even notice and pay me off each and every time. Except when I play i keep getting screwed.

When i try patience i drown in rivers, when I try to build a stack I get caught by someone with third pair.
Maybe my first buy in ill play like a loony, all in on every flop when i have the lead. Then uber tight.

Hm, we'll see.

Also may return to craptologic for now improved 30% rakeback. Doesn't help when you lose all the money in your account bluffing.

Must have bluffed off about 2K in the past month. It still pains me to think about it. Thats a nice holiday. Maybe i'll just find some nice beach photos and phtoshop myself in.

hasta leugo cabrons

Monday, June 05, 2006



when will i learn,

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

ive done a whoopsie

a ten day tilt session is over. lost lots.

plan is now $100 per day and not feel like a mormon.

then again, anchorman is a funny film.

based on a true story.

Monday, May 01, 2006


Long time since last post.

End of t'month now and pokering has been ok.
withdrawn half my profits and has been a good month.

If i could learn not to tilt better I would have made about 150% of what i actually won.

This is my plan for next month and i will keep myself updated on progress.

Thanks to Mr. Smart Money for his spreadsheet. It has been most useful in recording progress.

Won't be able to play much as computer going in for repairs this month. A break might do me good.
Well, that's what i'm gonna have to tell myself.

Friday, April 21, 2006


someone once pointed out that blogs sounds like logs.

indeed this is true and the nature of most ryhmes.

lost my last post as eblogger was being more like a log than a blog.

i need a new phone, but can't find any super dooper offers like my current £5 per month 500mins and 100texts, which will currently set me back £18.42 per month.

more happily its friday which not only means weekend but an update to ebaums.

also check out showtime challenge and place links to this magnificent upcoming charity event on any webpage you host.

no poker today, but with two more weekends, hopes are high for the month of this.

Monday, April 17, 2006

bankroll up moving up

hit $2k for the month so far.

played solid. runner runner'd someone whilst betting AQ against AK on an ace high board.
they should have rasied, but outdrawing someone felt nice.

played for 45 mins and 2nd best day of the month. however, i am beginning to see more and more the idea that it's one long game and individul results and hands are irrelevant.

i do think i need to find another site with rakeback. i must be paying party lots. looking for something other than crypto'logic' but may try interpoker anyway for good deal.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

oops, i did it again


just when i think im doing ok i go and blow many a dollar.

in one hour over $1k

absolute madness. then decided not to go to bed till i'd won it back.
didnt manage that and five hours later called it a day with about $130 profit on the day.
down from $400 earlier on and what a rollercoaster.
least another daily profit. not gonna hit my $4k target i don't think, but will setlle for 3.

Thanks to my shennaigans I discovered that the sun rises at about 5 in the morning and the birds start singing and its quite a nice time to go for a run.

I hope a day like this never happens again.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

It's raining water

Well hallo there.

These blogs should have webcounters so I know how many of you aren't reading this and act accordingly.

Poker is on the up with winning every day since my last tilting session. I think I am one of the few people who is capable of tilting for days on end.

Met a couple of nice folks who couldn't fold top pair top kicker. Once with an overpair and once with a set and up working my way to $1k up for the month. Aiming for $4k per month, and without tilting it's possible.

This blog should help me keep my discipline. (Here's hoping) I may even return more consistently to Betfair especailly for MTT's, and cash. MTT's can be frustrating but winning a multi is awesome and something I haven't done for a while. Came second in a 30 man live tourney couple o' weeks ago, but it was against a bunch of people who are useless and that takes the shine away. Especially when you don't even win.

Current reading is 'The Emporer's New Mind' by Roger Penrose. Fascinating stuff. Any views from you who have read it? Just don't spoil the ending.

Monday, April 03, 2006

more highs and lows than a chinese phonebook

$780 up
then lose $700 of that

what is wrong with me??

answers on a postcard......
(or reply below)

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Poker day

am beginning to think blogs are weird.

why would anyone write one about themselves? and who would read my inane drivel?

like me winning every game of pro evo i have ever played. well, almost. i think need to test my skills on a national level. i wonder if i could make a living hustling people at pro evo?

or like winning a nice hand at poker and dancing round the room. don't think thats the etiquette live but my point is this isn't very interesting to average joe. maybe joe should get a job and not read this then. although it was a straight flush

going well this week and might move up a level. gonna work on setting strict bankroll standards so i never have to deposit again. like withdrawing half of weekly profit. (maybe every two weeks since i dont get enough time to play). only go up a level when I have 1,000,000 big blinds. i read that on the betfair forum. that montana seems to know what he's talking about. words of wisdom.

back to blogging ideas; politics is quite boring and so many people are thicker than vicky pollard its hard to get through. i guess that leaves porn and humour. and humourous porn.

these blogs should have built in spell checkers. like gmail.

anyway, south park is funny and im off to watch an episode.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Still wednesday?

eBlogger thinks its still Wednesday but I have gone to sleep and woken up so it must be Thursday by now, which means tomorrow is my last day of work for the week.

Speaking of work, I met many a fool today, and then carried on meeting and beating them online.
At poker before your mind wonders.

I have decided that this shall be a blog for everything rather than nothing. More interesting for me, and you.

Hoping it'll help me poker discipline at least. May have a go at anything stoopid I see in the news. Or enlighten you to anything funny I see on the tinternet.

Todays poker thus far (if you give a monkey's nut) is up about £50 playing on the Betfair.
Lost an 10 man STT, 6Pak thunder, but playing cash on the side against some mormons who called with rubbish whilst im holding my nuts, with the nuts.

My hairs falling out and I've got a football to go to.

An intro

Today's words of wisdom have been agreed as
"A common mistake that people make when trying to design something completely foolproof is to underestimate the ingenuity of complete fools."

You who first guesses who such wise words shall win a prize tbc.

Thanks to the dibble for a comment. My first. I shall ne'er forget you. No prize though.

I could talk about some bad beats now but haven't played today. I don't think I want this to become a poker blog as I dont play big stakes, am not that funny, and I wouldn't post when I lose. I'd just make up that I won 10k in the past week.
Am impressed by a spontaneous canary descion to quit his job. All the very best. I'd love to do the same. For about 2 months. Don't think I could make millions though, so I need to find something else. A get rich quick scheme would be good. But one that works. None of them scams.

On a side note, check out and tell me what you think. I shall pass on constructive criticism to the webmaster and block anyone who makes a negative comment. GO ON. I dare you. I double dare you.

More suitable, if anyone can suggest a method to allow me to get up in the mornings, I will be eternally grate full.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Nothing to see here

This is my first post.

I have lots to say but shall save this for a later date when there's nothing else to do.

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