Monday, June 14, 2010

i took my tv off my wall. when i first put it up i noticed it was a bit high (not like that) but was too lazy to redrill holes and move it. plus, i never used it much.
but now with the world cup on it's painful to look at so high so i took it down and moved it to my desk. right now i also have my laptop on my desk along with my monitor. one would think my desk be massive to cope with this but right now i can see my monitor, much of my laptop and almost none of the telly (and it's only a baby telly vision). this will take some rearranging if i'm going to watch the world cup whilst working and surfing the interweb.

i should probably begin by clearing the books (there are 9 i have to read, one is by nabokov and boring, and one is my learn russian book which is ongoing, but that's still a lot of reading) and random foreign change off my desk. and probably also my degree certificate. it's been there for years.

anyways, this week i was sent to coventry and had some time one evening to meet an old young friend i hadn't seen for years. amazingly, she suggested the casino as the best place to get drink. and happily i knew where that was. so i drove there, had some cheeky pints too many and when she left i realised i was a bit too pissed to open the car door let alone drive. so i did what any gambler would have done and sat down at the poker table to reclaim my roulette losses. (or vice versa)

my aim was to tilt the life forces out of everyone whilst also lasting long enough to not be too pissed to remember where the hotel was. it could have started very bad. i sat with just over £100 in this 1/2 game. woo, i'm a shortstacker. first hand i play is a few hands in (i have no patience for live games anymore) and raise k4o in late position. only one of the blinds call. (read: old man, likely to be rubbish).
flop: 9JQ
i bet half pot he call
i bet half pot again, he call
river 4
he check, i shove for about 50, he tanks for eternity, i give off caro strong tells in case he's read a book. unlikely though. he tanks some more, and folds face up J9 lol. ty. table talk down my end puts me on kt. more lols to be had.

then the fun begins. i call a raise from a big stack with kt spades. he had a big stack so i assumed he wasn't just bad, but also lucky, so proceeded to play with caution. old man from hand 1 comes along.
flop is q92, two diamonds, one spade
checks round
turn is 7 spades
old man checks, big stack bets £10, i raise to £30 knowing he has nothing, old man calls (!?) mr big stack folds
river is 5 spades
old man checks, i stick £60 or so in, he tanks for 1/100th of the last tank and calls with aq dd!!
this tilted him enough to leave. 1 down, 8 to go.

i don't play for a bit so when i see 72o in late position i figure this is a good hand to get to showdown with. i raise, 3 callers.

flop is 89t, 2 clubs, and all check to me. i check
turn is a j. checks to me, i bet pot, 1 caller.
river is A of clubs. i figure i'm likely to get called by worse but wanna be sure to show this down so i check. he tries to play 'show me yours' and announces two pair.
i turn over my hand to not much surprise. maybe they have me pegged already.

i made a bad river call later with k7 on a 7733A board against nit of the century when every street was checked to the river when he bet small, i raised small, he 3 bet big. i convinced myself he could do this with any 7 but no, obv A7.  i think i'm lucky it wasn't quads.

7's were obviously being lucky after not coming up on roulette so when i got 74 on the button in a straddled pot i called. big blind was previous kid who lost to my 72.
(initial read: under 18, can't cash out as likely has no i.d., playing to lose.
current read: unchanged)

flop is 743
he checks, i bet small, like £5.
turn 4
he checks, i bet £15.
river 8
he checks
i bet £42. he pretends that he's thinking and then calls. again trying to instigate a game of show me yours i don't give him the pleasure by turning over 74 to a look of broken despair. he literally jumps over the wall next to the table to get away from me.
2 down, 7 to go.

not much else happened for a while, and then i noticed it was after 3am, having played about 30 hands (awesome live poker) so i cashed out and went to get a couple of hours sleep.

online has been boringly breakeven but with mountainous swings. for almost 20k hands. need to play better and run better imo. at least i'm starting to play lots of hands and keeping this up maybe retain sn status by august.

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Yakshi said...

Nice report. I hope you tilted their fucking asses off. The look of despair line was a laugh.

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