Wednesday, July 12, 2006

bit better

playing better, concentrating, patient yada yada, back to the good old 60bb ph profit for last couple of days.

less bluffs, more folds = more money.
no need for any fancy dan stuff.

no interesting hands. 'cept for one nice river bluff i made. i like when i concentrate and read people correctly.

think i need a holiday soon. prevent institutionalisation. although, if you become certifiable, you aren't liable for any debts! thank you CAB.

Monday, July 10, 2006

world cup final

commentators who say stupid things are aplenty. ron atkinson was a legend and 'motty' is trying to join him.

today there were some gems.

for example, "i don't think we should have extra time and just go straight to penalties".
yeh. good one.

and when he was talking about the last italy france meeting that the frogs won with a golden goal, he says " the italians looked so scared of penalties, they'd rather let in a golden goal"
yeh. right.

what a bunch of mormons. i dread to think what old pleaty had been saying on itv

Sunday, July 09, 2006

why oh why... i make it hard for myself?

spend 30 mins losing $250 then spend the next two hours winning it back.

up a little for the day.
world cup later so may take a break now.

beginning to re-find (that should be a word if it isn't already, or maybe people just use rediscover?) my patience, although it takes a wacking big loss to do so.

still down far too much for the month. am gonna aim fo $50 a day.
have to be mentally satisfied with a small win to be able to play properly.
considering name change to "patience", or "my only aim is to break even"

Friday, July 07, 2006


thinking of quitting.

running into big hand after big hand.

and i still rack disiprine. concentrated a bit better today but made a couple of bluffs with impeccably bad timing - both times opponent hit two rubbish pair.

better than a runner runner flish when i had trips yesterday for 130 big blinds. that was fun.

won about 40 bb today. played 4 days this month and 3 losing days. got a bonus coming if i play about 100000 hands in the next 10 days. am gonna try to play solid. may go back to crapto on betfair thanks to rake back, but more for mutli's. This is where i have been most succesful in the past although i need to be in the mood.

game gets boring after a while which leads to poor concentration and bad plays. must stop the rot. winning month would be nice. will see how weekend goes................
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