Saturday, June 10, 2006


Thats all im currently missing. Well, im actually missing lots of things but patience is my number one target for this month.
Having considered giving this up (poker, not my blog) (my blog is indestructable) i may become reinvigorated.

I may have to buy poker tracker to analyse my data properly. I did the old free 1000 hand import a while ago and its quite handy. KQ is pants, KQs in position is a monster. In fact, anything in position is a monster.

I may play live again, head screwed on. £10 rebuy on Mondays with people so bad it makes me want to play every hand. Whereas I should wait and only play AA. They wouldn't even notice and pay me off each and every time. Except when I play i keep getting screwed.

When i try patience i drown in rivers, when I try to build a stack I get caught by someone with third pair.
Maybe my first buy in ill play like a loony, all in on every flop when i have the lead. Then uber tight.

Hm, we'll see.

Also may return to craptologic for now improved 30% rakeback. Doesn't help when you lose all the money in your account bluffing.

Must have bluffed off about 2K in the past month. It still pains me to think about it. Thats a nice holiday. Maybe i'll just find some nice beach photos and phtoshop myself in.

hasta leugo cabrons

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