Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Still wednesday?

eBlogger thinks its still Wednesday but I have gone to sleep and woken up so it must be Thursday by now, which means tomorrow is my last day of work for the week.

Speaking of work, I met many a fool today, and then carried on meeting and beating them online.
At poker before your mind wonders.

I have decided that this shall be a blog for everything rather than nothing. More interesting for me, and you.

Hoping it'll help me poker discipline at least. May have a go at anything stoopid I see in the news. Or enlighten you to anything funny I see on the tinternet.

Todays poker thus far (if you give a monkey's nut) is up about £50 playing on the Betfair.
Lost an 10 man STT, 6Pak thunder, but playing cash on the side against some mormons who called with rubbish whilst im holding my nuts, with the nuts.

My hairs falling out and I've got a football to go to.

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