Friday, February 27, 2009


the radio is generally piss poor. when i was in california they have a station called kroq which plays some of the good kind of music. i sometimes listen to this when playing poker. however, the point of this post is because i listened to a song i liked on the radio this morning. i did not find out the name, nor can i now remember any lyrics or tune.

i went onto radio one and xfm playlists to see if i could find the song as i thought it was one on of those stations. however, having spent about 90mins listening to songs on youtube i still couldnt find it. beginning to think i imagined it.

havent played any poker in last few days after hitting 10k points for the month. 2 more months of this and i;ll hit my $4k bonus. woo.

think i just about won this month. and now level for the year. which is pretty depressing.

tilt count is 6 for the year, and about -$10k so i think i found my biggest leak.

hopefully next month tilt count will be less than 3 and less than 3 buy ins.

ps if anyone knows how to test whether cats are partially sighted or partially deaf, please advise.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


i have lots of them at the moment

firstly, new linked blog. internetpoker from cardrunners. some good ideas in there.

secondly, things that annoy me:
1)noisy eaters. no need for this
2)drivers. i have before mentioned how drivers are like poker players. not just in the obvious way of everyone thinks their good at it. more how bad people most people are at it. how middle lane drivers are the multitabling autopilot nits who don't really understand what they are doing. also how, to quote rounders, woman are the rake. although petrol is probably more rake like. i had other thoughts whilst driving but have forgotten them. mostly due to an incident of when i returned home. there was someone who had parked their mini in a space just about big enough for three mini's (2 normal sized cars). however, they had chosen to park in the middle of the space!
see diagram (comments on its photo-like accuracy are welcomed)

this annoyed me very much. i had to park very very far away.

anyways, that's pretty much all that annoys me.

in other news, i recently remember i was supposed to be getting fat but have failed a that as badly as in my quest to win monies from poker. more disappointingly i failed in my attempts to do some weights 5 times a week. i stopped for about 2 weeks, but started again this week. all that ever happens though is i get a bit hungrier and my muscles hurt. and i wonder why i stop.

Sunday, February 22, 2009


i hate waking up early in the morning. especially, like today, when i have no reason to be up in the am. worse still, i woke up hungry. i did forget to eat last night and this may have contributed to my hunger and headache. i managed to play one hour of pokers before quitting due to headache. though it did go remarkably well. i opened up a couple of tables of 5/10 and 2/4. won about a buy in at each level, got headache and quit. tables at 2/4 were alright last night but i knew i was about to lose focus so stopped.

which reminds me that my tilt count for this month is probably about 3 again. losses amount to around $3k. though i'm back to breakeven for the year. worryingly i am UP for the year on all in ev! about $1.5k. which is unprecedented. i am preferring to be lucky rather than good, proving that most clich├ęd of phrases.

i also started wondering yesterday, whatever happened to leprosy?

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

just when i thought it couldn't get any worse

i open up 6 tables tonight.

shortly thereafter, i'm joined on three, by THE BIGGEST LOSER on my database, and one of my most generous benefactors. his stats: 3k hands played, monies obtained -$4k.

i lose 3 buy ins as he shits the deck into my face and i cry baby elephant tears out my pancreas.

having only been playing under 200 hands, and having had pocket pairs of 10s or higher about 2.5 million times, i found myself losing 3 buy ins. i'd even got paid on a set once.

the problem with multitabling is when you have action at every table midway through a hand. in this instance, with six tables running, i folded three and got all in on three. i think i mentally flipped a coin to decide which.

these six hands later and i'm winning for the day. i briefly hate myself no more.

i also notice i have doubled the number of followers i have and am in danger of obtaining a cult following if i can sustain this potentially exponential growth rate. sign up, get your friends to sign up, link me to popular sites like google, microsoft and the interweb thank you please.

looks like things couldn't get worse after all.

Sunday, February 15, 2009


on worst ever run at the moment.
5 brief sessions of colourful clarity were to be had at the start of the month, but essentially this year has been diabolical

only about 5 buyins down since the start of the year and i just been playing bad, getting in so few good spots and making so so so many mistakes

might even drop down to 1/2 to remember how to crush fish. worst thing is i need to play to
a) clear 2 bonuses worth $250 and $4k
b) win money and go on holiday so i don't have to play
c) win money so i can buy a house
d) win money so i can invest/live off interest and retire from all forms of work
e) that's enough reasons don't you think


i found a funny poker blog. can't tell if the guy that writes it is funny cool, or funny cocky (not cool)

this post was great

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

i'm an addict

i wish i never told my friends i play poker.
they ask questions and in future i think i will just lie to them.
i recently told a friend i was $4k down at one point in a month to finish the month about $100 down. i explained that you get used to these sorts of swings (only 10 buyins, but i never go into too much detail cos they dont understand, or care, or more likely both).

well, i was in a pub, chatting to them, explaining very briefly that supernova and sne status get you bonuses which is why i play a certain amount each month.

i then get told i'm addicted. i was shocked. like, wat?! i just said i play to keep the status to get bonuses. i explained how i end up playing ridic amounts at the end of each month to get enough hands in, and take months off when i can etc. i could tell they didn't believe me.

now i have to wait for some feeble intervention to try to cure me of my problem.

my head is in my hands.

