Thursday, July 12, 2007

what a poor run....

having turned $27 into $270 on stars, it's all gone downhill
yesterday played 5 sixpaks cashing in none bubbling in three.
today played 4, 1 win, 1 second.
lost $80 at cash to make sure it was a losing session. bluffed far too frequently
playing some more 6paks now. 1st 2 going out with aces....2nd two still playing. playing patient but unconfident. so unconfident i'm making up words.
down to 3 in one of the comes my bubble?
AQs loses to Q8s to put me in third from chip lead. standardly hits the flush after i hit the ace.

99 and board comes full of overcards and i get check raised all in. ffs.

heads up now massively behind.

out in 6th in the other 6pak...missed every fucking hand
after being 8k-1k down now 5-4 up
AA vs Q4 all in on a Qhigh board, and for t'first time today aces hold up.

time to eat some brownies and maybe another 3/4 games before bed.

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