Friday, June 18, 2010

well that last one was a long post.

i just shaved without using a mirror. i wonder how terrible a job i did. will no doubt wake tomorrow morning/afternoon and reshave.
shaving is such a waste of time. if the body can automate breathing, blinking etc, why can't we automate shaving, eating etc?

speaking of annoying things i had a great idea today for an invention that hopefully hasn't been done. if not, i will get inventing. if it has, i will share with you my awesome idea (that has already been stolen) so you can bask in my nearly glory.

back to the grind of online house hunting. they say moving house is very stressful. i think looking is the most stressful part. but maybe that's what they mean? usually i get bored after 2/3 viewings so i have to make sure the first few i see are good quality cos i will end up picking one of them

i also got a new camera recently (it's old but new to me) which hopefully will lead to some awesome pics. i noticed with lots of digital camera i've used in the past few years they don't 'see' reds, like in sunsets. my first one from years ago did, so not sure why technology has gone backwards. anyway, this is an slr so should be good. has lots of dials though so gonna have to work out how to use it properly (trial and error obv - the manual is about 200 pages long!)

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