Tuesday, December 26, 2006


got a quickie tonight

also played an hour of poker
$100 up on $1/2

also played £1/2...was down about £70 thanks to someone hitting a gutshot on the river after calling two pot sized bets (flop and turn?!). i check called his small all in on the river. figured there was a high enough chance i had him outkicked or he'd missed his flush. that annoyed me a little....but i got him back. 44 otb and i call after one limper, sb completes and my friend in the bb checks.
flop is J43 rainbow. my friend bets out, i call, all others fold.
turn is a Q, he bets £12, i raise to £36 and he calls. has just under £100 behind, i have him covered. river is a 3, he moves in. im only losing to 33, JJ and QQ but doubt he has anywhere near that strength and call almost instantaneously. he shows K3 and i thank him silently.

made about $300 and all seems to be going well at the moment.

merry festivus if i haven't already said so, going out on wed and thurs night's so will try to play a bit more tomorrow and also qualify for the $100k mpp crypto tourney.....updates to come.

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