Wednesday, September 21, 2011

the contest

i still haven't had a chance to get around to playing an poker. this will change from the 9th of october. in the meantime, i have decided to go on a detox and as fans of seinfeld will know from the title of this post, this detox will see me attempt to reign as master of my domain for as long as possible. and where better to chronicle the struggles than here.
so that this is not a wasted experiment, i will also record whether i suffer the fate of elaine (become stupider) or george (become smarter). only time will tell...

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

i just bought my yearly travel insurance

it turns out there are some things i can't claim for. One of which they don't accept is:
"Any claim caused by you climbing, jumping or moving from one balcony to another regardless of the height of the balcony."

at first i thought that would completely ruin the holiday till i realised that there is no mention of jumping off the balcony to something that's not a balcony like a train or swimming pool!

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

it's september

where does the time go?!
it's also autumn. autumn in a very pretty word but sadly leads to winter. it is otherwise quite similar to spring but because of this, no one likes it.
here's an autumn only picture.

in other news, i was in america for a couple of days. it seems that the attention span of our former colony has been reduced to less than 30 seconds, as they have begun putting televisions in elevators!

the great irony here is that in this hotel, there were only two lifts and you would invariably spend up to 5 times as long waiting for it than inside of it, so the tvs would be better utilised on the landings where you wait.
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