Sunday, December 24, 2006

auto post blinds

much has been said of this magical button. unchecking it prior to departure enables you to receive a lovely starting hand which will get outdrawn. this is well known in the online poker world.

so when playing my last round of poker last night i unchecked this button. MISTAKE NUMBER 1.

final hand, UTG, dealt AA. i elect to play this, raising preflop. MISTAKE NUMBER 2.

i know whats coming. 1 caller from the sb and a flop 662, two hearts.
he checks, i bet, he calls.
turn, 4 of hearts. i have two red aces. i bet 10 big blinds. he calls.
river, black 8. HMMMMMM.

he checks to me.......what to do?

well, value bet obviously (?!), another 10bb's. He INSTA CALLS with 55.


now. the next dilemma. i had planned to leave, but netiquette would disapprove of this instant scampering so i hung around for 1 more orbit. then got bored and left.

today, played for an hour, only £1/2, bought in for £80 at each and had to rebuy in both but left about $400 up. 1 nice outdraw against the table strongman. i have A6clubs, he has 57clubs.

flop is 89A two clubs. he bets, i call.
turn is a red 6. he bets £25, i min raise leaving £50 behind, and he calls. (well i wouldnt have raised if i could see his cards!)
river is another 6. Bee-autiful. he checks, im all in, he calls. nice. decided to play few hands after that.

got bored, played two heads up games on betfair, lost the important one. logging out now to shower because i smell.

last 7 days ~$1500 profit. right on target.

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