Sunday, December 24, 2006

running along nicely

not much to say except things going well...

played 2 sessions, first for 45 mins and made about $150.

went out, came back, played a little more. down about $180 at one point but recovered nicely to finish about $300 up in 75mins. only played 3 tables, starting on two $1/2 tables, closing one of the boring ones $50 down, and opening up a £1/2 table, which was much more profitable.

not many interesting hands of note, except one. the first table i loaded i played like a maniac at the start dropping $150 and rebuying for the same amount. dude on my left didn't like my style and starting complaining. i gave better than i got, and on my button raised(again) with Q10.
flop is 568, turn 7, river 9. he min bet (or maybe 2bbs) on turn, i called. he bet $10 on river with maybe $60 behind. i went all in, he thought for an age before calling with 22.


i think he left before i could say thanks.

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