Sunday, March 26, 2006

Poker day

am beginning to think blogs are weird.

why would anyone write one about themselves? and who would read my inane drivel?

like me winning every game of pro evo i have ever played. well, almost. i think need to test my skills on a national level. i wonder if i could make a living hustling people at pro evo?

or like winning a nice hand at poker and dancing round the room. don't think thats the etiquette live but my point is this isn't very interesting to average joe. maybe joe should get a job and not read this then. although it was a straight flush

going well this week and might move up a level. gonna work on setting strict bankroll standards so i never have to deposit again. like withdrawing half of weekly profit. (maybe every two weeks since i dont get enough time to play). only go up a level when I have 1,000,000 big blinds. i read that on the betfair forum. that montana seems to know what he's talking about. words of wisdom.

back to blogging ideas; politics is quite boring and so many people are thicker than vicky pollard its hard to get through. i guess that leaves porn and humour. and humourous porn.

these blogs should have built in spell checkers. like gmail.

anyway, south park is funny and im off to watch an episode.

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