Saturday, February 07, 2009


i have a few things to say but may forget some by the time i finish

i went out the other night with a few friends to a local bar of theirs. last time they were there, a bar lady (great body and average face) asked if one of my friends wanted his change. obv he says yes. she gives it back and its like 30p. he points her out to me but doesnt reckon she would remember the incident.

i find it strange that she expects people to leave tips when you go to the bar, queue up, and then pay a high amount for some drinks. this happened to me once in california (the oc no less). i got a round of drinks and he gave me my $7 change in $1 bills which i thought was weird. as i begin to leave with my drinks he shouts at me "don't you people in england tip!?" i reply, "not when we go to the bar." i then realised his $1 bill hint, and that he had expected at least $3 of tips! we left after that round. and slept in our car that night.

i could understand if they serve you at a table, then i would expect to tip, even in england. though often not in much of europe.

so back to the bar, and we are sitting at a table, just finished out drinks and the angry bar lady walks past the table. we call for her and ask if they do service. she says " do you tip?" and then pretty much walks away without waiting for an answer.

on the plus side, at least she remembered him.

poker wise no tilting thus far this month. just purchased a $4k bonus on stars and now need to get 28k vpp's by the end of april. seeing as i need 10k vpps per month to retain supernova status this is attainable at current rate of play.

also think i should be rolled for $3/6 soon. seem to have finally got the hang of 2/4. saying that usually jinxes it, but i am brave.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009


yesterday lots of snow fell so almost everyone stayed at home

today snow has been predicted, and according to sky news, everyone therefore decided to stay at home. despite no snow actually falling.

when was i supposed to start believing in the weatherman?

snow at night

is definitely very nice. as there is almost noone outside it's quiet and peaceful and people you see are generally happy looking which is unusual for londoners!

yesterday when i was winning i could only manage to play for 80 mins. today, i dropped 5 buyins to begin with and end up playing for 221mins.

sometimes i think this is the wrong way round. but mostly i think it depends more on accurately reading my own frame of mind.

ended up down only about 600 tonight so up 800 for the month so far which is ok. plus another for hundred on betfair where i occasionally play during the day cos stars is often dead at that time.

my plan to get fatter isn't working even though i have been doing weights 3-4times a week. only been two weeks though so i should give it a chance.

in the superbowl previews bruce springsteen apparently shamelessly promoted himself. which always gets me wondering why people listen to rock stars. especially when it comes to political concepts. in fact, this concept is much wider reaching. often an expert in one field is asked questions about another area entirely, with his/her answer taken as a truth. this annoys me somewhat and can even be found in the scientific community. but it annoys me most with people like bono. i was glad when south park finally did a show outing him for what he is. he doesn't hold the record. he is the record!

tilts this month:1

i am being more stringent with what passes as tilting now. gone are the days of 6 bet shoving filth, but now if i am not fully concentrated when playing i will be thinking of it as tilt.

and now it is late but i am not tired which is bad as i may have to go driving in 6 hours if the weather improves.

Monday, February 02, 2009

another day

another post

it has snowed nicely here in the past few (~6) hours. and will do so some more overnight, and tomorrow afternoon (allegedly)

this has been the most exciting development in england since january 2003. which, ironically, was also heavy snowfall. in this instance it is expected to have the same effect as the previous case. everything in the country will stop.

trains, people going to work, power in remote places etc etc

as such, i will be relaxing from home tomorrow. this does however make the prospect of football tomorrow evening interesting.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

i think i overreacted

slightly in my last post. in that live comp i did finish in 2nd. i made one mistake all night which happened to be headsup. the thing that destroyed me was the person i lost to is possibly king of the tards. when he plays cash he essentially shortstacks terribly and hits and runs. and his mate was also a loud mouthed horrible individual.
when the headsup started he asked if i wanted to split. i politely declined. he asked again. i informed him of my chip lead and his mate goes, "you only got ten fousand more mate." i'm not your mate i thought, and replied i have 150k, he has 100k.
anyways, i think after losing to him im too embarrassed to ever play there again.

onto more happy things, and online has been alright since my tilting stopped. been playing pretty good and winning some buyins from the middle of the month. last month, after being over 4k down at one point my ev adjusted amount was about +800 though real amount was about -800.

tilt count for last month was: 3 (two plus two halves)

and today i hit the deck pretty hard. loads of decent spots, everything seemed pretty easy and made over $1500 in 700 hands.

i did forget about the 2 supernova freerolls yesterday but i never do well in them anyway. also now have enough points to claim a $4k bonus, which will take 3 months to earn! in about 7-8 months if i stay on stars ill have enough points for another.

this is the stars equivalent of rakeback but i worked out its only about 20% once you're already supernova. if i get to 400k vpp per year (at 1/2 and 2/4 anyway) then it gets good. (i think at higher stakes it might work out better but i have no idea of what my rake to points ratio will be).

also plan to play football tomorrow night, but apparently (according to the weatherpeople) snow will be arriving due to a "blast of bitterly cold air from Russia."

Some articles even referred to it as russian snow. i wonder if we can send it back
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