Wednesday, December 20, 2006

$200 per day

this will only include cash games.

my mtt skills have been impatient of late and ill be cutting down the amount i play and concentrate more when i play them

i won a freeroll on sunday which was well needed but mtt's wont count for these totals

today +$154

this month im on +$2500 approx but this includes all tourneys ive paid for, and any winnings, of which there have not been much, as ive taken out the freeroll win from that figure which has been my only decent cash for a while. ive also taken out the $450 rakeback from last month.

i think ive only played about 18 days max this month so its about $140 per day so not great but it's a decent start. $200 per day is £3k per month which is a sweet target.
i should really keep proper excel records since the interpoker statement is so awfully constructed.

played only about 45mins of cash tonight. couldnt be bothered to carry on but a nice profit for what i played.

might play live on thursday afternoon in london town. this should be a nice break from the online world. i always find it's good to change things up a little to clear the head.

saying that i played on stars, almost cleared my $50 bonus dropping $45 on omaha hilo. the standard is abysmal. seeing 2 players go all in on river and the nut hi and lo are nowhere in sight. laughable but only 1 or 2 hands in this session. played some fl holdem to try to clear bonus quickly. i think it's quite a skillful game, and something i need to spend some time on to master. i did win about $5 there. nice.

no interesting hands to report on. nothing really worth thinking about imo. hopefully have some excitement tomorrow.

think im gonna start playing stt's during the day as they are beatable, whilst cash games in the day are painful. sixpaks at £10/$10 are weak, and im doing alright in them now. sharkscope seems to think so. my other 2 scope accounts are -ve! so at least ive learnt something in 2 years.
in fact, it's only in the last 2/3 months i actually feel that im a half decent player and feel very comfortable at my cash game level. itry to test the waters at higher levels - he who dares.
currently at $1/2 and £1/2 and im not particularly scared of any of the players....more scared of losing. takes a while to adjust to each level, but it is only time.

also aim in the next few months to try to qualify for an ept. more for the holiday i need. well, i don't need one, but i want one.

no reason for the style changes, except to try out the shortcuts. not as much fun as i would have hoped.

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