Thursday, December 21, 2006

crazy days

just when i think ive beaten tilt it rears its ugly head.

started 2 tables, one on $1/2 and one at £1/2.

none of my big hands get called, and every bluff being called.

was down about £100, got it up to about £30 down and then one hand of madness trying to get someone to lay down top pair when i knew he had it and would call.

that was £150 gone just like that.

so, stuck for over £200, and the only logical thing to do is open up two $2/5 tables.

well, not logical but is what i did. buy in for $200 on both. one table i have nothing the entire night, and end on $275. missed one spot to bluff which would have won $75, but i really wasn't feeling it at the tables by now.

the other table, however, is where all the action was mostly thanks to a retard to my right. and finally some nice cards. won the first two hands and then get dealt KK in the bb. raise
from utg, artard calls so i reraise up to $60. 9 high flop with 2 clubs, i check, the caller moves in, indicating flush draw, i call. he has flush draw with top pair. turn also brings a straight draw. river misses. thank fork for that.

build up to about $775, and greedy me is still down for the day so won't leave. lose a bit, down to about $675 at the point that i get the monster that is 62of clubs. so naturally after a few limps i raise my button. artard only calls.

flop is A105. i bet, he calls. well, last time in this sopt i checked the turn, and no one had an ace, so this time i bet the 4 that falls on the turn. he calls again. great i think. surely a draw of some sort? second pair maybe?hmm, river is a 3 making my straight. that was a nice card. HE BETS INTO ME?! about $105 into a $200 pot. well, how much can i get? he's got about $400 back. i raise to $320, and he calls instantly with 34. nh i thought. i got out of jail there, but i dont see how he can call on the flop or the river? thankfully, he didn't share my perpective.

that pretty much put me level, well, what i thought was level. left both tables, checked my account and found i was $125 up for the day.


so today, went to gutshot for the 2pm fo.

first hand JJ, raise to 150 (starting stack 1500, 20 min clock, blinds at 25-25), one caller.

flop is KcQhJh. nice and dangerous. checked to me, i bet 300 and he moves in! well, i couldn't fold and he turns over Kh10h, for top pair, with the royal draw! turn 5, river 5 and he misses, and i double up first hand. had 4 pocket pairs in the first half hour, twice hitting sets, but didnt get much the second time, did as best i could i think. work up to a 5k stack, then run j10 in aces on a 10 high flop leaving me down at about 2500. tighten up, dont play much, and it's down to two tables from 5 with me on about 3k, and blinds just up to 250-500. well, stealing time i think. im in the bb, one limper, i push(with 52o), they fold. steal twice more with half decent hands....then get KK in the same orbit, utg+1. raise, bb thinks a while, almost folds, then moves all in i call. his QJ gets not much help and im up to about 9k and can play.

a few more go out, i steal occasionally and we're onto final table. blinds 500-1000. ive got just under 10k, which puts me about 4th/5th. not much happens on ft, till my bb, 2 limpers, sb completes, ive got J5clubs. 3 clubs on the flop would be nice. 3 come. if only it always worked like that. i check, all follow. turn is 4s, i bet 2k, raised to 6k, i push, and get called by the naked ace. noclub on river and im up to 20k. lots of stealing followed, with some nicely timed preflop folds. i take out a few, outdraw, get outdrawn, and when it's down to four, i take them out one at a time in about 5hands, for a profit of about £270.

lovely stuff.

can't be bothered to play now, but cleared my bonus and pokerstars finally, and just gonna chill for the rest of the evenin.

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