Monday, June 07, 2010

discoveries you make that turn out not to be your discoveries as other poeple already thought of them

i remember when i first discovered, serendipitously, and only a few years ago, that putting a bit of toilet paper into the bowl before dropping the kids off at the pool prevents splashback. i thought i was a genius. the first to have realised this. sadly, it seemed more well known than i had thought.

these are better moments than when people tell you about their negative discoveries. and by that i mean things they point out to you which lower your quality of life because you wouldn't otherwise have noticed them. for example, wagamama's seats are really bad for posture and leave you with a stomach ache. but only after you know about it! (sorry). and also that when eating meat for dinner you often end up with the meat sweats, being really thirsty for the rest of the night no matter how much you drink (sorry again). i'll stop now.

anyway, things have been nicely quiet out here for me.
i've found poker increasingly boring to talk to most people about over the past few years for various reasons. and sadly in the past week it's been the most interesting thing i can think of that's happened, yet no one would understand what i was talking about.

played four sessions this month for ~1k hands each time which is decent volume for me. though laughably little for anyone who takes it semi seriously. the last two session started off disastrously. yesterday i flopped the nuts with qj on a kt9 board, got all in against 99, river was a 9.
that was followed up with aa losing to kk aipf, and a few hands later against the same kk guy on another table aa losing to jj aipf.
today didn't start much better. 78ss flopped 9tj with 2 clubs and got all in on the flop vs...78cc (river club!)
that was shortly followed by simultaneously getting qq against aa and qq against aa.

in the end yesterday i finished 1k down, and today 1.5k up so i can't really complain, i guess i'm running well enough even though all in ev disagrees telling me i'm running bad. been working hard on not checking results during play, and not checking ptr of myself at all. hopefully at end of month will be recorded as +ve at 2/4!

i'm sure there were some other things that have been happening but all i can really remember about the past few days is that it has been pretty hot here, and in fact on friday i almost melted. not that i'm complaining. after the coldest winter in bloody ages it was nice to be overly hot.

last, but by no means least, i find that facebook seems to get rather a bad press, but really, there are some moments that make it worthwhile.

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