Friday, August 03, 2007

on the up

played a few days in a row and hit the dizzy heights of $580 before dropping down to $430.

played for 3 hours yesterday and only broke even. made a few fpps.

played today for an hour and hit some monsters to leave my account on $1003.

gonna keep grinding away 3 tables at a time, and hope to hit $2k by the end of the month. (away for one week this month)

hopefully in 2 months will hit the $6k and start playing $1/2.

discipline is the main aim here. is quite bad to have no rakeback. 100k points is a plasma tv, but i think rakeback is worth more than that.

standard is quite poor, even some of the regulars i've begun to notice aren't much good at this level (what do i expect!), though can't find anywhere else to play at the moment.

don't like crypto anymore (would have to open a new account, prob with littlewoods, if i'm going to play there), mansion only has 10 seaters and i definitely don't have the patience for them.
betfair rinses my cpu (95% usage!).
party also has no rakeback, but with the added handicap of no amrikans.

so if i want rakeback and americans it looks like it will have to be 27% at full tilt....

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