Monday, June 25, 2007

been a month

been ok live, some funny tournaments i been playing in.

been losing pretty evenly on all sites in the past month.

only done a small deposit, left with about $30 in each of party/stars/mansion

pretty bored with poker, losing patience and therefore losing.

i think the two things that you need mots for poker is patience and patience. once this is mastered, learn to play in position = winning player.

so pretty annoyed with poker atm.
playing live is still a laugh, and the last time i went to a double chance i was playing looser than pari's hilton's inhibitions and more aggressive than a giant panda watching some porn

1st hand i get all in on the turn with 98s on a 764 board with the 7 and 6 of my suit, of course i miss my 18 outs twice, and villains 99 takes the pot.
few hands later i double up, then lose a few chips, then double up with perficly timed bullets. i was back to my starting stack of 2.5k and raise in ep to 300 (3bb), ad donkey on bb reraises to 2k with AK. THANKS.

later on, after being in complete control, raise utg with A10, and only the bb calls. 10 high flop, i bet, SHE raises, i push, she calls with AQ. turn is a Q. left me with about 1k, and im out next hand. but it was fun!

need to find a way to make online poker fun. i guess that just involves winning, gonna hit some mtt's. but need to play at least £20 ones. that requires more money in my account than i care to deposit....hmmm......

think ill take a holiday

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