Monday, July 22, 2013

falling behind

it is now the twenty two of july and i have missed some picture taking days. i put this down to extreme tiredness due to overheating of my brain.
however, in this selection of pictures, i will have some worth way more than a single picture. but that is not good enough. challenge failed. it was a noble attempt though. perhaps i should have tried to post one every day instead.

spiral galaxy pancake. not a great picture. but immense tastiness.

an actual sign in the town of brighton. TOTALLY 100% legit.

MASSIVE lorry. little skip.


meat on a stick in the street. in the style of peep show.

an actual picture i took of the moon. through my camera phone, via a telescopic lens.

Monday, July 15, 2013


a restaurant in town

it's hard to tell but the bottom of this 'get copies of your payslips' sign it says
a surefire sign of meaning

a pic from the hampstead heath at night. an unusual location that makes london look like it's in a bowl (it is in a bowl)

my teeth. after eating pancakes. covered in chocolate syrup. so much chocolate in fact, that i couldn't see the pancake i was eating.

i finally took this picture in the gym. the machine in question is a treadmill. you know, one of them machines that you run on. so the ground moves, but the machines stays in the same place and you run on the 'moving' ground. a real special sign is this one.

Sunday, July 07, 2013

2 more pics

i went for a natural theme. nature is pretty cool.
the first is my attempts at growing a plant. so far i have accidentally ironed a couple of leaves. and two of the three flowers seem to have died/be dying.
2 growing flowers seem to not want to be flowering. it's not going well.

so i went outside and took a picture of a Ginkgo tree. just last week i found out that remains of leaves from these trees were found fossilised with dinosaur bones. that's pretty cool.

i trust you can work out which photo is which.

tomorrow i go to london town so hopefully there will be more interesting subjects to photograph...

Friday, July 05, 2013

picture a day

i have decided i will take a picture a day. i may not post every day, but a few at once. this will last all of july.
i will try to take interesting pictures.

July 1st.
This is the view from my flat.

July 2nd
This is some useless graffiti.

July 3rd
This is the most awesome tree branch i have seen.

July 4th
this is a stupid good luck charm outside an office i have seen.

July 5th
this is somerset house in town.
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